14 Joyous Music Gifts for Anyone on Your List

Musical gifts are a natural match for anyone who plays an instrument or participates in a choir. But there are plenty of other people on your gift list who can benefit from a little more music in their lives. Our collection of gifts for music lovers is designed to appeal to anyone who thinks music makes things better—and who listens wherever and whenever they can. One of these unique music gifts will make your favorite music lover’s holiday season.

A person is seen playing on a white The ONE Music Group smart piano

App-Connected Lighted Keyboard

Give a gift that will instill skills that last a lifetime. This smart keyboard integrates with other devices and makes it easy to learn to play. Even if you’ve never touched the keys before. The lighted keyboard makes learning fun for kids or adults and helps teach important skills, too. 

A Como Audio smart connected hi-fi music system sits on a counter

A Smart Music System

It may look like a retro marvel—and mimic one of the coveted speaker styles of the past. But the inside of this mid-century modern beauty is a technological dream. This digital speaker can connect to up to 5 devices at a time and will add both style and ambience to any space. 

A box of Vibes hi-fidelity ear plugs is seen held up in a crowd at an outdoor concert

High-Fidelity Ear Plugs

Get the music—and just the music—when you attend a live performance. These stylish and practical earbuds filter out other sounds and allow you to enjoy the concert or show you are attending. You’ll get the music as the artist intends you to hear it—without a lot of excess background noise. It’s a perfect music gift for anyone who attends live performances, the theater, or even the opera. 

A pair of black isotunes noise-cancelling headphones

Wired Noise Isolating Earbuds

Reduce the noise and impact any loud environment or activity has on your hearing with these petite and useful earbuds. Previous versions could block noise well, but they were bulky and uncomfortable. These slide right into the ear and eliminate any loud or harmful sounds. They preserve your hearing and focus while you work or play. 

Two Tiki Tunes LED Speakers On a table at sunset

Ambient Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Create a soothing and stylish outdoor entertaining area with these striking Bluetooth speakers. Each features outstanding sound capabilities, adds a layer of sensory appeal to your space and incorporates a fun, retro tiki-style, too. Use by the pool, in the outdoor kitchen, or anywhere you entertain for a lasting touch of music and soft, mood-setting lighting. 

A woman is seen lounging by the pool, enjoying music from her SunTunes near-ear bluetooth speakers

Near-Ear Bluetooth Speaker

Love music, but don’t like invasive earbuds or huge headphones? The near ear version of this tiny but powerful speaker is an ideal alternative. Wear and enjoy your favorite music and stay aware of your surroundings when you add a pair of these striking speakers to your lineup of musical gifts. 

Assorted animal bluetooth speakers from My Audio Pet are seen on a table

Bluetooth Animal Speaker

Teens can’t resist these kawaii cuties that pack a potent amount of sound into a tiny, adorable package. They’re small enough to slip in a pocket or backpack but big enough to entertain an entire party. These cute critters make ideal musical gifts for the teens and tweens on your list and you can choose from an entire zoo of animals to find your perfect match. 

A rose gold mini bluetooth speaker from FashionIT sits on a desk

Modern Mini Speaker 

Music lovers just can’t get enough Bluetooth speakers. Most have one for the bedroom, another for the office, and still more for on-the-go listening. Indulge someone special with one of these striking gifts for music lovers. Each has a sleek metallic finish, smooth, modern styling, and is designed to fit in with any setting or decor. 

A person is seen playing a cedar board Kalimba from Mountain Melodies

Cedar Board Kalimba

Combine the enduring appeal of folk art with an easy-to-learn, delicate sound that can’t be replicated with another instrument. This stylish cedar kalimba is one of our favorite gifts for musicians. Even someone with some instruments already on hand likely won’t have one of these charming pieces. They’ll be delighted to add this one to their collection. 

A man is seen wearing AfterShokz Trekz air headphones as he rides his bike

Ears-Free Listening

Designed with athletes and outdoor enthusiasts in mind, these clever earbuds allow full enjoyment of the music they love. But they also ensure they can still keep track of their surroundings. The secret is bone-conduction technology that allows sound to bypass your ears to be heard. It can be challenging and risky to completely block out noise while you’re on a run. These action-ready headphones are designed to give you the best of both worlds.

Two Lil' Mib wooden sound recorders sit on a table

Change Your Octave

It’s technically a toy for kids, but the adults in the office can’t get enough of this fun voice changing toy, either. Made from wood with a whimsical face and clever construction, Lil Mib records your voice then plays back a distorted version of what you said. Fun for kids and music lovers of all ages, this is a true conversation piece. And it’s one of the musical gifts even the most diehard fan won’t already have. 

Two kids are seen lying on the floor playing with a Skoogmusic 2.0 touch & play music cube

DJ Music Cube

You don’t have to be able to read music or play an instrument to create appealing arrangements on this fun and whimsical cube. Drop it, poke it, and spin it around to make appealing sounds. Or, choose from one of the many built-in instruments to create a sound that is uniquely yours. One of our most unique music gifts, this piece can be enjoyed by anyone. And just about everyone creates interesting compositions in just a few minutes of playtime. 

Thrill and delight your favorite music loving teen or adult with one of these gifts. One of the nicest things about a music gift is that it can be adapted to suit any taste so you don’t have to worry about choosing the right genre or artist. 

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