Nothing beats good hygiene but keeping all of your toiletries and accessories organized can be daunting. A toiletry bag isn’t just convenient, it simplifies cleanup and makes travel a breeze. The best toiletry bags offer something for everyone. Here are our top picks to help you keep your personal care essentials in order.

The Best Travel Toiletry Bags

A gold Lay-N-Go Cosmo bag is seen laid out on a bathroom counter filled with cosmetics

Corralling Toiletries is a Cinch

Whether you’re driving out of town or flying internationally, a toiletry bag makes packing easy. Water repellant and made from quilted nylon, this Drawstring Cosmetic Case by Lay-n-Go Cosmo keeps wetness out and your cosmetics nice and neat. It collapses into a mat for easy sorting and zips up into a secure clutch when it’s time to go.

A slew of toiletries can be seen laid . out and organized in an Everything ORGO toiletry kit

Portable Counter Space

Another one of the best travel toiletry bags is this Expandable Travel Organizer by Everything ORGO. Customizable compartments let you organize your personal items for easy access. Simply unsnap the case to create a surface area that fits on top of a sink or countertop. When you’re done, zip it up into a compact travel kit.

A zebra striped freezer pack crossbody toiletry bag from Cool-It Caddy sits on a counter

A Temperature-Regulating Bag

Traveling is all about staying cool. The Bella Crossbody by Cool-It Caddy does just that. Equipped with hidden freezer packs, this toiletry bag doubles as a mini cooler for snacks, sunscreen, and temperature-sensitive medications. Just pop the empty bag in the freezer the night before and fill it up the next morning for your trip.

The Best Men’s Toiletry Bag

Various toiletries can been seen packed into a Tooletries toiletry case

A Toiletry Toolbox

Functional, durable, and stylish are just a few of the features that define the best men’s toiletry bag. This rugged Toiletry Case by Tooletries combines the hard-shelled exterior of a toolbox with the functional interior of a Dopp kit. It’s great for storing toothbrushes, razors, deodorant, shaving cream, and even electric accessories. The silicone netting keeps your items secure, and the neoprene interior guards against leakage.

A grey hanging Dopp kit from Peak Design is seen hanging from a towel rack

A Hang-Up Dopp Kit

Convenience is all the rage and Peak Design’s Multi-Pocket Dopp Kit with Hook earns full marks. Simply hook the kit over a bar and access all your hygiene essentials without taking up surface space. Its durable exterior, compact design, and ample pockets make it one of the best Dopp kits for men who like to get things done.

The Best Women’s Toiletry Bag

Women's toiletries can bee seen neatly organized in a navy striped Delilah toiletry roll from Boulevard

A Toiletry Bag on a Roll

From cosmetics to toothbrushes to skin creams, it takes a top-notch bag to your toiletries in check. The Delilah Toiletry Roll by Boulevard does it in style. Its elegant, smart design rolls out into four detachable, clear compartments. Organize all your personal care items as you see fit. Detach a pouch for makeup or hang the roll on a towel rack. When you’re done, just roll it back up.

A cream colored ZIRUI women's travel toiletry case is seen with cotton balls on a bathroom counter

A Magnetic Travel Case

A marriage of form and function, this Travel Case for Toiletries by ZIRUI uses magnets to keep your items intact. The case features four triangular leak-proof bottles for all your TSA-approved liquids and accessories. The magnetic case wraps around the bottles and snaps shut. Its vegan leather construction is water-resistant and easy to clean. With a built-in-mirror and included funnel and cleaning brush, this case is a strong candidate for the best women’s toiletry bag.

The Best Dopp Kits for Minimalists

a leather travellr dopp case from Range Leather Co sits on a bathroom counter

A Handcrafted Dopp Kit

If an abundance of zippers and pockets aren’t your thing, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of these no-frills Dopp kits. Crafted in vintage style, this Travellr Dopp Case by Range Leather Co. is handcrafted from full-grain leather, copper, and brass. It offers a slim, stylish profile without sacrificing storage space. The minimal design exudes style and substance.

A razor and other toiletries are seen peaking out of a brown leather punching bag-styled bag from Capra Leather

A Sack of Toiletries

Another minimal, full-grain leather option is the Leather Toiletry Bag by Capra Leather. Handcrafted with care, this tote stacks when full and features a strap that attaches easily to any hook. The sturdy zipper locks your items in place, and the water-resistant liner makes cleaning a snap.

A red plaid dopp kitt and a navy dragonfly printed travel cosmetics bag from General Knot& Co. sit on a bathroom counter

An Eye-Catching Cosmetic Bag

It doesn’t get simpler than this Travel Cosmetic Bag by General Knot & Co. Versatile enough for home, office, and travel, this colorful clutch is made from cotton, canvas, and water-resistant leather that won’t let you down. Choose from four eye-catching designs: Ranger, Buffalo Check, Indigo Dragonfly, and Knievel Stars.

We hope this roundup has helped you find the best toiletry bags for your needs. For home, office, or travel, a reliable Dopp kit makes your life easier. With so many durable and stylish options, you can say goodbye to messy bathrooms and hello to convenience.

Now that you have plenty of toiletry bag options, learn about the different travel bags we have that you might need for your next trip!

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