15 Cool Gifts for Geeks To Nerd Them Out

If you’re on the hunt for geek gifts, you’re in luck. We have gifts for the literature nerd, the history nerd, the engineering nerd, the board game nerd, and the space nerd. Here are gifts for geeks that your favorite nerd will adore.

A STORIARTS book-themed infinity scarf is seen next to a book

Tell a Story With a Scarf

If the bookworm in your life spends the majority of his or her time buried in text, don’t hesitate to reflect this passion with a gift that says it all. Featuring influential words from a classic piece of literature, this STORIARTS scarf will quickly become a staple in any book lover’s wardrobe. They can rep a variety of works from Macbeth to Anne of Green Gables.

Child playing with Makeblock airblock modular programmable drone

The Ultimate DIY Gift

The best geek gadgets can be built and operated by the owner. This modular programmable drone Airblock is a cool option for engineering nerds, who will appreciate the DIY aspects of the project as much as the final product. Featuring several foam-covered magnetic propeller modules and a central hub, the drone can be reconfigured as desired. 

A full moon is seen pictured in a pendant necklace from Moonglow Jewelry

Celebrate Space in Style

This gorgeous silver-plated pendant from Moonglow reflects the natural beauty of the moon. Several different versions are available with each featuring a different look based on the moon’s phase. From full moons and new moons to lunar eclipses, these special necklaces can be worn for a variety of occasions. They even glow in the dark, bringing an additional element of beauty after hours.

6 neckties from Cyberoptix are seen with different geeky prints on them

Business-Nerdy Attire

Ties can serve as the ultimate fashion statement for nerdy guys in formal settings. These Cyberoptix neckties provide just the right amount of dorkiness without appearing unprofessional. Crafted from high-quality microfiber, they don’t even need to be dry-cleaned. Favorite designs include dinosaur bones, eye charts, and the Milky Way. Select multiple ties to ensure your beloved nerd has an accessory available for every occasion.

A woman is seen typing wearing a binary code mantra bracelet from Dresscode Tech

Master Coding With Help From a Bracelet

Jewelry can prove surprisingly useful, as evidenced by this unique binary bracelet from Dresscode Tech. Featuring an inspiring mantra, this bracelet displays an important message in binary form to provide a quick and effective coding lesson. These bracelets are available in aluminum, brass, and copper—and with messages indicating that the person wearing the jewelry is bold, brave, and smart.

3 different molecule necklaces from sorcery Science lay on a colored background

From the Table of Fashionable Elements

If your favorite geek adores chemistry, you can highlight this fascination with a gorgeous molecule necklace from Sorcery Science. Each design is created by a science teacher, so you can take solace in knowing that it’s accurate. From dopamine to benzene, a variety of key molecules come to life via these stainless steel and sterling silver necklaces.

Two people are seen playing Math For Love's Prime game

Nerdy Board Games Ensure Plenty of Fun

Nothing excites a true nerd on a Friday night quite like a math-themed board game. Hence, games are some of the best gifts for geeks. Math for Love’s Prime Climb is a great option for competitive nerds, who can add, subtract, multiply, and divide their way to victory. Beware: once your favorite geek receives this game, it may be all he or she wants to play when you visit. You might not mind, however, as this addictive game is fun for nerds and non-nerds alike.

The patent for the original Apple computer is seen framed on a shiplap wall

Commemorate the Classic Computer

Remember when the Apple computer felt revolutionary? Its day has come and gone, but it remains a hit among nerds all around the world. This print transforms the Apple patent into a work of art worthy of display in your favorite nerd’s home. Whether displayed in the living room or office, this meaningful geek gift will surely be appreciated. 

A woman is seen hanging an engraved wood constellation map from Citizen Woodshop on her wall

Reach for the Stars

Make a visual impact with this engraved wood constellation map from Citizen Woodshop, handcrafted in Ohio from locally-sourced and reclaimed wood. Made with love, this eye-catching piece is just nerdy enough to delight geeks but more than stylish enough to fit into most homes. Digital laser engravings will ensure this gift stands the test of time.

A binary clock form Anelace sits on a desk

Turn Back the Clock

If you think digital clocks look nerdy, think again. Nothing compares to the geekiness of a binary clock. Only true nerds will be able to tell time with help from this revolutionary gadget, which uses columns of LED lights to display the current time in binary code. This Anelace binary clock serves as a powerful reminder that even the simple act of telling time can be delightfully geeky.

A little girl is seen building a Boneyard Pets 3D dinosaur puzzle

Combine 3D Recreation With Art

Puzzles can be both relaxing and exciting, but they’re a lot more fun when they take on a 3D format. Such is the case with this impressive puzzle from Boneyard Pets. Featuring your nerdy friend or family member’s favorite dinosaurs, this kit comes with several dozen punch-out pieces that can easily be assembled to form a detailed replica of a dinosaur skeleton. Serving as both artwork and exhibit, the finished product will be displayed prominently in your favorite nerd’s home.

A woman is seen using a Homestar Planetarium LED bulb to project stars in the sky

Bring The Wonders of Outer Space to Your Home

Nerds adore planetariums, but not all enjoy easy access to these wonderful attractions. With this statement gift, however, the night sky is always within reach—even during the day. The Homestar Planetarium’s LED bulbs deliver visuals depicting tens of thousands of stars, with rotating projections following the northern hemisphere throughout the year. This planetarium brings educational fun or relaxation at night. Either way, it will be highly treasured. 

A dinosaur is seen poking out of a hot cup of coffee held by a man thanks to Creature Cups

A Spooky Way to Start Your Day

Coffee or tea may be a necessary part of your favorite nerd’s routine, but this daily essential can also be a lot of fun. On the outside, this Creature Cups creation looks perfectly ordinary. After drinking a little and glancing inside the mug, however, the recipient may spot a cute or creepy ceramic animal. A variety of animals hide inside, including lions, turtles, manatees, and many others.

Several PyroPet skeleton candles are seen burning amongst fall decor

A Candle That’s Impossible to Ignore

Forget the usual candle; this common household item can form a true work of art, bringing a modern, slightly twisted aesthetic into any space. If the geek in your life appreciates macabre style, he or she will quickly fall in love with this unique candle from PyroPet. Depending on the recipient’s style and interests, you may select an owl, cat, reindeer, dragon, or even a unicorn. The candle’s appearance is impressive to begin with, but it only gets better—as the wax melts, a metal skeleton will be revealed. 

A historical print of the American Police Officer from History America is seen tacked to a wall above a desk

Pay Homage to the Past

The history buff in your life will appreciate the unique gift of a historical print from History America, based on his or her interests. From athletes to soldiers, a variety of influential figures are in period dress are drawn with meticulous details to form an entertaining and educational piece of art. The recipient will find the poster in an acid-free poly sleeve, perfectly protected and ready to be displayed. 

Gifts for geeks are fun to give and receive. Don’t be afraid to get nerdy with the goofiest geek toys and gadgets imaginable.

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