What’s the Difference? Best Travel Bags For Your Next Trip

If you travel frequently, you already have a suitcase. But maybe you hate the thing or you wish it could be a little more helpful. We have some of the best travel bags that resize themselves and even bags that are really three bags in one. 

These travel bags help you pack for weekend getaways, backpacking trips, international vacations, and the trips that call for multiple specific outfits and make packing that much more difficult.

A military green adjustable duffle bag from PIORAMA is pictured in different configurations with traveling men

For the Traveler Who Always Needs More Room

If you often find yourself wishing for just a shoe’s worth of extra space in your suitcase, the PIORAMA adjustable bag is the bag for you. Getting the right amount of storage every time is near impossible with a standard suitcase. But not PIORAMA. These bags are resizable to fit in weekend getaways, week-long vacations, or a backpacking trip in one bag. All without having more room than you need. 

A woman is seen pulling a PACK Gear hanging travel organizer out of her carry on

For the Traveler Who Needs Organization

An organized suitcase can quickly become a chaotic mess. But PACK Gear’s travel organizer is built to maintain order for the duration of your trip. The bag acts as a mobile closet—giving everything its own space while keeping it all completely accessible while it’s packed. And when you’ve finally reached your destination, you can hang it up to give it a true closet field. It’s versatile enough to fit in your backpack or as an organizer within the carryon suitcase you already own.

A man is seen packing his modular luggage system from Onli Travel

For the Traveler Who Wants It All

Onli Travel’s modular luggage is a full-fledge traveling system. It’s a backpack. It’s a carry-on. It’s a full suitcase. It is one bag for all of your travel. And you’d hardly notice. Each component is seamlessly layered onto the next leaving you with the exact method of luggage you need. You can take off the backpack and stow it under your seat while putting the rest as a carry-on in the overhead bin.

A woman is seen walking in a terminal with a PLIQO folding garment bag

For the Business Traveler & Frequent Wedding Guest

PLIQO folding garment bag is not your grandfather’s garment bag. In fact, at first glance, it doesn’t even look like one. Foldable hangers are the secret to keeping your suit looking pressed. They fold the suit jacket so as to not create creases and then allow the bag to fold in on itself. From there, you can just sling it over your shoulder or toss it in your carryon. 

There is no right way to pack. But if you’re looking to upgrade your luggage or just give yourself more packing flexibility for your excursions, you can’t go wrong with any of the travel bags here. 

Now that you’ve packed your travel bag of choice, here are 9 products to help you travel like a pro.

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