It’s A Bake Off: 17 Gifts For The Baker In Your Life

Do you have any bakers in your life? If so, you’re lucky to reap the tasty rewards of their hard work. These seven gifts will please any novice or pro baker. And who knows, you may even find a few things that will help you step up your own baking game.

A loaf of bread sits in the Sassafras Bread Dome, a ceramic pot with a lid.

The Perfect Bread Accessory

Some of the best holiday dishes include tasty bread, either as a side dish or for dipping to your heart’s delight. When the bread is fresh out of the oven, it makes the meal even better. The Sassafras Bread Dome is a great gift for your favorite baker who wants to serve up a loaf with a big holiday meal or have some at the ready for snacking.

A set of gray Get It Right Spatulas are seen with mixing bowls and eggs

Get Your Technique Right…Every Time

When it comes to whipping up recipes it’s important to have the right utensils and even the right spatula. The Get It Right spatula is the “crème de la crème” of spatulas. It is one solid mold that’s heat resistant with the right balance of flexibility and rigidity. Definitely a great gift for your favorite baker who appreciates every last turn of the dough.

An unbaked pie sits on a counter next to ingredients & a Vermont Rolling Pins French rolling pin

French Rolling Pins for Superior Baked Goods

When it comes to gift-giving, any old rolling pin just won’t do. For those who savor the baking process and appreciate handcrafted quality, a Vermont Rolling Pin is a strong choice for those with a taste for the finer tools in life.

A silicone pie shield, decorators and crust cutter from Talisman designs seen used to create a pie

The Secret to the Most Perfect Pie Crust

Pie makers won’t want to bake without this silicone pie crust shield once they have it. Place it over the rim of your pie crust before baking and it will prevent it from burning. Works with both rimmed and regular pie dishes.

  • Two little girls are seen decorating cupcakes from Red Velvet NYC
  • Three pretty red & pink cupcakes from Red Velvet NYC sit on a table

Delicious “Homemade” Cupcakes

Cupcakes can be tricky to get right. That won’t be a problem with this cupcake making kit. It’s equipped with all the pre-measured ingredients and a detailed recipe card. Just add the fresh stuff and bake. No one has to know your baking buddy didn’t slog away making these from scratch.

A pizza is seen sitting on a wooden paddle on top of a stainless steel baking surface from Baking Steel

A Better Way to Make Pizza

Bread and pizza makers know getting that perfectly crispy crust is difficult unless you have a wood- or coal-fired oven. But with this stainless steel baking surface, that mission is accomplished. Made with pure pre-seasoned steel, it’s a unique, highly effective surface for making breads and pizzas.

A person is seen pulling a skillet out of the oven using a denim oven mitt from Art Style Design Living

Stylish and Sturdy Oven Mitts

If you’ve watched a baker at work, you know they are constantly pulling something out of the oven. A pair of denim oven mitts will have them looking great. Their hands will also be kept safe thanks to durable, pure cotton denim. This is a gift for a baker that pulls double duty.

A teal cookie shaper from Shape + Store is seen with raw cookie dough in it

Keep Ready-to-Bake Cookies Ready

This flexible cookie dough shaper and storage unit allows a baker to prep. They fill the tray with cookie dough, press, and they have 12 perfectly-shaped dough patties ready to bake or freeze.

2 tins and 3 jars of baking spices from Curio Spice Co seen on a kitchen counter

Best in Class Spices

This baking spices set will take baking in a flavorful new direction, and are sourced from growers and farms. Recipe cards are included for inspiration and easy direction.

Pure vanilla extract from The Vanilla Company sits on a kitchen counter next to a mixing bowl

Super High-Quality Vanilla Extract

Every baker knows the power of vanilla. And you can help upgrade their baking prowess with vanilla extracts that feature distinct flavors from its growing region. Mexican is creamy and spicy, Tahitian is fruitier and floral and Madagascar Bourbon is “traditional” vanilla. They’ll love being able to provide rich flavors with every bite.

A baker is seen pouring batter into muffin tins from an isi flexible measuring cup

Perfect-Pour Measuring Cups

These measuring cups pour liquid precisely with no spills. All you have to do is squeeze and pour. Measurement level indicators are clear and easy to read for accurate measuring.

Three flour sack kitchen towels from The Coin Laundry hang on a clothesline

Baking-Inspired Kitchen Towels

Not all kitchen towels are created equal. What makes these towels so absorbent, soft and fast-drying, is eco-friendly, 100% cotton flour sack. This same material is effective at drying dishes, polishing glassware, straining food, and even proofing bread dough.

A person is seen pulling a tray of cookies out of the oven, the tray lined with a copper grill mat from Bear Paw products

No Mess, No Fuss Over Liner

Any gift for a baker that makes clean-up easier is one that will be cherished. You can help them say goodbye to burned-on messes in the baking sheet or oven. This reusable copper mat catches drips from pies, casseroles, pizza and more. Leaving you with a clean, mess-free cooking surface.

A person is seen using a design embossed rolling pin from Valek to create a design in their dough

A Rolling Pin with Flair

Put custom patterns into baked goods with this embossed rolling pin. Each heirloom-quality pin is made from laser-cut Beechwood. Every roll gives treats a professional-looking finish.

A blue lidlover is seen covering a pan of brownies

An Easy-to-Use Baking Lid Cover

This flexible, oven- and microwave-safe design baking pan lid works for two sizes of baking dishes. It’s food-safe, BPA-free and, to keep track of the contents, you can label it with a dry erase marker.

A cherry pie is seen baking in a Cuchina Safe glass baking dish

A Dual-Purpose Baking Dish

Reheat, steam, and cook with this glass microwave lid Made of sturdy, non-porous borosilicate glass, it won’t hold on to odors, stains, or bacteria. Flip it over and it doubles as a baking dish, too.

A woman uses Sealabag to seal a bag of cinnamon twists

Seal In Constant Freshness

Any plastic bag can be sealed quickly with this multi-purpose bag sealer. Simply twist the bag top and swipe to get a bakery-type seal. Keep any baked goods fresh or package them up to give to friends and family.

Any of these so-smart, so-useful gifts for bakers will help make the process easier. But more importantly, they will endear you to the bread, cookie, and pie makers in your life.

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