There are practical presents like gift cards and traditional sweaters. And then there are the really cool 2023 Christmas gifts. You know the ones. When they’re opened, everyone breaks into oohs and ahhs.

If you’ve ever wondered how YOU could be the one giving those gifts that are unlike the others and anything but boring, you’re in luck. We’re highlighting 14 super cool gifts to wrap up for the 2023 holiday season. 

Really Cool 2023 Christmas Gifts

For The DIYer

Elevate your holiday gift-giving game with MagMaster Pro. It’s a magnetic tool and hardware holder. It clips onto belts, pockets, or tool bags to help with home improvement projects big and small.

The super strong magnet can hold anything magnetic – from screws to a sledgehammer. It’s a handy third hand that holds onto tools and hardware while loved ones knock out tasks! 

Really Cool 2023 Christmas Gifts

Improve Their Golf Game

These polycarbonate tees are proven to enhance driving distance and accuracy for lower golf scores. They might actually be in a good mood when they come home from the course if you get them this for Christmas 2023!

FlightPath Golf Tees are drastically superior to wooden tees for their performance and durability. Give this to someone who could use longer, more accurate tee shots in the new year.

Really Cool 2023 Christmas Gifts

Turn Anything Into A Speaker

Anything Speaker is a compact device that turns almost anything into a speaker. Help loved ones listen to music or podcasts at volume 3x louder than a smartphone.

It’s a great 2023 Christmas gift for someone who has everything.

Really Cool 2023 Christmas Gifts

The Gift of Foot Pain Relief

Treat that special someone to less painful feet for Christmas 2023!

My Happy Feet Socks are not your ordinary pair of socks. Their unique design is based on the ancient yoga tradition of toe stretching developed over 5,000 years ago.

This design, while being cozy and comfortable, also works to fix the alignment of feet, improve circulation, and relieve swelling – all of which are common causes of foot pain.

Cool 2023 Christmas Gifts

Delicious Coffee Drinks At Home

With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, the Nanofoamer revolutionizes how you enjoy your favorite coffee drinks at home.

Say goodbye to clumpy foam and hello to a smooth, creamy texture like never before. It’s a must-have for latte lovers!

Really Cool 2023 Christmas Gifts

To Become The Grill Master

The FlipFork makes grilling easier and more convenient than ever before. With 5 useful tools built into one, you can now easily prepare and BBQ your food to juicy, char-grilled perfection.

Even better? Less mess and cleanup!

Cool Christmas 2023 Gifts

For Keeping A Cold One On Hand

A great 2023 Christmas Gift for anyone who works from home! The Uber Chill XL Mini Fridge is a state-of-the-art portable cooler & warmer.

This compact but mighty fridge weighs in at just 8 lbs and can cool or heat your favorite drinks and snacks. It’s large enough for a 12-pack of drinks or plenty of snacks, but still small enough to fit on your desk or in your car.

Really Cool Christmas Gifts 2023

For The Clumsy Spillers

CouchCoaster is the ultimate drink holder for your sofa and is the only coaster that securely holds your favorite drinks (hot or cold) on your couch, armchair or recliner.

This innovative problem solver helps prevent knocks, spills and stains while relaxing on the couch. It’s a great 2023 holiday gift for friends who are always spilling their drink!

Really Cool Christmas Gifts 2023

Carry Cards & Cash Without The Bulk

Mbacco is a one-of-a-kind wallet crafted for the modern world. The foldable design means it’s compact to carry and expands easily when you need access.

This wallet adapts to any needs by remaining sleek and minimal. Who knows, maybe this is the nudge they needed to throw out that old, bulky wallet they’ve been holding onto for far too long?

Really Cool 2023 Christmas Gifts

Never Check A Bag Again

Don’t give the airlines a chance to lose your bag! Onli Travel’s Revolution Rolling Pack is an entire travel system designed to shift with your needs.

It effortlessly combines the world’s first modular 4-wheel spinner, two backpacks, and a multitude of flexible configurations.

Really Cool 2023 Christmas Gifts

Help Her Necklace Match Any Outfit  

This 2023 Holiday Gift is a true crowd-pleaser! With Infinity Clips, she can adjust the lengths of her favorite necklaces to match any outfit and style.

Is her necklace slipping into the top of her shirt? Does she prefer a choker-length style to go with that stunning dress? Does she love the look of layering and need to get your chains to fall just right? Infinity Clips gets the job done beautifully.

Really Cool 2023 Christmas Gifts

Pajamas Designed For Hot Sleepers

The Eva Sleepshirt is a doctor-endorsed and scientifically proven textile innovation that eradicates the unpleasant side effects of night sweats.

This moisture-wicking sleepshirt is comfortable, simple, and figure-flattering. There’s no better 2023 Christmas gift than a better night’s sleep!

Really Cool 2023 Christmas Gifts

For The Gardener In All Of Us

Foxgloves, the Gloves You Love to Wear, are made with breathable knit fabric that keeps soil out, and hands and nails clean. Supplex® nylon feels cottony soft but is tough and resilient. Lycra® elastane provides four-way stretch and a form fit.

The soft, pliable silicone grip ovals offer non-slip holding power while the longer cuff gives gardeners maximum protection. These gloves are great for long hours in the sun, as they’re lab-certified 50+ UPF rating.

Really Cool 2023 Christmas Gifts

Do you know someone who LOVES hard-boiled eggs? Negg makes a great 2023 Christmas gift!

This tool makes peeling a hard-boiled egg as easy as shaking it. This Made-in-the-USA kitchen hero takes care of our most dreaded kitchen chore with just cold water and a little bit of effort. 

For Christmas 2023, stop the madness of boring presents and gift cards. Instead, opt to be the person who gave cool Christmas gifts in 2023. 

Yes, it takes more effort to find cool presents, but your loved ones are sure to appreciate the thought that you’ve put into your gift search. Plus, you can use the ideas mentioned above to help you find fun gifts for just about everyone on your 2023 holiday shopping list. 

Looking for cool Christmas gifts that are a little more unique? Explore our full 2023 Holiday Gift Guide. You’re sure to discover something great for everyone on your list!

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