15 Meaningful Gifts For Long Distance Friends

Good friends are hard to come by, and best friends are even rarer. So when a move or change of situation pulls us apart, it can get a little lonely and a lot less fun without them around. If you’re having trouble adjusting to being far apart, we have a few best friend gifts and long distance friendship gifts that might be able to help you out. So on those days when you’re missing each other that much more, you can always brighten their day with a surprise that they’ll adore.

A Colorado state scented candle form no Place Like Home Candles burns on a mantle

There’s No Place Like Home

When you think of home, what do you think of? Childhood memories? Your best friends? Your favorite pet? What if you could evoke all of these memories at once? With the State Scented Candles from No Place Like Home Candles, you can give your best friend the gift of home, no matter where they are. Each candle burns off the special fragrances of their native state and will remind the recipient of home.

A My-Storytellers infinity loop keychain with a charm that says 'Eat dessert first' is seen in the palm of a woman's hand

Be Their Good Luck Charm

Maybe they’re weathering a personal storm. Or maybe you just want to add a cheerful reminder to their day. The beautiful charms by My-Storytellers serve as a personal token of you. Give your friend a little reminder each day that you’re thinking of them and wish them nothing but the best, no matter where they are. Trust us, they’ll love it and they’ll love you even more!

A trio of face masks lay on a counter from Timeless Beauty Bar

Remind Them to Enjoy Themselves

Initially, everyone is excited for new changes and the adventures they bring. But after a few weeks, homesickness and loneliness can set in. When the wonderment of being in a new location wears off, we might start notice some important things missing…our friends! Even gifting your friends something small like a Travel Face Mask by Timeless Beauty Bar can make them feel loved and taken care of.

Two friends are seen touching their long distance friendship lamps from Filimin to let each other know they're thinking of the other

A More Direct Reminder

This one is fun because not only are you getting a nice decoration for your homes but a way to brighten each other’s day—literally! The Connected Friendship Lamp by Filimin is a beautiful and unique way to say “I’m thinking of you”. When they’re both plugged in, you can tap your lamp and theirs will change color and light up. It’s a quick, colorful reminder that your best friend is thinking of you, and makes for the ultimate long distance friendship gift.

A white "What's Shakin' Bacon" kitchen towel from The Coin Laundry lays on a countertop next to eggs and spices

New Decorations, Old Memories

These kitchen towels from The Coin Laundry have beautiful and silly designs for Christmas, Cat Ladies, and everything in between. They’ll be sure to get a laugh from whoever gets one, especially if there’s a fun memory attached to it. Made in the USA, these towels are screen printed with Earth-friendly inks, made out of flour sacks and are very absorbent. The perfect new house warming gift, and reminder of the person who gave it to them.

A woman is seen wearing a Texas Hometown Love bangle from The Vintage Pearl

Charm-ing Roots

Show some home state some love with individually handcrafted state charms from The Vintage Pearl. Each is hung with a freshwater pearl and features a carved heart. Great to give as a gift or to pair up to create matching friendship bracelets they’ll treasure for years to come.

Four custom latitude & longitude stemless wine glasses from Susquehanna Glass Company sit on a patio table

Functional Reminders

Whether you’re apart for a semester, a year, or indefinitely, why not get them a personalized gift they’ll use forever? The Sand Etched Latitude and Longitude Stemless Wine Glasses by Susquehanna Glass Company are always a big hit and an amazing reminder of home. They don’t just celebrate a general city, these come etched with personalized coordinates. So whether you met in kindergarten, college, work, or any number of locations, you can really personalize these glasses to reflect a place or moment that is special and unique to your friendship. Not to mention they will never go out of style!

A full moon is depicted on a silver necklace from Moonglow jewelry

Moon Phases are the New Dates

Why stick to the dates of the important milestones in your friendship when you can use moon phases? Whether it’s the first day you met, the day they left, or any other important date you two celebrate, let your friend know how much it means to you with this beautiful, conversation starter. They can bring the Moonglow Celestial Pendant with them wherever they roam.

Photos of friends in action are seen sitting in a reclaimed whisky barrel double frame from Whisky Frames

Reclaim a place in their life

Make sure your friends can take important memories with them wherever life takes them. With these reclaimed Scottish Whisky Barrel Frames by Whisky Frames, you can give each other both a beautiful gift, and a reminder of an amazing memory you shared. Handcrafted in Scotland (of course), each frame is one of a kind, just like your friendship.

Custom nautical pillows from Not For Navigation are a great living room accent

Comfortable Memories

Why not add a bit of flair to a new home away from home? The Not for Navigation Custom Nautical Pillow is a great way to incorporate a little bit of their old world into their new one. Turn a personal, memorable location into an image—culled from nautical charts and topographical maps—then have it printed with a water-based ink onto a durable, cotton canvas pillow. Beautiful, chic, and comfortable, we can guarantee they’ll adore it.

A woman is seen blowing into her mindful breath necklace from Komusō Design

Relax And Be Happy

This mindful breath necklace by Komusō Design is a powerful accessory. Created to promote the perfect deep exhale that’s a full ten seconds long, the necklace (and that big breath) can help calm your nervous system and relieve anxiety. It promotes a mindful shift into the present moment in stylish jewelry form, so even if the recipient is having a hard time adjusting being so far from home, they can always remember to relax and soak in this new adventure.

A person is seen scratching France off on their Luckies of London scratch off map

Show Them You Support Their Dreams

Luckies of London Scratch Maps are not only amazing decorations, but they come with a great message: the world is at your fingertips. Let your friends scratch off the places they’ve been and look forward to the places they want to go next, preferable with you! After all, they may have not gone everywhere yet, but it’s on their list. Show them you support their dreams with this unique gift while reminding them that, sooner or later, you’ll want them back with this next one…

A personalized My Whole Heart layered necklace from Becoming Jewelry sits next to family photos

Come Home Soon

The My Whole Heart Layered Necklace by Becoming Jewelry is a beautiful and unique reminder to the wearer of everyone who misses them and awaits their return. Names, dates, or words of your choosing are hand-stamped into sterling silver discs. They can also add more charms to honor loved ones or create a layered look. Give it to them before they say goodbye so they remember to enjoy their adventure but come home soon.

An etched leather map of Austin, Texas appears on a journal from Tactile Craftworks next to a plant and a camera

Help Them Remember Everything

Wherever they go, they’re going to want to remember every little thing. Help them document their thoughts, feelings, and travels with the Etched Leather Map Journal by Tactile Craftworks. This journal is a gorgeous, high-quality way to get them excited for their trip. You can even customize the cover to reflect where they’re going. Even though they’ll undoubtedly miss you, they’re going to want to remember their adventure. Give them the best way to do it.

A colorful brushed alpaca throw from Shupaca sits on a beige couch next to a book

A Hug From Afar

An alpaca throw from Shupaca is a luxe-looking upgrade to the typical fleece blanket tossed on the couch. Not to mention it feels like a silky-soft hug. Give your best friend a gorgeous, hypoallergenic, lightweight, and breathable blanket for their travels. They’ll feel cozy and happy no matter where they end up.

We know long distance friendship gifts are hard to find. How do you pack enough love and emotion into something they will want to take with them wherever they go? Luckily, with these best friend gifts, you can’t go wrong. Your friend or loved one will leave for their trip feeling loved, supported, and confident that they have an amazing support system waiting for them at home.

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