Writing down dreams and goals is the best place to start on the road to achieving them. This is where a Passion Planner comes in. It can help organize ideas, plans, and even your day-to-day life and help you drive towards accomplishing it all. Here are a few goal-setting tips to using the journal and getting life into focus.

Give shape to dreams and goals

Studies have shown that when you take the time to write down a goal, you are 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to accomplish that aspiration. Why? The act of writing a goal down signals to your brain that this idea is possibly more important than the thousands of other things you think about each day, and your brain is more likely to “encode” that idea into your memory. 


So, what exactly is a Passion Planner?

A Passion Planner actually contains elements of both a journal and a planner. There are pages where you can record daily activities, and there are monthly and weekly overviews where you can jot down appointments and meetings. But it’s also much more than that.

When used as designed, the Passion Planner can become your “paper life coach.” Its creator, Angelia Trinidad, added a Passion RoadMap, which is the place where you can write down your long- and short-term goals. Once you’ve identified these dreams, you then start mapping out the steps you’ll need to take in order to achieve them. For example, let’s say your dream is to travel to a bucket-list destination. One step could be to create a budget so that you can save money for your trip. another step could be to research accommodations and flights. 

After you’ve identified the steps you need to take to achieve your dreams, you’ll transfer them to the planner’s calendar. This way, your dreams and aspirations will be incorporated into your daily life. 

Accessorizing for success

In addition to the Passion Planner, writing tools are handy for keeping organized. For instance, colored pens can help you keep your goals and steps easily recognizable. Here are a few more tools that can help you use your Passion Planner more effectively. 


The write stuff

Your dreams deserve to be written in beautiful strokes. Consider using calligraphy pens from Kelly Creates for a fancier finish, and you can use Kelly’s workbooks to teach yourself this ancient writing technique. The user-friendly kits contain instructions and tracing paper to help you master the proper brush strokes.


Ideas can be fleeting. The Quiver pen holder is the solution to the problem of never being able to find something to write with. Handcrafted from 100 percent American Napa leather, it slides onto hardcover notebooks and is a clever way to ensure that you will always have a pen on hand when you want to write. 

4 Goal-Setting Tips 

  • Size Matters 
    When a goal is too big, you’re likely to give up if you don’t see a payoff right away. Keep it realistic and attainable. For instance, if your dream is to lose 50 pounds, start with an initial goal of losing 20
  • Track Progress
    Each week, check in on your goals and take note of progress
  • Take Time
    Don’t be overly ambitious when setting a schedule for completing your goal. Give yourself a little leeway for setbacks
  • Celebrate Yourself
    Even if you haven’t reached your ultimate goal yet, honor the work you are doing to make it happen

Pass the passion on

The Passion Planner was made to be an all-in-one spot for you to plan, schedule, practice gratitude, and feel inspired. It’s the perfect place to start making changes and incorporate goals in your lifestyle. Oh, and it’s not just your life you’ll be changing. For each Passion Planner purchased, the company gives one to a person in need.


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