The Mother of All Gift Guides: 15 Thoughtful Christmas Presents for Mom

The holidays are a wonderful time to show the moms in your life how much they mean to you. But finding thoughtful Christmas presents for Mom can be difficult. Some moms seem to have it all, while others refuse to give you any ideas for presents they would like to have. If you’re at your wit’s end trying to decide what to get mom, check out these unique present ideas. 

A woman is seen easily pulling her keys out of her purse with a Finder's Key Purse key hook

Finders Key-pers

Do you know a mom who is always rummaging through her bottomless purse in search of her keys? Then she needs this purse key finder. It is has a clip on one end to hold her keys. On the other end is a hook that hangs from the side of mom’s purse. Even better? The hook boasts an elegant, monogrammed cover design that will brighten up and add a personalized touch to any mom’s handbag.

A pink Handbag Handcuff is seen clipped to a car headrest holding up a purse

Purse Snatcher Prevention

Imagine your mom suddenly being without her keys, money, phone, credit cards, and ID. That’s exactly what would happen if a thief should grab your mom’s purse from her car or a shopping cart. Purse snatchers also commonly target purses slung onto the back of chairs. It’s a devastating experience that could leave your mom stranded. So, that’s why we believe handbag handcuffs make excellent Christmas presents for mom. This clever device uses carabiners to secure a purse into a car or on a chair. As a bonus, it also has a middle pouch where small items can be stored. 

A woman's legs are seen lounging by the fire, with blue PUDUS slipper socks on her feet

Slip Into the Comfort of Slipper Socks

All moms deserve a gift of warmth and comfort. And that’s why these pretty PUDUS slipper socks make such awesome gifts. They’re lined with a super-soft faux shearling that will keep a mom’s tootsies toasty and happy. These slipper socks also have little silicone grips on the bottom so a mom won’t have to worry about slipping while walking on smooth surfaces. It’s also a one-size-fits-all design. No need to worry about making the ultimate faux pas—choosing the wrong size for a mom.  

A woman wearing a white blouse & blazer is seen wearing an Amelia monocle necklace from Moderne Monocle

A Pretty Pendant that Helps with the Small Print

Let’s be honest. Some moms are conscious of their perception. They may, for instance, need reading glasses but refuse to wear them even though they have difficulty seeing small print. If you know a mom like that, we believe that she’ll love the Amelia Monocle Necklace, which is not just a stylish piece of jewelry. The unique pendant on this necklace is actually a monocle that a mom can use to magnify small print. This necklace comes in two different finishes: gold, which is 14K gold-plated brass, and silver, which is Rhodium-plated brass. 

A woman is seen lounging on a couch wearing natural colored Pantuss warming aromatherapy slippers.

Aromatherapy Slippers: A Treat for the Feet

Feet work harder than almost any other part of the human body. So why not send a special mom in your life a little pampering care in the form of aromatherapy slippers? These comfy slippers have removable insoles that contain flax seeds and organic lavender flowers. When heated in the microwave, these insoles will release a heavenly lavender scent and envelop a mom’s feet in soothing warmth. This is a wonderful gift designed to soothe not just a mother’s feet but also her soul.

A woman is seen outside of a building wearing April Soderstrom featherweight leaf earrings

Ethereal Earrings

Big, beautiful eye-catching earrings don’t have to be heavy. Take these stunning featherweight earrings. They don’t just look like a feather. They’re as light as one, too. And while these best-selling earrings from jewelry designer April Soderstrom may appear delicate, they’re big enough to attractively frame a mother’s face. Choose from either sterling silver, 14K gold fill or 14K rose gold fill wire. This is the perfect Christmas present for a fashionista mom who enjoys a nice hoop-style earring.

The Clara gold and white hand-poured candle from Hyggelight is seen burning on a table

A Candle Gift that Keeps on Giving

Hygge is a Danish word that’s loosely translated as creating an environment that provides coziness for the soul. The soft glow that comes from a candle, such as this little 100-percent soy candle, can provide that warm cozy feeling. Imagine your mom sitting on a couch with this candle burning softly as she enjoys a comforting bowl of soup. This little candle’s maker, however, wanted to do more than just provide hygge to their customers. They also wanted to create something sustainable. And that’s why the label on the candle’s handmade pot is made of wildflower seed paper. Once your mom is done with the candle, she can place the seed paper in the pot and grow a lovely mini garden. 

