Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 10+ Presents For Mom Besides Flowers

How do you find the right unique Mother’s Day gift? The only way we know how is to find a gift that speaks uniquely to your mom. What do they like to do every day? How do they spend their time? Are they chopping it up in the kitchen? Unwinding with a book? Tending to a bountiful garden? No matter their interests, we are here to help you find the right gift.

For the Sentimental Mom

Kitras – Tree of Enchantment Ornament

Like trees in a forest, no two of these beautiful hand-blown glass ornaments are alike. Each ornament has a special story card with a sentiment for its theme and comes ready to give in a gift box. Whether mom places them on a counter or hangs them up, when the sunlight hits these delicate orbs they give off a lovely, colorful light.

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North Country Wind Bells – Buoy Bells

Mom can enjoy the sound of the sea at home with a buoy bell. Each bell is carefully made to recreate the distinctive chime from various buoy bell locations along both coasts. The bells are made in Maine from recycled steel and built to last for at least 20 years of sea-inspired sound.

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For The Gardening Mom

Barebones Living – Hori Hori Ultimate Tool with Sheath

Have mom moving from digging to planting to harvesting seamlessly with this multipurpose gardening tool. Equipped with a heat-tempered, hollow-back blade, full stainless steel tang, twine cutter, and comfortable walnut handle, the Hori Hori is the ultimate tool they can use for a lifetime.

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Hyggelight – The Growing Candle 

The cozy Danish tradition of hygge meets sustainable living in this American-made, hand-poured soy candle that casts a warm glow with a subtle scent for 55 hours. Candle all done? The handmade pot can be repurposed into a mini garden, thanks to a label made from non-GMO wildflower seed paper.

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LECHUZA – Self-Watering Planter

This self-watering indoor planter makes it super easy to enjoy plants in mom’s home or office—and keep them thriving—with very little effort on their part. Drop a store-bought plant (still in its plastic pot) into the modern-looking planter and fill the water reservoir. That’s it—their greenery is good to grow for up to 12 weeks. How easy is that?

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For the Sit Back and Relax Mom

Shupaca – Brushed Alpaca Throw

An alpaca throw from Shupaca is a luxe-looking upgrade to the typical fleece blanket tossed on the couch. Brushed alpaca wool feels silky-soft and warm and is hypoallergenic, lightweight, and breathable, so they can get cozy without feeling overheated. The modern finish of the blanket is one they’ll be happy to have on display at home.

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Quinn Apparel – Cashmere Slippers

The cashmere slippers from Quinn treat feet to super-soft, cozy warmth in the most luxurious way possible. They are made with pure, first-grade cashmere sourced from goats raised in inner-Mongolia, a world-renowned region for ultra-soft cashmere. Mom can wear a suede-soled pair around the house or they can pack up easily to take along on trips.

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Lounge Doctor – Elevating Leg Rest

Moms can kick their feet up the doctor-approved with Lounge Doctor. This vascular surgeon-designed elevating leg rest gets them in the right position to reap the benefits of better circulation. Cushiony foam is contoured to comfortably cradle legs at the precise angles needed to maximize blood flow and help them feel rested and refreshed faster.

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For the Culinary Whiz Mom

Curio Spice Co. – Chef’s Pack Spices Gift Set

Have mom take dishes in a flavorful new direction. This spice gift set includes all eight of Curio Spice Co.’s signature (and one-of-a-kind) blends. The spices are directly sourced from growers and farms to ensure freshness and purity, and the set includes oh-so-handy recipe cards to help get mom cooking.

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Brooklyn Butcher Block – Brickwork End-Grain Cutting Board

This Made in the USA, end-grain butcher board was built beautifully, and built to last. It draws cues from the brownstones of Brooklyn, with a staggered stacking block design (like a real brick wall) for the strongest bond possible.

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Black Cube – Non-Stick Fry Pans

Black Cube frying pans are where stainless steel and non-stick cookware meet. A raised steel pattern allows food to brown, while recessed Teflon stays safe from metal utensils and keeps things from sticking. PFOA-free, these pans are safe in the oven and dishwasher and are scratch-resistant, too. It will quickly become mom’s new favorite pan to cook with.

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