If you’re a serious home cook, you want to cook like the pros. In your mind, nothing should separate your kitchen from the kitchens of restaurants from around the world. But for a long time, there has been a huge gap. Luckily, for all foodies out there, Professional Secrets is trying to close it.

Professional secrets line of pro-grade kitchen tools sit on a counter, steak and potatoes being cooked

Professional Secrets’ founder, Niklas Wakeus, wanted to turn his kitchen into a professional one. But when researching recipes from scratch, he found online recipes not detailed enough and food science articles too dense. To bridge the gap, he talked to restaurant chefs. Extracting their knowledge as a foundation, he built an online cooking school for the aspiring home chef. Then, he designed an entire line of chef tools to elevate your kitchen hardware to restaurant-caliber.


Taking the Temperature

Temperature is king in the kitchen. In a matter of seconds, this chef thermometer gives accurate readings down to the decimal. It could make all the difference to help save a dish from ruin. Its extra-long, ultra-thin probe gauges the temp of a thick cut of meat or a billowing loaf of bread. And it does it without leaving a hole in your work of art.


A Cut Above the Rest

The most important tool a chef has in their arsenal is a great knife—or set of knives for that matter. The Sandvik steel knives deliver top-end performance for effective slicing. The chef’s grip handle provides a sure-handed grip. And the blades themselves are slightly rounded to aid in the rocking motion of chopping. This might just be the last set of knives you ever buy.


Every Dinner is a Pot Luck

For anyone who thinks all kitchen pots are the same, strap in. The Professional Secrets stainless steel pots are made with five layers of metal. Yes, five. This aids in superior absorption and distribution of heat. They work with all stovetops and come built with flat handles for increased stability. They even stack when stored.


Mixing It Up

Any baker will tell you, a great mixing bowl is invaluable for food prep. The curved, high rim on these mixing bowls makes it easy for pouring while simultaneously helping to prevent spilling. The silicone base keeps it from sliding away as you’re tossing ingredients in. And when you’re done, you can stack them up for easy storage.


Get a Handle on Your Food

Finally, for any food that needs flipping, frying, or turning, you need tools that offer precision. The kitchen tweezers are fine enough to grab a bit of spice and strong enough for a slab of meat. While the stainless steel spatula brings a tapered edge and a flexible, yet stable design to the table. It makes flipping and frying a flawless feat.

Whether you’re a seasoned home chef or an aspiring one, Professional Secrets’ chef-designed cooking tools upgrade your kitchen. You can bring yourself one step closer to the culinary pros by checking out Professional Secrets’ cooking tips. They’ll help you close the knowledge gap and bring some newfound originality to your dishes.

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