Helpful Tips to Organize Your Home

When unwanted clutter starts piling up, you’ll want to start organizing your home—like, immediately. Check out our low-stress, start-right-now guide to help get your space in neat-and-tidy shape.



Declutter First

Start by throwing away any obvious trash and getting rid of outgrown or unused items. If you have items you want to donate, collect them in a box, like the Meori Large Foldable Storage Bin, for easy transport to the charity of your choice. 


Some stuff doesn’t need to be on hand all the time. Store seasonal things (like winter clothes and beach gear) together for easy grabbing when spring, summer, fall, or winter hits. The Betterbasket multicompartment laundry basket is a great way to store seasonal clothing until you need it. 



Gather Supplies

Keep all your cleaning supplies in one easy-to move-container so everything you need can travel around the house with you. Satto’s Minimalist Modular Cleaning Kit is a huge space-saving solution when you lack good storage, and it keeps everything you need to clean all in one spot.




Get Space-Savvy in the Kitchen

Counters are usually the first spot to get cluttered in the kitchen, but these smart organizers help clear things up. A one-cup coffee maker likely sees daily use, but you don’t have to keep a messy bowl of pods out on the counter. Use the magnetic Sidekick pod keeper to keep them tidy. The Cord Buddy glow lighted cord organizer works well for keeping appliance cords in check and at the ready. Perch mini-shelves can store small items like spice containers on a cabinet door or wall for easy access and a tidy look. 



If opened snacks are making a mess (or going stale), grab a Packbands silicone straps to secure them and keep things tidy in the pantry. We also love the Crazy Susan turntable from YouCopia to make the most of deep cabinets and reclaim unused space. 



Start the Laundry—and Keep it Going

To get through the laundry as quickly as possible, run it in batches of like items. Wash all the towels and linens together and it’ll be faster and easier to put it all away. A handy laundry helper like the space saving Haus Maus maximizes your folding and storage space and keeps the laundry area tidy.



Tidy Creative Spaces

Craft and hobby spaces can get overwhelmed in a hurry. Savor’s Divided boxes and document folders and files will help clear up a workspace and prevent your supplies from getting jumbled. Don’t overlook pieces made for other purposes, too, like the Poke-A-Dot cosmetic storage organizer that can keep small tools, supplies, and other gear neatly in check. 



Corral Cords and Plugs

Make finding all those charger and adapter cables easier (and get them off floors and tables) by securing them with Unlace ties and storing them in a pretty basket or bin. Protect those longer, skinny cords and delicate earbud cords with NEET cable keepers to prevent tangles and damage. 



Dump Single Socks

If you have a pile of single socks without a mate, it’s time to say goodbye. Prevent further losses by using the SockDock sock laundry organizer designed to keep pairs together as they go through the laundry.


Bonus Tip: Make It Last

Make sure your efforts last by making it easy for everyone in the family to keep up with clutter and put things where they belong. You’ll spend less time cleaning and have more time to do something you enjoy.



Time to get tidy? Check out our collections of cleaning helpers and kitchen organization tools to get you started.