In-laws can be notoriously tough to win over. Start a new tradition of knocking their socks off with these 10 uniquely delightful gifts.



Artistic Serving Trays

Part fun, part function, rockflowerpaper’s Round Lacquer Serving Trays hit the spot when it comes to topping a holiday table. The designs are sourced from talented artists around the globe, then sealed with a special glossy lacquer that protects from heat, moisture, and alcohol. Roomy enough for sips and snacks, they bring a touch of creativity to any festive gathering.



An Update-able Photo Frame

Stay close to your extended family with Aura’s Premium Smart Connected Picture Frame. Instead of handing off just one photo as a gift, give them a full photo album in Aura’s contemporary frame. Pick photos manually or use Aura’s facial recognition to select only photos of specific people in your circle. A Family Share feature lets you update the array from afar, so your in-laws always feel included.



A Fireplace in Any Place 

Bring warmth and wonder wherever you wander with FLIKR Fireplace’s Tabletop Fire Pit. Made in Tennessee, the industrial-chic design is powered by easily accessible rubbing alcohol, so it burns without soot or smoke. No matter what your in-laws’ style may be, this portable fire pit is sure to brighten their space.



Nicely Placed Nibbles

Endear yourself to your in-laws by feasting together at a lively snacking station. Kamsah’s Sun Dipping Set features spritely interlocking plates, all handcrafted by artisans in Tunisia who are paid a fair wage. Safe for the dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer, it’s the perfect size for condiments, nuts, salsa, chips, or whatever your family’s favorite treats may be.



Chime Time

Give your in-laws some waterfront relaxation with North Country Wind Bells’ Buoy Bells. Created by a retired lobsterman and his wife, each bell is crafted from recycled local steel and replicates the sound of real coastal and harbor bells. A whimsical windcatcher charm creates a custom combo that’s sure to bring serenity.



Stadium Showcase

Take your in-laws’ home team straight to them with StadiumViews’ Wooden Five-Layer Stadium Wall Art. The multi-layered replicas are crafted in Indiana with precision-cut wood, forming a three-dimensional rendering when viewed from above. Team colors and logos are part of the printing process, lending a custom touch any sports fan is sure to root for.



Customizable Candles

Bring old-world charm into your new family’s nest. Inspired by a design from the 1600s, Candle by the Hour’s Self-Extinguishing Coil Candle’s natural beeswax candle and cotton wick produce an eco-friendly glow that will light up any in-laws’ abode. Each inch of candle burns for 20 minutes; choose your length and the self-extinguishing clip will snuff the flame at your desired time.



A Personalized Serving

Season’s eatings! Spruce up your in-laws’ space with a hearty wooden serving tray that’s made just for them. Big Wood Boards’ Personalized Scalloped Serving Tray is crafted in Georgia with maple or walnut wood, then finished by hand to highlight the wood’s distinctive grain. Cast iron handles ensure safe toting of treats from room to room, and a laser engraved initial lets your family know you were thinking especially of them.  



Spin the Bottle

A bottle of wine may be a fool-proof offering, but Sempli’s Vaso Aqua Crystal Decanter raises the bar. Hand-blown in Florence, Italy, of lead-free crystal, the decanter comfortably fits a full bottle of wine. The specially angled bottom presents an illusion of nearly tipping over, but it’s plenty stable. Indulge in spinning the vessel anyway. Not only is it enjoyable to watch, but the rotation oxygenates wine and spreads the aroma of whiskey or brandy.



Refreshing Refills

Double up on timeless refreshment with Blenko Glass Company’s Double Spouted Pitcher. Made in America for over a century, the colorful hand-blown glassware holds a generous 36 ounces of water or any beverage of your choosing. An aesthetic indentation lends a sturdy grip, and the whimsical double spout makes pouring all the easier.


No matter how persnickety (or perfect) your in-laws might be, these thoughtful gifts are sure to get you on their nice list.


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