Rough, Rugged, and Raring to Go: Gifts for Outdoorsy Guys

When you’re shopping for your favorite camper or hiker, there are a lot of outdoorsy gifts for guys to choose from. But not all of those products are made to really keep up with the pace of the trail. Outdoor lovers know quality is key when selecting the gear, devices, and helpful gadgets they use on their treks. This means gift-givers should follow suit. Here’s how to find things he’ll love that will perform as reliably on mile one as they will at mile 1001. 

Gearing Up: Ready for Anything

Keys are clipped to a blue carabiner multi tool from Outdoor Element

The Spark of Survival

Out in the woods, an outdoorsman never knows what will come in handy. A multi-tool is the best solution for keeping pack weight light while still ensuring he’ll be prepared for any situation. They’re slim, lightweight, and built to last, all without getting in the way or posing an issue during storage and packing up. This carabiner multitool from Outdoor Element, for example, offers a fire starting flint spark wheel as well as tools like a screwdriver and cutting edge. 

A 5-in-1 multi tool from Adventure Mate is seen sitting on a rock

A Multipurpose Tool He’ll “Dig”

Part of the outdoorsman’s rugged natural experience is literally taming the surrounding wilderness. Great gift ideas for the true survivalist nature buff need to help him do that with smart design. Adventure Mate’s 5-in-1 Multitool is the tool for him. Complete with an ax for him to chop wood, a shovel to dig and move hot coals, a hook, a saw, and even a hammer for tent pegs and building. Best of all, it stores neatly in a belt pouch so it can go everywhere he does.

A blue quick dry towel form Bareskin hangs from a tree overlooking the water

Dry and Comfortable in a Flash

Trudging around nature isn’t always a forgiving hobby. Stormfronts soak through hiking gear. And accidents happen along the banks of rivers and lakes. So when an outdoorsman needs to get dry fast for comfort or survival, he relies on state-of-the-art fabrics to wick away unwanted moisture. The Bareskin Quick-Dry Towel whisks away unwanted water to prevent blisters, chills, and other unpleasantness associated with an unexpected soaking. 

Gearing Up: For the Trail

A person walks along a rock edge wearing black & gray barefoot sock shoes from SKINNERS

Barefoot Freedom Made Safe

Hiking shoes can feel confining after a long day of walking and climbing, but the ground isn’t exactly safe for tender soles. What’s an outdoorsy guy to do? Well, if he’s in a pair of Skinners barefoot sock shoes, he can simply kick off his boots and tread around the campsite as he preps to turn in for the evening. Not only are these durable sock-like foot coverings easy to slide on, but they’re also infused with silver threading to fight off bacteria and wick moisture for the ultimate foot comfort.

A man running at night wearing a Night Scout lighted beanie

 Warm and Visible

Out in the forest and away from city light pollution, it can get very dark at night. While this is great for the outdoorsman looking for a solid night’s sleep, it’s less convenient when gathering kindling after dark, or finding fellow campers. The Rechargeable Lighted Beanie makes it easier with three levels of LED brightness and a USB rechargeable design. The hat is even machine washable: simply pop out the light in the front and toss it in the wash. 

A couple are seen hiking through a field with their dog and using Brazos ergonomic walking sticks

A Good Grip on Hiking

When hunting down gifts for outdoorsmen, function usually trumps form. Walking sticks, however, are a neat melding of the two. Allow him to indulge in a little vanity while maintaining his footing on rough or difficult terrain. The Brazos Ergonomic Walking Stick is carved in Texas from a single piece of oak, ensuring that no seams, breaks, or weak points will ever threaten the sturdy construction. An expertly-curved handle fits perfectly in his hand, encouraging him to go that extra mile or two.

Bugged No More

Tick & Insect repellant spray bottles from Ticks-N-All sit on a wood patio

Adventure gifts often plot the course and show the way, but leave out one of the less-fun aspects of wandering the woods: ticks. With tick-borne diseases at an all-time high, simply tucking pants into socks isn’t cutting it anymore. One of the best gifts for outdoorsy guys is protection against this parasitic opportunist. Ticks-N-All Tick Repellent Spray contains natural oils and skin-friendly ingredients so your outdoorsman can quickly and easily spray it on himself, his clothes, and his camping gear for safety’s sake. 

Gearing Up: Campsite Amenities

A man hikes with a IceMule backpack cooler on his back

Fresh, Cold Supplies

From raw ingredients toted along to refreshing beverages for hydration to keeping fresh-caught fish ready to cook, a bulky cooler used to be a campsite go-to. Modern gifts for outdoor lovers offer more accessibility and versatility, like this IceMule Pro Backpack Cooler. The cinch-top, soft-sided bag keeps anything stored inside cool for up to 24 hours. It’s perfect for when your favorite outdoorsman is getting the most out of that last warm week of summer at the campsite.

A man screws giant orange screws into the grass for anchoring rope

A Tent that Stays Put

Wind and rain are a tent’s two worst enemies. Luckily, an experienced outdoor enthusiast knows that the right tent pegs can thwart almost any bad weather. The Small Ground Screw from Orange Screw has the sturdy polycarbonate construction needed to take on the toughest soil, and a clever design that enables the user to insert a “drive pole” made out of the packaging for extra torque. A must for the campsite, these great gifts are made for outdoorsy guys that seem to “have it all” in terms of camping gear. 

A fire burns easily in the background thanks to Stokes natural firestarters

A Fire that Stays Lit

Getting the fire started is one of the hardest “chores” around the campsite. Everything from greenwood to damp tinder can keep flames from growing. There’s an easy answer, though. Just pop a Stokes’ All-Natural Firestarter under the wood and waiting a minute or two. Made with natural paraffin wax and recycled materials, these flammable shortcuts ensure a roaring, toasty fire in no time — perfect for cooler-weather treks in the wilderness.

While finding gifts for outdoorsy guys might be a little more challenging than presents for, say, a sports lover or an avid fisherman, there are plenty out there waiting to be discovered. Use these items to help him stay comfortable, safe, and build a campsite worthy of some serious envy every time.

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