13 Fun & Practical Gift Ideas for Cyclists

If you’re looking for a fun and unique gift for the biking enthusiast on your list, look no further. We can help take gift ideas for cyclists to the next level. Whether you’re searching for better safety, higher performance, or the coolest of gear and accessories, we have the gifts ideas for bikers that will revolutionize your list this season. 

A person is seen riding their bike at night wearing an Arrowhere reflective safety vest

Be Seen and Be Safe

The Reflective Safety Vest by ArroWhere provides increased visibility for bikers, joggers, and anyone else on the road. With super-reflective arrows that can be seen up to a quarter-mile away, this innovative new garment lets drivers know you’re out there long before they pull alongside. It’s suitable for every season and tops the list of gift ideas for cyclists in your life. Great for joggers and walkers, too. 

A person is seen riding their bike at night, the handle bar illuminated by 4id's PowerWrapz LED safety bands

Light Up Your Gear in Style

PowerWrapz LED Safety Bands by 4id feature bright LED lighting inside a flexible silicone band. Stretchy and versatile, PowerWrapz can wind around your arm or ankle, the strap on your backpack, or the handlebars of your bike. Set it to flash or glow solid for heightened visibility when you’re out at night. It’s made from sturdy silicone and features 70 hours of solid operation. When it comes to bicycle gifts, this little gadget shines a bright light on safety. 

A man is seen wearing AfterShokz Trekz air headphones as he rides his bike

Listen Without Missing Out

Now you can hike, bike, and jog without missing out on the important sounds around you. The new Trekz Air, by Aftershockz, are versatile and lightweight headphones that use military, bone-conduction technology to deliver your favorite music and podcasts without muffling surrounding noise. Trekz Air make perfect gifts for bicycle riders, hikers, joggers, and more. 

A stepless ratchet from UNICHE lays on a table

Make Repairs Easy and Painless

The Stepless Ratchet Tool by UNICHE is a cut-above traditional ratchets with its ability to fit into odd angles. No more struggling to get going when you can start from any angle. The Stepless Ratchet includes a removable head you can use as a finger rachet for confined spaces and has the ability to start at a zero-degree angle. The interchangeable tool bits fit conveniently inside the handle. It’s one of the top go-to gift ideas for bikers. 

A Nutter bike multi-tool from Full Windsor is seen next to bike chains

Enjoy Seamless Bike Maintenance

Lightweight but extremely durable, The Nutter Bike Multi-Tool by Full Windsor revolutionizes the art of bike repair on the go. Crafted of hardened steel, this little tool weighs less than 4 ounces and straps neatly under your bike seat when not in use. No more toting heavy repair kits on your morning ride. The Nutter Bike Multi Tool’s innovative design turns the body into a handle, making for easy use and extreme portability.

A woman is seen standing next to her bike wearing an olive green Cleverhood high-performance rain cape

Stay Dry. Cycle Far 

The High-Performance Rain Cape by Cleverhood is part poncho, part raincoat, and all innovation. The unique design features a fitted hood with a sturdy brim to protect your face and convenient armholes allow you to bike even in the strongest downpour without getting soaked. Added safety features include reflective trim, magnetic fasteners, and heavy-duty, waterproof fabric construction that’s lightweight yet durable. If you’re searching for the ultimate in cycling gift ideas, the High-Performance Rain Cape is the solution. 

Brightly colored lights spin on the wheel of a bike thanks to MonkeyLectric monkey lights

Lighten Up and Laugh Out Loud

The Monkey Light M232 by MonkeyLectric Monkey Lights will guarantee that all eyes are on you as you ride. Waterproof lights tuck neatly inside the spokes of your wheels and display an entertaining light show as you pedal. With 42 themes from which to choose, you can ride out the night in style with 32 LED lights that create retro 8-bit graphics to ensure you and your bike are highly visible even in the worst weather and darkest of moonless nights. 

A person is seen biking at night with Albedo100 permanent reflective spray paint painting all over their bike and helmet

Be Seen Even on the Darkest Nights

You won’t need special reflective equipment to transition you and your bike gear from day to night when you opt for Permanent Reflective Safety Spray by Albedo100. This handy spray works on helmets, bikes, and even fabric to coat your backpack or rain gear with a highly reflective and super-visible permanent acetone that lasts up to three months. As gifts for bicycle enthusiasts go, this highly reflective spray will keep your loved ones safe by reflecting brightly back at the headlights of passing cars. 

The original patent for the bicycle is seen framed like art on a wall from PatentPrints

Enjoy Art With a Purpose

Patent Art by PatentPrints takes the inventions you love the most and turns their schematics into frame-worthy wall art. Drawn with flair and a supreme eye to detail, these delightful works of proprietary art turn ordinary, everyday things into stunning blueprints that are suitable for papering your favorite den or man cave. Gifts for bicycle riders have never been so intriguing. 

A person is seen working out wearing black & yellow Bombas ankle socks

Support Your Feet and Your Fellow Man

Your feet are going to love these original ankle socks by Bombas Socks. Designed with supreme comfort in mind, you’ll never meet another pair of socks that will outperform your Bombas. With an ergonomic design that cradles heels and arches, Bombas socks provide high-performance and longevity. Even better? For every pair of socks that sell, a second pair goes to someone in need. 

An Einstein cycling quote tea towel from Sunday Drive Designs rests on a table

Clean Up Spills in Retro Style

When it comes to tea towels, big and thirsty are best. Cue these adorable, oversized Einstein Bicycle Tea Towels from Sunday Drive Designs. Constructed of 100-percent cotton and printed with eco-friendly water-based ink, Sunday Drive tea towels are unbeaten for absorbency and unparalleled in design. Fashioned with those vintage flour-sack towels of old in mind, these little beauties are bound to spark joy in every kitchen they grace. 

A tarp is secured to a fender using a Jeri-Rigg eye loop anchoring strap

Contain Everything

Jeri-Rigg’s new and innovative Eye Loop Anchoring Strap is strong enough for nearly any home or outdoor application. The Eye Loop Anchoring Strap creates a strong storage solution for anything that needs to hang from your pack, strap to your roof, or hold securely in place. Take it on the go to keep your camping supplies neatly contained, or use it at home to help stow tricky equipment in the garage.  

A woman is seen in a park holding a blue 360-degree stainless steel water bottle from WOW Gear

Sip Serenely

Never suffer another awkward sip with the new 360-Degree Stainless Steel Water Bottle by Wow Gear. There’s no drinking spout or valve to realign every time you need a drink. Simply pick your bottle up and sip from anywhere along the 360-degree lid. A unique design dispenses water at the sip, meaning less maneuvering for you and fewer spills from your water.  

Gift ideas for cyclists are easier to find with our unusual collection of must-have gear and accessories. We’re here to help make every day on the road a little more safe and a lot more fun.

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