When the holidays roll around, it can be tough to come up with unique Christmas gift ideas. You want a gift that’s unlike any other, a gift that helps earn you the title of best gift giver around. That’s where The Grommet comes in. For different gifts, we’ve got them. Here are a few of the just-have to-have its that belong under the Christmas tree in 2020.

Two cups of tea sit on a wooden tray that is laser-engraved with the map of Eagle Hollow Lake

Beautiful Food & Beverage Carrier

Whether it’s a morning cup of joe or a couple glasses of wine after a long day, Lake Art’s Custom-Made Serving Tray makes it easy to carry food and drinks. Each refined tray is made in the USA and features your choice of more than 6,000 lakes and coastal areas. It’s finished with a glass layer, creating an even surface while protecting the brilliant art that lives beneath it.

The skyline of Washington, DC is seen depicted on a lumbar pillow from Beyond Cushions, sitting on a gray couch

A Little Love for the Lower Lumbar

Give someone the gift of comfort with a skyline lumbar pillow that showcases stunning skylines from around the world. Choose a city that has special meaning to your recipient. Maybe it’s the place where they went for their honeymoon or a city they’ve always wanted to visit. Perhaps it’s a town where magical memories happened unexpectedly. We all know people who sit at their desks all day or could use a little back support when they’re reading in bed. With a Skyline Lumbar Pillow from Beyond Cushions, you’ll give the gift of style and comfort, all in one.

A tree of life hand-blown glass ornament from Kitras Art Glass hangs in a window

Enchantment for the Christmas Tree

Forget boring Christmas ornaments that everybody else has on their trees. You need something that will excite and delight. With the Tree of Enchantment Ornament, you’re sure to get “oohs” and “ahhs” for many years to come. Each ornament is made from 100% hand-blown, recycled glass, which means no two ornaments are exactly the same. Your gift will be just as unique as the person to whom you’re giving it.

A person is seen playing a wooden tabletop horseracing game from Across The Board

Game On!

Turn the video games and electronic devices off and invite your friends and family to indulge in a game of Wooden Tabletop Horseracing. This gift is great for the whole family and can lead to hours of bonding time and memory-making. The maple or walnut wood gives it an aesthetically pleasing finish that works beautifully in dens, game rooms, or anywhere in the house that can use a little utilitarian decoration. 

A STORIARTS book-themed infinity scarf is seen next to a book

A Page From the Fashion Experts

Are you not sure what to get for her? You can never go wrong with the right fashion accessory. Not every woman loves jewelry or chocolate. But a great Book-Themed Infinity Scarf from STORIARTS will go the extra mile, converting an everyday outfit into an extraordinary fashion statement. The soft jersey fabric is a welcome touch to even the most sensitive skin, while the words printed on each scarf pay homage to a beloved book or poem. Choose one of her favorite literary works or give her the gift of words that mean the most to you.

A woman is seen knitting something turquoise using her handcrafted geometric knitting bowl from Darn Good Yarn

A Crafty Creation

Knitters and crocheters unite! If you have someone who’s known to always have a knitting or crochet needle in their hands, they must have this Handcrafted Geometric Wooden Yarn Bowl. Not only is the Sheesham Indian rosewood absolutely stunning, but each bowl is also extremely functional. While durable enough to be toted around in a craft bag, these bowls are also lightweight and portable—the best of both worlds. 

A woman is seen wearing a mini peas in the pod necklace from The Vintage Pearl

Like Peas in a Pod

Moms and grandmothers love keepsake jewelry and nothing says “love” quite like the kind of accessory pieces that represent the families they’ve created. Mini Peas in the Pod Necklaces feature up to five pearls inside the pea pods, keeping the love of children and grandchildren close to her heart no matter where she goes. 

A colorful brushed alpaca throw from Shupaca sits on a beige couch next to a book

Snuggly Softness

One can never have too many blankets, but it’s not just about buying any blanket. When you’re looking for unique Christmas gift ideas, you need to find the right blanket. Fortunately, a Brushed Alpaca Throw checks all the boxes. It provides a luxe, ultra-soft feeling that will make even the coldest winter day more comfortable. It’s the perfect complement to a good book and a glass of wine. 

A holiday hand-painted Flatyz flat candle sits burning on a festive mantle

The Light of Your Love

Candles always make great gifts, but they’re not usually unique. That is until these Handmade Holiday Flat Candles came along. Every candle is hand-painted with scenes that speak to the holidays. The shape adds an extra bit of intrigue, providing decorating pieces that are just as beautiful when they’re not lit as they are when the wicks are burning.

Four custom latitude & longitude pint glasses from Susquehanna Glass Company sit on a patio table

Personalized Pints

Pint glasses are a classic gift, but these Hand-Cut Monogrammed Pint Glasses up the ante from plain old glasses to super sophisticated barware. Made right here in the USA, these custom glasses will give the gift of personalization and style with hand-etched monograms of your recipient’s initials. 

An etched leather map of Austin, Texas appears on a journal from Tactile Craftworks next to a plant and a camera

A Stylish Scribbler

Do you know someone who loves to jot down his or her thoughts throughout the day? If so, any old journal simply won’t do. Elevate the writing experience with an Etched Leather Map Journal that your friend or loved one will be proud to tote from one place to the next. These journals are laser engraved and represent cities all over the United States. The high-quality, full-grain leather is made to withstand the tests of time, ensuring the lucky person who receives this unique gift can write to his or her heart’s content.

Home is Where the Heart Is

Custom Hometown Map Puzzles are a charming way to celebrate a special place and give them something to work on all season long. Made to order and hand-finished in the English countryside, each puzzle features your loved one’s address and a house-shaped novelty piece (known as a “whimsy”) in the center. Crafted of traditional millboard or wood, every map is a personal puzzle to treasure.

3 different artistic bulb lamps from E.P. Lights sit illuminated on a desk

An Illuminating Centerpiece

When it comes to lighting up a room, your friend or loved one may have everything it takes to make people smile. Why not give them a gift that represents this illuminating magic quality? This Artistic Edison Bulb Lamp is far more than just a light—it’s a conversation starter that will add both flair and function to any room. 

Two twisted Inlet cuffs from Dune jewelry sit on a piece of driftwood, each customized with sand from specific beaches

Life’s a Beach

Nobody captures memories quite like Dune Jewelry. These sand-inspired Rope Inlet Cuffs allow you to customize the jewelry based on sands from around the world. Bring the memory of her favorite beach vacation back home with a beautiful bracelet she can wear anywhere. The sandbank includes your choice of beaches, golf courses, ballparks, and trails from all over the world. As they say, the world is your oyster.

At The Grommet, you’ll find all of these unique Christmas gift ideas and many more. We invite you to stop by our online store and give this Christmas an unusual twist with presents that’ll knock the socks off your friends and family members.

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