A SOI automatic handbag light sits lit in the bottom of a purse surrounded by keys, makeup, glasses & a phone

Find It By the Light

Scientists have determined that the interior of a purse is the darkest spot on earth. Well, not really. But if you’ve ever witnessed your mom searching through her purse for her keys, wallet or phone, you would probably agree that the interior of a handbag can be a black hole. This clever little LED handbag light, however, will change all of that. It automatically turns on when it senses a hand moving near it. But that’s not all. It can also charge smartphones and other electronic devices. It’s a true hero of a device. 

A person is seen scooping whipped Vanilla soap out of a jar from Taylor Street Soap Co.

Whip It Good

Is your mom hard to shop for because she seems to own it all already? Then consider gifting her this lovely whipped soap set from Taylor Street Co. It comes in a variety of luscious “scents.” They’re the perfect gift for the mom whose closets are overflowing with clothing and whose shelves can’t fit yet another knickknack. These decadent soaps look like delicious frosting, feel creamy to the touch, and are something that any mother could use. Plus, they’re paraben-free, vegan, and come in jars that are recyclable. 

A woman is seen using a Fairy Fastener clasp holder to help her clasp her bracelet

Stop the Bracelet Clasp Dance

Putting on clasp bracelets by yourself can be a trying ordeal. Just when you think you’ve got your bracelet clasped, one end slyly slips off your wrist. So if your mother loves wearing bracelets, but doesn’t always have someone around to help her, she’s going to love having the Fairy Fastener clasp holder. Mom just needs to place the loop end of the bracelet in the rubber-lined clip of this handy device, and then use her free hand to fasten the two ends together. It truly makes putting on bracelets a breeze.

A woman is seen reading on a couch wearing a periwinkle Goodnite Shirt bamboo sleep shirt

A Hardworking Shirt that’s Perfect 24/7

Do you know a mom who’s always on the run from the minute she wakes up until her head hits the pillow? Then, the Goodnite Shirt is a gift she could really live in. It’s crafted from a super-soft bamboo and cotton blend that is breathable and absorbent. Although it’s roomy and designed as sleepwear, it’s also attractive enough for a mom to throw on over leggings to wear while running errands. Some moms also wear this shirt—which hits just above the knees—for a bathing suit cover. 

A woman is seen holding a container of WineBlock all-natural teeth balm next to 2 glasses of red wine

Avoid the Pain of Wine Stain on Your Lips and Teeth

Some moms find that a glass of wine can be a relaxing way to wind down after a long day of working, shuttling kids from one activity to another, cleaning, and helping with homework. But, unfortunately, red wines can stain a mom’s lips and teeth, which can keep her from smiling. Well, what’s the point of drinking if your mom can’t smile and show that she’s having a fun time? To prevent those nasty red stains, smart moms apply this natural wine stain prevention balm to their teeth and lips to protect their smiles and prevent embarrassing red wine stains.

A woman is seen sitting on a chair using Stedi Pedi's home pedicure kit to paint her toes

Pampering Pedicure Help at Home

What’s a busy mom to do? It can be so difficult to carve out “me” time for a little self-care. But that doesn’t mean a mom’s toes should suffer. This pedicure set from Stedi Pedi comes with a platform where your favorite mom can touch up her tootsies with ease. It comes with an LED task light, a magnifier glass, and a drying fan—everything she will need for fancy feet. It also has a storage compartment where she can store small pedicure tools. 

A woman brushes on makeup in front of of Spotlight HD's bright daylight LED makeup mirror

The Perfect Makeup Mirror

Have you ever caught sight of your reflection in natural lighting and been slightly horrified by the way you had applied your makeup? Then you’ll know why this mirror can be a real face-saver. Its super-bright LED lights mimic natural daylight and it’s 10x brighter than other makeup mirrors. Moms will also appreciate the fact that this mirror has two removable mirrors—one with 5x magnification and the other with 10x. The laptop-style mirror from SpotliteHD uses a rechargeable Lithium battery and it’s portable, making it a great gift for the mom on the go.

A glass of red wine sits on a table next to The Wand wine filter

A Magic Wine Wand

It’s sad but true, some people just can’t drink wine. While others can sip happily away on a little vino, these poor souls are allergic to the histamines and sulfites in the wine. They can cause a variety of reactions, including congestion, red cheeks, and headaches. If you’re feeling sorry for one of these moms, you can gift them with The Wand Wine Filters. They are made of Nanopore resin, which will absorb the histamines and sulfites. A simple swirl of the wand and *poof,* like magic, the wine is purified and ready for drinking. 

We understand it’s not always easy to shop for Christmas presents for Mom, but we believe this list of unique gifts will at least make the task a little easier. It’s full of innovative and thoughtful ideas that are sure to bring a smile to your mother’s face on Christmas morning. 

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