What’s the Difference? Best Cutting Boards

If you make food at home, investing in a good cutting board is an absolute no-brainer. A quality cutting board makes meal prep easier, looks great in your kitchen, and, if cared for, lasts a lifetime.

These cutting boards each offer something special—from handcrafted details to problem-solving designs to one-of-a-kind personalized touches. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure to have something you’ve never seen.

Vine-ripened tomatoes are seen sitting on an end-grain cutting board from Larch Wood

The Heirloom-Quality Board

If you’re looking for an heirloom-quality butcher block to be the star of your kitchen, turn to Larch Wood. These special boards come from a small mill in Nova Scotia and they’re assembled in such a way to give each a unique look. They’re made with end grain Larch wood, which gives them a dense and flexible feel.

Cut marks made on the boards will actually close up and heal over time, keeping them looking fresh and clean. With proper care, a Larch Wood board is something you can pass down for generations.

A woman is seen dumping freshly sliced yellow peppers into a salad bowl using woodNflex's flexible wooden cutting board to drop them in

The Best Simple Cutting Board

If you’re not ready to invest in a butcher-block-style cutting board, this lightweight option from woodNflex is an excellent alternative. It features a natural wood finish on top and a silicone base so it won’t slide around on your counter. What really makes this cutting board special is its flexible design. It easily transfers food to a pan, bowl, or even the garbage.

A whole roasted chicken surrounded by fresh herbs sits on a concave wooden carving board from Architec

Best Carving Board

Carving meat on a cutting board often means one thing: juices spill everywhere, going right over the edges of your board and straight onto your countertop—or worse, you.

Architec’s boards offer a simple solution: a slight, concave design at the center that can collect and holds up to one cup of liquid. This makes it perfect for carving chicken, roasts, and even juicy fruits or veggies. The boards also have an eye-catching two-tone color design made from Acacia wood that’ll look great in any kitchen.

The Callahan's slice bread on a personalized cutting board from Words With Boards

Best Personalized Cutting Board

A good cutting board makes for an excellent gift, but a personalized cutting board is even more special. The team at Words With Boards makes this customization process as simple as possible.

You pick a name or expression, and they’ll hand cut those words directly onto the boards, making for a truly custom piece. The boards are made in Maryland from sustainably-forested maple wood, giving them a bright, natural look.

Slices of summer squash and a tablet with a recipe pulled up are seen sitting on a tablet-holding cutting board from Brooklyn Butcher Blocks

Bonus: The Techie’s Butcher Block

If you want to try a new recipe you found online or just want to watch some videos as you chop up some veggies, turn to Brooklyn Butcher Block’s tablet-holding cutting board. It holds your iPad in place and secures against the counter for a sturdy grip. It’s a perfect combination of modern tech and classic functionality.

Shopping for cutting boards may sound boring, but by bringing unique features and beautiful designs, each of these options offers something truly special. So, stop ruining your knives by cutting on that cheap board you’ve had since college, and invest in the something that’ll make cooking at home a more enjoyable experience for you and everyone in your household.

Now that you’ve got the 4-1-1 on the basics, elevate the rest of your kitchen supplies with chef-designed kitchenware.

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