9 Amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts They’ll Love at First Sight

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. This year, instead of rushing out on February 13th to find a card, a reservation, or the most expensive looking chocolates you can, discover a gift that’s personal, romantic, or just might encourage more time spent together with your partner. Here are a few ideas.


Lovebox – Spinning Heart Messenger 

Send love notes, a quick message, or a daily hello with Lovebox. Inside, a digital screen displays messages sent to you through the app from your loved one. The pixelated heart spins to let you know a sweet surprise is waiting under the lid. Give it a spin to let them know how much you appreciate their kind words.

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Objects with Purpose – Wearable Candles

These natural, hand-poured candles from Objects with Purpose add more than just ambiance. The wax burns at a low temperature turning it into a warm and soothing body butter and massage oil when its lit. And when it’s cool, the wax doubles as a solid perfume.

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Love is Art – Intimate Art Kit

If you’re looking for a creative way to spice up Valentine’s Day, Love is Art puts a romantic spin on couples’ art. The body-painting technique is a liberating and expressive way for adventurous partners to create art together. The kit comes with all of the materials needed to ensure a safe experience and a one-of-a-kind image.

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Tactile Craftworks – Etched Leather Map Journal

It’s a modern take on an ancient craft and the American-made notebooks from Tactile Craftworks make for a meaningful gift for any traveler. Each comes equipped with a removable (and replaceable) Moleskin notebook. So they can fill up as many pages as they want again, and again. Regardless of what they fill them with, these heirloom-quality covers wear beautifully and are worthy of their best ideas.

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No Place Like Home Candles – State Scented Candles

Help a loved one breathe in memories of home with a candle that evokes the special fragrances of your native state. Crafted in Oregon with clean-burning (and long-lasting) soy wax, No Place Like Home Candles combine scents that capture the essence of each location. They are made with soy wax, which is a cleaner burning (and longer-lasting) alternative to traditional wax.

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Kitras Art Glass – Birthstone Ornament

These beautiful ornaments from Kitras Art Glass are inspired by the different shades of traditional birthstones. You can match the color to a loved one’s birthday month. Each is carefully crafted from recycled glass in the Kitras’ Canadian studio, with a signature thread of crystal spanning the walls in the middle. It’ll give off a soft, colorful light when the sun hits it.

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For More Time Together

ChappyWrap – Specialty Blankets

One snuggle and you and your partner will be hooked. This cozy woven blanket will quickly become the one you both go for, whether you’re bingeing a new show, watching the sunset on the deck, or curling up with a good book. ChappyWrap styles are fun and upbeat with vibrant colors. There’s something for everyone, from animal prints and sports themes to outdoor and nautical patterns. And they’ll treasure it for a lifetime.

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Repast – Fonde Ravioli Rolling Pin

For the couple that cooks together and is looking to add a new tool to their culinary arsenal, there’s Repast. As beautiful as it is functional, this ravioli rolling pin is handmade in the U.S. from sustainable hardwood. Simply layer your own filling between two pasta sheets, then get rolling. Press firmly and voila—perfect, handmade ravioli you can sign your name to.

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Urban Cheesecraft – Deluxe Cheese Kit

For the cheese-loving couple, there’s Urban Cheesecraft. Pick up a gallon of pasteurized milk and you’re on your way to making your own fresh mozzarella, queso blanco, paneer or goat cheese. Once you two get the hang of it, you can experiment with different spices, shapes, and recipes. Your taste buds will love it.

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Haven’t quite found what you’re looking for? Shop our entire Valentine’s Day collection.

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