Meet Barry Freeder, the creative force behind a groundbreaking solution to one of life’s common dilemmas. Tired of spilling drinks on his couch, Barry invented CouchCoaster. Discover the journey, hear from satisfied customer, and seize the opportunity to get discount off the CouchCoaster by casting your vote today!

The early days:

After spilling his drink on the sofa one too many times, Barry Freeder knew something had to change. After using a leftover pizza box to create his first prototype, he realized it might be possible to have the best of both worlds – to have drinks nearby WITHOUT worrying about them spilling!

The next steps:

Barry knew his pizza box prototype wouldn’t win any design awards, but he truly believed he was onto something. He quit his job to focus on CouchCoaster full-time, and after a slow start, it took off like a rocket.

What customers said:

“I love this drink holder. It keeps me from wiping up so many spilled beverages. I ended up buying 2!” -Jess

“Perfect solution to not having a coffee table! The weighting is great. No spills at all.” -Mark

The deal:

Get 20% off the CouchCoaster when you cast your vote today!

Click here to check out the CouchCoaster.

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