15 Paw-somely Unique Gifts For Cat Lovers

People with pets love them like family. That is why gifts reminiscent of their furry friends always tug at their heartstrings and offer warmth and comfort. If you’re looking for unique gifts for cat lovers, we’ve found extra-special options you’ll want to consider.

A cat heart figurine from Tamara Hensick Designs sits on a table next to a book

A Purrfect Pewter Sculpture

When it comes to gifts for cat owners, this cat “love” sculpture will steal the heart of the lucky recipient. Standing at 2″ tall, it’s small enough to serve as a delicate desk decoration without overtaking the space. It can be used as a paperweight or a decoration that will make your loved one smile every time he or she sees it.

A deck of cat playing cards from Artiphany lay on a table

Kitten Club Playing Cards

Card games were never this fun before kittens appeared on the deck. Thanks to Artiphany, these kitten club playing cards will keep guests, friends, and family members engaged in hours of fun as the sweet-faced kittens smile back at them.

Yellow & green pure catnip bags from Dr. Pussums Cat Company sit on a table

The Cat’s Meow

Some of the best gifts for cat lovers aren’t for the people, but rather the pets they love and cherish. This pure catnip toy set is a perfect example. Each catnip sack is made of catnip and cotton fabric and the mouse is made of rabbit fur and fleece. There’s nothing better than watching a cat get excited about a bit of catnip. We’re sure the cat lover in your life will agree.

A cat is seen eating from a PetSafe automatic pet feeder

An Easy Way to Keep the Felines Fed

If your friend is trying to avoid having an ultra-fat cat, regular feedings with proper portions are essential. Of course, this is often easier said than done, but the smart feed automatic pet feeder makes mealtime a cinch. This automatic feeder enables meals to be scheduled up to 12 at a time, with quantities and feeding times. Since it’s controlled by a smartphone, your friend can send her pet a snack while she’s away if she’s worried her kitty’s belly is getting too hungry.

  • A recycled metal turtle night light from Whimsies can be seen plugged into a wall
  • Whimsies recycled metal cat night light

Whiskers in the Night

An ordinary nightlight probably wouldn’t go down as a great present. But when you’re looking for crazy cat lady gifts, this reclaimed metal animal nightlight from Whimsies is sure to do the trick nicely. The reclaimed and salvaged metal adds a special sense of style and whimsy to the whiskers that will illuminate your hallway or bathroom when the world is sleeping.

  • A woman wearing a blue shirt is seen with a silver elephant spirit animal necklace from Jaeci around her neck
  • A gold cat spirit animal necklace from Jaeci

A Wearable Set of Whiskers

Is your friend’s spirit animal her cat? If so, she’ll love this spirit animal necklace, which comes in 14K gold-dipped stainless steel or undipped stainless steel. The adjustable pull string makes it possible to make the chain as long as she’d like—from 20″ to 36″. This simplistic-yet-stunning piece of jewelry is great for everyday wear.

A gray cat is seen lounging in a purple cat hammock from Cat Crib

A Hammock for a House Cat

If you’re shopping for gifts for cat people, you can’t go wrong with a present that pleases the pussycat, too. This hammock lounger by Cat Crib will fit the bill nicely. It gives kitty a way to elevate himself off the floor while still giving him the private place he prefers. Now he can get away from people when he needs his space.

An orage tabby cat is seen climbing on a Katris teo piece lynks cat scratching post

An Artistic Scratching Post

Forget scratching posts that take away from the aesthetics of a room. This two-piece lynks cat scratcher will be an artful addition to any room while giving your friend’s feline a great place to whittle away those claws. This gift is a winner because it keeps furniture safe and kitty happy.

A tabby cat is seen playing with a cardboard ball toy from Americat company

A Fun Ball for the Fuzz Ball

Everybody knows cats are curious and love to play with anything they can get their fuzzy little mitts on, so why not indulge your friend’s feline with a cardboard cat ball toy that’s made just for him? Made in Pittsburgh, PA, this all-American cat toy was designed to spin, wobble, and roll in a way that captures kitty’s attention for hours on end.

An impression of a pet's nose can be seen captured in a metal pendant necklace from Precious Metal Prints

Pet Nose Pendant Necklace

If you’re looking for crazy cat lady gifts, you’re probably shopping for a friend who wants to bring her cat everywhere. While it may not be feasible, her kitty can still stay with her in spirit at work or at play with this pet nose pendant necklace kit. The precious point of Whisker’s face will be permanently imprinted on a sterling silver or gold-filled necklace. And your friend can wear it anytime, anywhere.

A person is seen removing white fur from a pillow using Necoichi's microfiber pet hair remover


Just because your loved one loves his cats, it doesn’t mean he loves the hair they leave behind. Fortunately, the folks at Necoichi designed a solution that sucks up all unwanted hair with minimal fuss or muss. The microfiber cat hair remover is eco-friendly, economical, and doesn’t require any sticky sheet refills to do its job properly. The fur collects into a storage container that can easily be emptied when the lint and hair have disappeared from your friend’s furniture or clothing.

A fawn colored dog sits in a gray dog bed next to an EyeVac touchless vacuum for pets

Help Getting the Hair to Go Away

Speaking of fur removal, EyeVac’s pet touchless vacuum can make a big difference if the cat lover in your life is tired of bending over to deal with dirt and hair. Infrared detectors sense motion and automatically vacuum the area where a pet was playing or laying, making it easy for cat hair to disappear moments after it gets deposited onto the floor.

A gray & white cat stands next to a blue little box, with an Uncle Tam's charcoal deodorizer laying in front of it

Odor-Free Kitty Area

No matter what type of litter, litter box, or other special somethings your friend may use, chances are, his cat’s area emits a certain odor. These coffee and palm charcoal deodorizer bags might be just the solution for anyone who’s wondered how to get rid of that smell. They’re rather compact and discreet, plus they come complete with a bitter apple taste that prevents pets from chewing on the bags.

A whimsical stuffed cat doorstop from Dora Designs holds a door open

A Darling Doorstep

Let kitty meander from room to room by propping the door open with this Dora Designs whimsical animal doorstop. They’re heavy enough to keep doors open but cute enough to serve as everyday decorations. Each doorstop is filled with polyfiber and quartz sand. 

A sleepy cat lays on top of a pile of books surrounded by butterflies in this unique snow globe from CoolSnowGlobes

A Snuggly Snow Globe Scene

One of the best gifts for cat lovers is this modern snow globe. It features a scholarly cat lounging atop a mountain of books. He looks so peaceful, you can almost hear him purring through the glass and gold leaves that surround him.

If you’re looking for unique gifts for cat lovers, look no further. Our selection of feline-inspired artwork and presents will make a lasting impression on the lucky friend or family member who receives your cat gifts.

Looking for more unique gifts for cat lovers? Browse our full selection of unique pet lover gifts.

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