10 Unique Gifts for Her She’s Never Seen

You’re looking for a special gift for a special lady. Maybe she’s your mom, daughter, friend, aunt, cousin, or better half. Together we’re going to find unique gift ideas for her she will love.

A person is seen using a So Apéro sausage guillotine to slice cured sausage

A Cheeseboard Show Stopper

What’s better than a cheese board? Nothing. The answer is nothing. But a close second is something that makes creating cheese boards very fun. So Apéro is like a cheese board guillotine that slices up gouda, cheddar, salami, and it’s way more fun than a boring knife. 

A man is seen wearing AfterShokz Trekz air headphones while riding a bike

Ears-Free Listening

Maybe she likes a soundtrack as she walks the dog or she listens to a true-crime podcast when she’s on a run. With AfterShokz, she can have ears-free listening. These headphones use bone-conduction technology to protect her ears and help her hear what’s going on around her. 

A snarky nameplate says "I'm kind of a big deal" sitting on a pile of books on a desk

A Desktop Statement

The woman in your life is a boss. You know it, we know it, she knows it, and now everyone who walks by her desk will too. From the empowering to the self-deprecating, the desk plates from He Said, She Said let the office know she is not to be messed with. Or she really needs coffee. 

A whimsical stuffed cat doorstop from Dora Designs holds a door open

A Door-able Decor

What if I told you, her favorite gift this year might be a doorstop? I’m not crazy. I’m as serious as the doorstops from Dora Designs are adorable. Who wouldn’t want a charming hedgehog in their home. Or a cute mole. I mean, his name is Markie Mole! How cute is that!

A set of State-themed anatomy coasters from Dishique lay on a table with a pitcher of iced tea

Artful Cocktails

For the budding mixologist, Dishique brings a laboratory to her home bar. The artfully-designed beakers feature her favorite cocktail recipes. Then she can set it on a coaster that features facts about nature and even her home state. I learned that loons can dive 200 feet for up to 5 minutes! How about that!

A woman is seen spelling out "First I drink the coffee - then I do the work" on a Type Set Co message board

Decor with a Message

From to-do lists to inspirational mottos to reminders that, again, she needs coffee, there’s Type Set Co. The whiteboard or chalkboard designs come with magnetic letters to create her own interchangeable mini-billboard right at home. 

6 different colored zipper card wallets from Em John lay on a marble tabletop

Handbag Organization

She probably spends, on average, 18 hours a day digging through her purse. Not only does Em John hold every credit, debit, membership, and loyalty card she owns with an accordion flair. But the fun vibrant colors make it easy to find on the first try. 

A woman is seen walking in a park wearing an Abraham Moon polka dot wool Ruana wrap

Woolen Heirloom Accessories

In the city of Leeds, Abraham Moon creates stylish, heirloom woolen accessories. And they have been doing it since 1837. These merino wool scarves and wraps will keep her fashionably comfortable as the temperature drops. 

A woman is seen wearing navy wool felt slippers from NAUSENI

Slippers for a Lifetime

Getting cozy starts from the toes up. So give her the gift of the last slipper she’ll ever need. NAUSENI combines New Zealand wool, British design, and Nepalese craft to create a slip-on she can wear all year round. 

A person presses fresh coffee with Palmpress on a counter next to their breakfast

Coffee in the Palm of Her Hand

Now, finally, for that coffee. You can put the gift of daily craft coffee in the palm of her hand. Palmpress is a reusable personal coffee press that brews a cup in 3 minutes. Now, she’ll be ready for her day. 

We hope you’ve found something that will light up her holiday season. But if you haven’t, don’t worry, there are 100s more unique gift ideas for her where that came from. Happy holidays!

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  1. Out of the 10 gifts represented in the “10 Unique Gifts for Her She’s Never Seen”, half are made in China! That reason alone is why I will not buy the product. Can’t Grommet do better than promote businesses that outsource to China? Of all places…really?

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