17 Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Kid On Your List

Giving gifts to children is one of the simple pleasures of life. Kids are the most enthusiastic gift-recipients. Their unabashed delight by the simplest gifts makes it so fun to find the perfect gift. But finding one to fit the personalities and inclinations can feel tough. These unique Christmas gift ideas for kids might give you some ideas! 

Cool Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids that Bring Tech and Imagination Together

These gifts bring the latest technology into simple, straightforward toys that kids adore. 

Two kids are seen playing with a Jooki app-controlled music player

The Music Player that Puts Tunes in their Hands 

The Jooki Music Player allows kids to choose their own music by placing an adorable character at the center of the wireless speaker. Parents can remotely—via WiFi—set up playlists associated with each character, set the maximum volume level (thank goodness) and shut the device off as needed. Kids can enjoy a tough, brightly-colored speaker that plays their favorite tunes at will. Win-win!

A young boy is seen playing with a CubeTastic AR puzzle cube

The Augmented Reality Puzzle to Challenge Their Minds 

CubeTastic’s AR Puzzle Cube brings cutting-edge augmented reality into the hands of kids as young as preschoolers. It guides them through puzzle-solving and critical-thinking skills that’ll have them working through challenges and gaining confidence by the bushel. If they get stuck, all they have to do is scan the cube into the app for some fun pointers to help them keep going. 

A young boy is seen taking photos with a Pixplay smartphone-enabled camera

The Kid-Friendly Smartphone-Enabled Camera

Kids love taking photos with mom and dad’s phone, but sometimes the phones themselves take the brunt of that adventurous play. The smartphone-enabled kids’ camera by Pixplay creates a point-and-shoot style camera from an iPhone, using the headphone jack to control the shutter button and letting budding photographers take the lead. 

New Takes on Old Classics

Classic toys are classic for a reason. These modern takes on timeless favorites are sure to delight and inspire. Get ready for squeals of joy on Christmas morning when your little giftees unwrap these. 

Two kids are seen walking in play stilts from Amazing Featz outdoors with their dog

The Stilts that Actually Work 

Stilts have been a favorite for generations for good reason—there’s just something special about cruising along with your feet above the ground. These thoughtfully-designed play stilts from Amazing Featz are adjustable so they grow with kids. They also feature soft foam-padded handles and armrests and extra traction on the curved foot pieces for better stability.

Two kids are seen running in a field wearing butterfly play wings

The Play Wings For Hours of Imaginative Fun 

Playing dress-up just got more realistic. These butterfly wings for kids by Playful Apparel let little ones take figurative flight with airy wings that gently attach across their back and to their arms and wrists. They’ll soar high with impeccably detailed wings that look much like the avian creatures of your choice, from blue morph butterflies to monarchs. These wings are great for boys or girls. 

A toddler is seen riding on a red fire engine Speedster ride on toy car from Baghera

Speedster Toy Cars as Cool as the Classics 

For the coolest toddlers on the block, these Speedster Toy Cars by Baghera are hard to beat. The metal cars are based on models from the 1950s and they’re sleek and chic enough to fit the classiest of kid aesthetics. Choose from a classic fire truck, a vintage plane, or a variety of other retro vehicles. They’re not just for toddlers, either. Baghera makes models for slightly older kids, too. 

A young man is seen playing with a set of Spin Balls LED poi balls

The LED Poi Balls that Put a Twist on a Centuries-Old Art 

Poi dancing is an ancient Maori art form blending dance with spinning balls that swirl in mesmerizing patterns through the air. These LED poi balls are lighter and brighter making them perfect for the younger set. Watch kids flex their physical and creative muscles as they try out their clever Spinballs during the day or—even better—after dark. 

A young girl is seen playing with a green MOZI arm spinner toy outside

The Arm Spinner that Mesmerizes Everyone 

MOZI is kind of like a Slinky with a twist. The design is deceptively simple—a smooth, curved-wire continuous spiral of loops. The magic begins when you place it on your arm and allow it to spin up and down. MOZI’s arm spinner toy is one of those timeless, mesmerizing presents that members of every generation will love. 

Hands-On Toys for Young Learners

Every child is a professional learner—it’s pretty much all they do, even when—or rather, especially when—they’re not in school. These fun toys bring together their growing skills and toys that reinforce them in a delightfully fun way. 

