16 Amazing Breakfast Gadgets to Add to your Morning Lineup

Whether you need to get out the door swiftly in the morning or love to try something new, these breakfast kitchen gadgets are sure to please. While these are breakfast tools, they can be used throughout the day to create tasty, healthy snacks in a jiffy. You’ll love the convenience and the tasty results!

Perfectly peeled hard boiled eggs sit on a plate next to Negg, the easy hard boiled egg peeler

Easy Egg Peeler

Tired of making a mess of hard-boiled eggs? If your eggs are always splitting or falling apart when you peel them, you’ll love this handy gadget. Use the Negg to perfectly peel an egg in seconds without mess or stray eggshells in your recipe. 

A red Brainstream floating egg timer is seen in a pot of boiling water with eggs

Perfectly Cooked Eggs, Every Time

Hardboiled or soft boiled, if you’re just a little off on your timing, your eggs won’t turn out the way you want them to. Forget finicky timers and don’t risk your smartphone in the kitchen. Instead, drop the BeepEgg into the pot for perfectly timed eggs, every time. 

A scoop of peanut butter sits on a PBSpoon next to a croissant

Peanut Butter Scraping Spoon

It’s so frustrating to leave the last bit of peanut butter in the jar. But the alternative means scraping it out with a knife. And that’s a messy and time-consuming process. Instead, opt for the peanut butter spoon to get every delicious morsel. Perfect for peanut butter, mayo, marshmallow or anything you need to scrape from a jar, this will become an indispensable tool in no time. 

A cream-colored Butterie holds a stick of softened butter next to a sliced baguette

Flip Top Butter Dispenser

Keep butter at the perfect spreadable temperature and preserve your toast by adding this stylish butter dispenser to your lineup of breakfast gadgets. You’ll love having spreadable butter without sacrificing taste or food safety. And you’ll wonder how you did without thos useful breakfast tool. 

Bacon grease is seen poured into a red Bacon Bin from Talisman Designs

Bacon Grease Container

Mmmmm, bacon! If you love bacon as much as we do, you’ll love being able to cook this at home without a tough cleanup. Instead of making a mess by dumping bacon grease into the sink and down the drain, you can pour it into this adorable bacon bin. It protects your pipes and preserves grease so you can use it the next time you whip up some bacon.

perfectly hard boiled egg whites without the shell, thanks to Eggibles

Silicone Egg Boiler

Whether you don’t want to peel eggs or you love creating fun and whimsical bento boxes, you’ll love the ease of this innovative egg boiler. The Eggibles egg boiler makes egg salad and other dishes effortless and swift. 

A person is seen scooping fresh avocado out of its skin using Avoloop

Get Caught in the Avoloop

Create avocado toast, accent your eggs with perfect avocado slices, and create bruise-free avocado chunks with ease. The Avoloop features a specifically angled scoop to perfectly lift the fruit from the peel and make prep work a breeze.

Healthy homemade granola bars are molded in a granola bar press from Tescoma

Your Granola, Your Way

Make your own granola bars using your favorite ingredients. You can pack them for lunches, use them as snacks or serve them up to kids as after school snacks. The Granola Bar mold makes it that much easier. Just fill with your favorite recipe then unmold for perfect bars every time. You’ll know exactly what’s in every bar you serve and be able to create custom recipes your family will love. It’s more than a breakfast gadget, it’s an every time of day gadget.

A baker is seen pouring batter into muffin tins from an isi flexible measuring cup

Easy Pour Measuring Cups

Made from silicone and designed to release even the stickiest of ingredients, these measuring cups are perfect for your favorite breakfast recipes. Even peanut butter and honey slip right out of these soft, flexible cups and into your mixing bowl. You’ll love the easy cleanup, too. 

Bacon is seen frying in a pan, surrounded by a lime green Frywall splatter guard

Cut the Splatter, Cut the Mess

Fried eggs and other fried foods won’t make a greasy mess of your stovetop when you use this cone-shaped splatter guard. Cut your cleanup time and still serve up your favorite foods when you use this soft and flexible splatter guard.

A person is seen using a Hometown Bagel Knife to easily slice a fresh bagel

Bagel Slicer Safety

Avoid one of the most common bagel related injuries—and create perfectly even cuts every time—when you slice away with this clever bagel knife. You never have to worry about an accidental cut again. Now can focus on the deliciousness of the bagels you buy instead. That’s a breakfast gadget that’s looking out for you.

A woman is seen using a KPKitchen portion control batter dispenser to dispense pancakes on a griddle

Portion Control Batter Dispenser

Tired of unevenly cooked pancakes, muffins, and cupcakes? The problem isn’t your recipe or your technique, it’s the amount of batter in each cup. When each portion is different, your baked goods just won’t cook evenly. Instead, pour perfect portions every time and enjoy evenly cooked baked goods each morning. 

A person is seen slicing an english muffin using Sirius Chef's muffin splitter

Easy English Muffin Splitter

Sure, it’s supposed to be easy. Just use a fork to split those English muffins. But does it always work? If you’re tired of uneven, broken tops and bottoms, you’ll love this easy to use muffin splitter and the perfect cut you get every time. 

A woman is seen putting half a dozen fresh donuts in a blue donut storage container from Muffin Fresh

Muffin Fresh Baked Goods

You’ve perfected your recipe and spent time decorating your baked goods so don’t let them get stale or crushed. This perfectly shaped container keeps your baked breakfast goods and treats fresh and airy. It’s perfect for storing at home or for travel. 

A woman is seen sitting on the floor eating a bowl of cereal in a blue OBOL anti-soggy cereal bowl

Sog Prevention

Cereal is best when it is crisp and tasty not a soggy heap at the bottom of your bowl. The unique design of this never-soggy bowl ensures you enjoy every bite and that you never have to worry about soaked cereal again. 

Add one or more of these fun utensils and gadgets to your kitchen and you’ll fall in love with breakfast all over again.

We know the holiday season is upon you, so if you’re looking for tips on How to Cook for a Crowd, we might be able to help!

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