The winter holidays are a time to be cozy and comfortable. If you know someone who lives in an area where it gets cold for Christmas, then these cozy gift ideas are sure to please. Be a hero this holiday season and offer something truly comfortable to someone special. 

A woman is seen lounging on the couch wearing crimson chenille slipper socks from PUDUS

Chenille Cable-Knit Slipper Socks

Fluffy, soft, and squishable, these cozy socks are perfect for a quiet evening by the fire, or for warming up after a chilly day outside. Each pair of these delightfully comfortable socks features durable chenille yarn, grippy treads, and snug, secure ribbing. She may not want to wear slippers or shoes again after trying these cozy beauties.

A couple are seen resting in bed with a dark weighted blanket from Hush covering them

A Classic Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets were once reserved for those struggling with insomnia or who had difficulty with sensory issues. But millions of people have discovered just how comfortable and cozy these heavyweights can be for the rest of us, too. This lush blanket features evenly-distributed weight for added comfort. It’s also designed to create a secure and comfortable place to rest without overheating the user. You’ll never want to sleep without one once you’ve tried it.

The skyline of Washington, DC is seen depicted on a lumbar pillow from Beyond Cushions, sitting on a gray couch

Skyline Lumbar Pillow

What’s better than soothing back support on demand? A pillow that not only targets and supports trouble areas but has a striking modern design, too. This delightfully-printed pillow looks at home on any bed, chair, or sofa and creates a cozy place to sit fully supported, too. 

A woman is seen sleeping in bed cuddled up to a blue snuggL l-shaped body pillow

L-Shaped Body Pillow

Side sleepers can have a rough time getting comfortable and even experience pain upon waking if they don’t sleep with proper support. This clever L-shaped pillow offers targeted support and makes it easy to sleep in comfort. It is sure to be instantly adored by any side sleeper you know. 

A woman is seen lounging on a couch wearing natural colored Pantuss warming aromatherapy slippers.

Aromatherapy Heatable Slippers

A list of comfy gifts would not be complete without a pair of lush, luxurious slippers. These heatable slippers feature soothing essential oils and scents designed to create a relaxing, comfortable ambiance. Give to anyone who needs a little less stress and a little more rest each day. Or pick up a pair for yourself this holiday season. You deserve it!

A woman is seen resting in bed with a grey YuYu hot water bottle

Extra-Long Hot Water Bottle

This is not your grandma’s hot water bottle. Though this holiday season, it would make a great cozy gift for her. If you remember those old rubber models of the past, you’re in for a treat when you see this soothing, comfortable update. Extra length ensures you get soothing heat where you need it most.

A man is seen lounging wearing a pair of bison down socks from United By Blue

The Ultimate American Sock

Who wants socks for a gift? We do. At least when the socks in question are an intriguing blend of bison down and merino wool. Bison is known for being softer and warmer than wool. So these little luxuries are a must-have for anyone who loves cozy, comfortable gifts.

A coiled beeswax candle from Candle By The Hour sits on a desk next to a blue Blenko vase

Self-Extinguishing Coil Candle

Get inspired by this blast from the past—and we mean the real past, as in the 1600s Coiled candles function as rudimentary timekeeping devices. This unique version burns for 20 minutes per coil so you can determine how long you want to burn by snipping the wick at the right spot. Give a little history with your cozy gifts this holiday season and present them with a true conversation piece, too. 

A colorful brushed alpaca throw from Shupaca sits on a beige couch next to a book

Brushed Alpaca Throw

Lighter than wool—and softer, too—this stunning alpaca throw is the ultimate cozy gift idea. Warm up by the fire or cuddle together and watch a movie under this lightweight but shockingly warm blanket. Natural alpaca shades of grey mingle with colorful bands in this woven beauty. It a coveted cozy item this holiday season. 

A person steps outside wearing a pair of red SUBU indoor outdoor slippers

Indoor Outdoor Slippers

Have to slip outside to grab the mail, but don’t want to give up the comfort of your favorite pair of slippers? Now you don’t have to. These soft and comfortable slippers are designed to be cozy and durable. But they can even go outside when you do. Perfect for the dad who has everything or anyone who loves comfy gifts and experiences.

A pair of sheepskin lined cork insoles from Honey Soles sit next to a pair of boots

Sheepskin Insoles

Elevate any pair of shoes or slippers to a truly bespoke luxury experience when you slip in a pair of these lush, warm insoles. Sheepskin conforms to the shape of the foot over time, creating a custom fit and a warm, cozy feeling they’ll love. 

A woman is seen walking in a park wearing an Abraham Moon polka dot wool Ruana wrap

Soft Wool Ruana

Made from ultra-soft merino wool in a clever, two-sided pattern, this ruana features classic design and modern style. Wear it with just about anything and enjoy a wrap that actually stays in place, thanks to the classic ruana shape. Warm merino wool and a one-size-fits-all styling make this a comfortable, cozy gift for anyone on your list.

A woman is seen walking outside wearing a gray cashmere wrap from Quinn

Cashmere Wrap

Is there any word more synonymous with luxury than cashmere? Indulge them with the ultimate cozy gift this holiday season. Then prepare for a deluge of happy “thank you’s” when you wrap up this stunning, one size fits all piece. Nothing says comfort and “I care” like cashmere. If you want to win Christmas, start your shopping right here. 

A woman sits in a chair reading a magazine wearing light blue pima cotton pajamas from The Cat's Pajamas

Pima Cotton Pajamas

The classic is still one of the most coveted cozy Christmas gifts around. Soft, spun pima cotton pajamas offer unsurpassed comfor. And the traditional cut of these striking PJs means she’ll want to show them off.

A small round firepit from FLIKR Fireplace burns on a coffee table

Rubbing Alcohol Fire Pit

They love their firepit, but they can’t drag it inside. Or can they? Create the ultimate cozy ambiance with this rubbing alcohol powered tabletop firepit. Perfect for snowy evenings, late-night suppers, and reading sessions, this unusual gift is something they almost certainly don’t already have.

A short white candle and a tall red candle shaped like spools of yarn from Bougies La Francaise burn on a table

Handcrafted Yarn Candle

Nothing says cozy like knitting by the fireside. However, if they don’t know how to knit but simply want to add some cozy cheer to the room, these yarn-shaped candles are sure to please. Light up and enjoy these scented beauties, whether you knit or not. 

Giving comfort gifts ensures your present will be enjoyed long after the last of the wrapping paper has been recycled and the tree is down. They’ll think fondly of you every time they use your cozy Christmas gifts in years to come. 

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