Two people are seen playing the Möbi numerical tile game on a wooden table

The Math Game that Makes Equations Fun 

We all know and love Bananagrams. This Numerical Tile Game by Möbi is the mathematical version. Kids use the numbers and mathematical symbols to create simple equations and whoever uses all their numbers first, wins. The fun blue and white tiles pack into an adorable fabric whale bag when they’re not in use. 

A little girl is seen playing with her Goldilocks & the Three Bears 3D toy house from Storytime Toys

The Storybook Toy Set that Brings the Magic to Life 

Storytime is perhaps the most magical time of the day for little ones and this House and Storybook set by Storytime Toys makes the story come to life. Each set includes a storybook, toy house, and 3D puzzle to solve. Captivating detail and color pull young readers in and keep them engaged. 

Toys to Make the Dinner Table Fun 

These eating sets double as ways to engage kids with a bit of clean fun at the dinner table. 

A toddler is seen scooping broccoli & carrots out of a bamboo suction bowl from Avanchy

The Bowl and Spoon Set that Keeps Messes at Bay 

These chic, eco-friendly baby bowls and spoons are as much a gift for the parents—and the earth—as they are for the babies themselves. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, with a large silicone suction cup that grips a smooth surface firmly, each bowl looks sharp and functions beautifully for kid-centric meals and snacks. The best part? They won’t be as likely to end up all over the floor. 

The Soup and Drink Mugs that are a Slam Dunk 

Originally designed by a kid who just wanted to shoot his marshmallows through a hoop into his hot chocolate, these Sports Mugs by Max’is Creations bring the game to the dinner table. Perfect for soup and oyster crackers, milk and cereal, or hot chocolate and marshmallows, each mug is designed with sports fans in mind and definitely ups the fun factor at the family table. 

An Oreo is seen being dipped into a glass of milk using a Dipr cookie spoon

The Solution to Over-Dipped Sandwich Cookies 

Every sandwich cookie needs a good dip in milk, but we’ve all experienced the struggle of the cookie that’s forever lost to the bottom of the milk cup. The Dipr Cookie Spoon solves this problem enabling a complete dip and controlled cookie removal every time. It includes a set of 4 so the whole family can benefit. 

Innovative Christmas Gifts for Girls and Boys Who Love to Rock Their Style

Style isn’t a fashion choice. It’s a way of life. These gifts might have just what the doctor ordered for the stylin’ kid on your Christmas list. 

A family is seen snowboarding using Axiski's multi-terrain ski boards

The Versatile Ski Board for Sliding in Style 

This multi-terrain ski board makes it possible for kids to catch some powder—on snow, frost, or even sand dunes. Because it’s crafted from hyper-smooth plastic, it takes riders on a practically frictionless adventure. Most importantly, it leaves plenty of room for personal ski style and cutting-edge innovations. 

A little girl is seen standing on her bed wearing a crown and lugging her Dream Pillow

The Luxe Sleep Pillow to Keep Nightmares Away 

Sleep in style and create a bedtime ritual that knocks bad dreams out of the picture with the elegant, plush Dream Sleep Pillow. Featuring a soft pocket to hold hopes, dreams, and aspirations on a “dream wishes” card, the dream sleep pillow gives little ones a focus to their bedtime routine. And it helps circumvent nightmares and sleeping troubles. 

A little boy is seen bathing in a tub with a Soapsox turtle animal washcloth

The Animal Washcloths for the Upscale Bathing Set 

The chic bath and body choice for the under-4 set, these plush animal washcloths check all the boxes for the discerning young bather. Soft, cuddly animal designs? Check. A mesh soap pocket to keep soap off the bottom of the tub? Got it. Built-in finger pockets that make it easy to suds up in preparation for the nightly toilette? Affirmative.

Three young girls are seen wearing colorful character knee socks from Mooshwalks

The Knee Socks with Character

For girls or boys who like to live their style loud in the form of knee socks, these character socks from Mooshwalks will be a hit. Featuring floppy ears and one-of-a-kind characters like crafty giraffes and sassy unicorns, they’re pretty much guaranteed to be unlike any other socks the fashionable kid on your list has in their collection. 

Christmas gift ideas for kids aren’t hard to come by, but unique ideas for innovative products are. If none of these are quite what you were looking for, you might want to check out these gifts for girls, gifts for boys, and gifts for kids who have everything, too. 

Still stuck on great Christmas gift ideas for kids? Try one of these unique gifts for the kid who has everything.

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