9 Products to Help You Travel Like a Pro

It’s about time to start prepping for holiday travel. You’re checking dates, booking flights, and wondering if you can get out of work early to miss traffic. Oh, the traffic. You’ve got enough on your plate already so let us help with some last minute travel essentials to make your holiday trip a breeze.

RapidX – High-Speed Car Chargers

RapidX has five fast-charging ports to make sure a car-full of tablets and phones are juiced up for that trip to grandma’s house.

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FitKicks – Active Footwear

You’ve got a long trip ahead of you, why not kick off those shoes and slip into the lightweight and breathable FitKicks? Your feet will thank you. 

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Voyage Pillow – Travel Pillow & Eye Mask

Finding a comfortable sleeping position that also works with a travel pillow used to be a frustrating challenge. Until Voyage Pillow

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Hydaway – Collapsible Water Bottle

How do you stay hydrated and minimalist in your packing? With the collapsible water bottle from Hydaway

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CubeTastic – Augmented Reality Puzzle Cube

Keeping kids entertained can be a challenge on long trips. But the app-connected CubeTastic keeps them engaged and educated. 

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EverythingORGO – Expandable Travel Organizer

Leave the giant plastic baggie at home and carry your toiletries in a case that doubles as counter space. The versatile, expandable, customizable EverythingORGO.

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RevJams – USB Wall Charger Night Light

Staying in a hotel room can feel strange, but one way to make it feel a little homier is a night light. And it doesn’t hurt when that light doubles as a phone charger like RevJams. 

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Airbolt – GPS Connected Smart Travel Lock

Keep your luggage secure without keeping track of a tiny key or remembering a combination. You can unlock the Bluetooth-enabled Airbolt with your phone. 

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CargoSeat – Travel Booster Seat

Part suitcase, part car seat. Nothing gets kids into the travel spirit like CargoSeat which lets them pack their bag and sit on it, too.

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Happy travels!

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