There are practical presents like gift cards and traditional sweaters. And then there are the really cool Christmas gifts. You know the ones. When they’re opened, everyone breaks into oohs and ahhs. If you’ve ever wondered how you could be the one giving those gifts that are unlike the others and anything but boring, you’re in luck. We’re highlighting super cool gifts to wrap up for the 2020 holiday season. 

A teen boy is seen flying a micro quadcopter drone from Cobra RC Toys in a park

For Hover Lovers

Elevate your holiday gift-giving game with this micro quadcopter drone. Although it’s small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, this mini drone is actually quite advanced. It has two speeds and comes equipped with LED lights for night flights. Because this drone is small, it can easily be flown indoors. But with a 100-foot range, it can also be taken for more exciting spins, flips, and tricks outdoors.   

Two friends are seen touching their long distance friendship lamps from Filimin to let each other know they're thinking of the other

Light Up Their Life

It’s hard to spend time apart from a loved one. But out of sight doesn’t have to mean out of mind. With a simple tap of this special WiFi-connected touch lamp, you can set the lamp of a loved one aglow across the country or across the world (as long as they have WiFi). You can select a special color to share with your friend, lover or family member. Even better? You can connect more lamps together so you can send glowing messages of love to all the beloved people in your life.

Time Traveler charges your iPhone and apple watch all at once thanks to a wireless battery bank

Always Stay in Charge

Do you know someone who can’t live a moment without their Apple Watch and is constantly on the go? Then, this pocket-sized portable Apple Watch charger could be a true life-saver. Well, at least for their Apple Watch. When fully charged, this battery bank can provide approximately seven charges for an Apple Watch. It also has an induction charging pad, a built-in lightning cable, and a USB port, so it can charge two other devices at the same time. It’s also the only charger that currently supports Apple Watch’s Nightstand Mode. Now that is cool.

A man lays in bed reading his tablet comfortably with Tablift

A Tablet Stand for Hands-Free Use

Tablet addicts who love using their devices while lying down in bed or sitting on a couch will love this adjustable stand from Tablift. It utilizes a bungee clip and a tray to keep the tablet securely in place. And this stand’s bendable legs can be adjusted easily to just the right height. They’re stable too, even on uneven surfaces such as a mattress. When not in use, the legs fold down for easy storage of your stand. 

A person is seen relaxing on a couch, using a Couchlet couch phone charger to charge their phone

Phone Charging Without the Contortions

We’ve all done that awkward dance with our phones when they’re about to die. You plug it into the wall for a charge, but the outlet isn’t close to your couch or bed, so you have to contort your body uncomfortably in order to continue using it. Well, the couch phone charger from Couchlet solves that problem. This clever device boasts two USB ports for charging up devices and can fit between the cushions of a couch or under the mattress of a bed. These make really cool Christmas gifts for anyone who is addicted to their phone. So everyone.

A person is seen using their smart phone to play a game of chess with  Square Off's automated smart chess board

The Cool Kid’s Chess Game

Finding a partner to play chess isn’t always easy. So that’s why the chess lover in your life needs this automated smart chessboard. They can either play against the board’s artificial intelligence and its’ 20 different levels of difficulty. Or they can find an opponent from the game’s community of 24 million players. And while your chess player may first be attracted to this electronic game for its brains, what is really going to win them over, in the long run, is this set’s beautiful handcrafted board and pieces. 

A woman stays cool in the park thanks to Time Concept's WFan wearable fan

A Device For Keeping a Cool Head

This nifty little personal fan takes the stun out of the sun and provides the person wearing it with their very own cool breeze. And because this device is designed to be worn around the neck, its owner’s hands are left free for more important chores, such as gardening or walking the dog. Your personal breeze is provided by two lightweight, five-blade fans that can be set at three different speeds. Power is supplied by a rechargeable Lithium battery. Truly, keeping a cool head has never been this cool before. 

"You make me happy when skies are gray" can be seen on the screen of a Lovebox spinning heart messenger

Messages from the Heart

A word of encouragement. A quick reminder that you’re loved. Those are the most precious of gifts. Do you have someone special in your life that you would love to send special messages from your heart? Then, gift them this spinning heart messenger from Lovebox. You can then use your iPhone or iPad to send special messages to the box through an app. When a message is received by the unit, a pixilated heart on the front of the box will spin to alert its owner. This is a unique and fun way to share your love and thoughts with the special people in your life. 

A lime green PodPocket is seen hooked to a purse, keeping AirPods within reach

Protection for Your Pods

AirPods are amazing and innovative. But they are also small, expensive and easy to misplace or lose. So that’s why this little case makes a great gift for your favorite AirPod wearer. It is crafted from flexible silicone and has a key ring and clasp so that the AirPods can be attached to a purse, a belt or a keychain. This protective AirPod case also has an open bottom, so that it doesn’t have to be removed for charging. 

A young professional is seen walking with his phone securely strapped around his neck thanks to a Gearbeast phone lanyard

A Smarter Way to Carry Your Smartphone

Do you know a “phone juggler”? You know, someone who is always carrying their phone—sometimes dropping it—even when their hands are full? If so, gift them a smartphone lanyard from Gear Beast so they can hang their phones safely around their neck and leave their hands free. The holder can also be detached from the 32-inch lanyard and clipped to a backpack, purse or belt. This smart gift idea even has a small space on the back for storing credit cards, an I.D. or a little cash. 

Red wine decants in stemless no-spill aerating wine glasses from Aura Glass

Glasses to Make Your Wine More Fine  

Want to help a beloved wine connoisseur better enjoy their prized bottles? Then turn to these aerating glasses from Aura Glass that balance and pivot upon a stainless steel ball. A simple touch of a finger will send these glasses on a gentle swirl, which will release a wine’s flavor and aroma. Then, once a wine has been fully aerated, these glasses can be placed on the included oak coasters, which have been crafted to hold them still and upright.  

Elevating Leg Rest by Lounge Doctor - 1

The Right Way To Give Your Legs A Break

We can all agree. There’s nothing like putting your feet up at the end of a long day. Give your loved ones a better boost with this elevating leg rest. The cushiony foam pillow is contoured to comfortably cradle legs at the precise angles needed to maximize blood flow. It was designed by a vascular surgeon to not just be super comfortable, but to help everyone reap the benefits of better circulation. This can reduce swelling and help you feel rested and refreshed faster. 

Woman takes selfie using Shuttergrip's bluetooth remote shutter

The Perfect Gift for Insta and Facebook Fans

Instagrammers and Facebookers are sure to get a lot of use out of the Bluetooth remote shutter and camera grip from Shuttergrip. The removable shutter remote works from up to 30 feet away and the non-slip ergonomic design helps shutterbugs hold onto their phones for better selfies and pictures. And, of course, this grip helps lessen the chance of dropping an expensive phone and shattering its screen.

A man creates custom pixel art on his phone that can be seen on his pixel art backpack from Pix

A Bag with Swag

What do you get for that techy and/or artsy person who has it all? How about this unique customizable backpack from Pix that features a built-in LED screen? Once this backpack is synced with an iOS or Android smartphone, its owner can use an app to create a unique design or write something funny to be displayed on the backpack via 320 colorful LED lights. When creativity is lacking, the backpack’s owner can choose from a library of designs that are available on the app.

For Christmas 2020, stop the madness of boring presents and gift cards. Instead, opt to be the person who gave cool Christmas gifts in 2020.  Yes, it takes more effort to find cool presents, but your loved ones are sure to appreciate the thought that you’ve put into your gift search. Plus, you can use the ideas mentioned above to help you find fun gifts for just about everyone on your holiday shopping list. 

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