A Complete Men’s Travel Accessories Checklist

Sometimes, it seems like travel accessories for men are hard to come by. Men who travel from place to place need gear they can count on. It has to withstand the tests of time and the abuses of airports, hotel rooms, campsites, and anywhere else it’s taken. Fortunately, we’ve done some digging and found men’s travel accessories that fit the bill.

Navy and gray PIORAMA expandable duffel bags are seen next to books and a pair of men's shoes

The Dude’s Duffle

PIORAMA’s expandable duffle bag has you covered from quiet weekend trips to treks through the mountains. Each bag carries up to 90 pounds and can be worn in three different ways: on the shoulder, across the body, or as a backpack. Choose from five different colors and get ready to make the most of your time away from home.

Pens, a passport and a phone can be seen in a Genius Pack high-altitude flight bag that is strapped to a plane seat's tray table

High-Flying Organization

For guys who know their way around airports, nothing is better than a High-Altitude Flight Bag. These bags are creatively designed to wrap around the tray tables on airplanes. They ensure optimal space and organization without the awkward discomfort that comes from trying to reach beneath the seat mid-flight.

KeySmart's Tile Smart location key organizer pairs with the Tile app to help you locate your keys

The Never-Lost Keychain

Tired of looking for your keys every time you need to run out the door? The Tile™ Smart Location Key Organizer solves the problem. Simply sound an alarm on an app when your keys have gone missing. Boom, they’re found. This keychain holds up to 14 keys, making it perfect for work and home organization.

A man is seen holding an Ekster Parliament slim quick-access wallet, with 3 credit cards and a $100 bill in it

Super Accessible Wallet

The Parliament Slim Quick-Access Wallet is one of the top travel must-haves for men. The slim, sleek design fits easily in any pocket or briefcase. With the movement of a finger, all of your credit cards are easily accessible. It’s a bifold wallet that offers a sophisticated way of securely carrying your money, credit cards, and vital information.

Three pairs of Sockwell men's compression socks lay on a wooden background

A Walk in the Park

Whether you’re on your feet all day or spend hours behind a desk, your feet are bound to get tired. Fortunately, Sockwell’s compression socks take on the task of ensuring proper blood flow. Compression socks are great for guys who fly because they promote circulation and minimize swelling.

A TSA-approved fingerprint travel lock from Benjilock is seem clipped to a suitecase

Safety and Security at Your Fingertips

When it comes to cool travel gadgets, nothing beats a Fingerprint Travel Lock. Just as your phone knows your face and fingerprints, this little device keeps your stuff secure until your finger gives it the go-ahead to unlock the goods. 

An essentials grooming kit from ApeX by GorillaKilla is seen on a bathroom counter

All-in-One Grooming Essentials

On-the-go guys need easy access to the tools that’ll keep them looking their best. ApeX by GorillaKilla’s Essential Grooming Kit is ready to tackle this challenge. It comes with everything they’ll need to put their best face—and hand—forward. Armed with a durable leather case, the tweezers, nail clippers, and travel hair trimmer fit perfectly inside their travel pouch.

Various toiletries can been seen packed into a Tooletries toiletry case

Toolbox for Your Toiletries

Forget the idea of traveling with bags that don’t do their manliness justice. Sure, they’ve got personal hygiene items that need to be stored in a secure case. But that doesn’t mean they need to succumb to soft materials or pink fabrics. Tooletries have a compact, sleek, and lightweight toiletry container that speaks to men everywhere. 

A compass, map, and travel notebook are seen tucked into an American Bench Craft travel journal wallet

The Go-Anywhere Travel Journal

Handcrafted from a single piece of premium vegetable-tanned leather, each American Bench Craft travel journal wallet is made for the open road. It will age with grace and is ready to take on whatever bumps and bruises a man’s travel story may have in store. 

A man is seen slipping his razor into a leather safety razor case from Range Leather Co

A Man’s Razor Case

They don’t get their razors off the grocery store shelf. They buy high-quality, stainless steel razors built to do a specific job while caring for their sensitive skin. It makes sense to store them in a finely-crafted leather case made just for razors. Range Leather Co‘s safety razor case was designed to go where they go. It keeps shaving tools safe while protecting the blades they put on their face.

A shaving soap and aftershave gift set from Napa Soap Company is seen on a counter

Travel-Sized Shaving Soap

Breeze through security with a travel-sized shaving soap that’ll take care of your skin the way nature intended. Napa Soap Company has come up with a way to ensure you get a great shave without spending unnecessary time cleaning out your toiletry bag at security checkpoints. Plus, you’ll get a shave that does right by your sensitive facial skin.

A blue 2-in-1 travel pillow and eyemask is seen hooked onto the handle of a suitcase.

Privacy in Flight

Nobody likes to be uncomfortable when they fly, but some travel pillows make the experience worse than not having a pillow at all. Not the Voyage Pillow. Thanks to the microbead filling, it’ll adjust to the contours of your head and neck and support you right where you need it to. And since it comes with a light-blocking mask, you can get some shuteye in without being disturbed by the lights and activities of other passengers.

A man is seen rolling up a Henty roll-up suit messenger bag

The Gentleman’s Messenger Bag

If it’s become difficult to keep your suit well-kept while you’re on the road, this Henty roll-up suit & garment messenger bag might be just the answer you’re looking for. This bag allows you to maximize luggage space when you’ll be away for a short business trip without forcing your suit to take on wrinkles and damage that could occur in a traditional suitcase. Simply toss one strap over your body and you’re good to go.

A man is seen rolling his packed items into a Rolo travel roll up bag

Must-Have Travel Accessory for Minimalists

If you’re trying to avoid checked-baggage fees, the Rolo travel roll-up bag is a must-have for your future travel adventures. It holds approximately four days’ worth of clothes and rolls up into a package that’s smaller than the size of most briefcases. 

A razor and other toiletries are seen peaking out of a brown leather punching bag-styled bag from Capra Leather

Handcrafted Leather Toiletry Bag

Tired of trying to find a way to keep all of your bathroom essentials together in one accessible spot? Let Capra Leather’s leather toiletry bag take care of this task for you. It features a water-resistant liner that’s removable so it’s easy to clean. It also comes with a handle so you can hang it in your bathroom or hotel room to preserve precious counter space.

Whether you’re looking for gifts for someone you love or you’re shopping for yourself, we’re ready to supply your traveling essentials. These must-have travel accessories for men are just the start.

Looking to gift a travel bag to go with those travel accessories for men but aren’t sure which one is best for his lifestyle? Learn all about our different travel bags here!

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