14 Reel-y Great Gifts for Fishermen

Casting around for unique gifts for fishermen? If the angler in your life has more than enough lures, vests, and lines to last a lifetime, you need to think outside the (tackle) box. These gifts for fishing lovers are as unique as they are useful, and as innovative as they are practical. Read on to discover fishing gift ideas they’ll truly appreciate.

A person bonds fishing line together using Tauten's linewelder system to secure a bait to the line

Tauten – LineWelder System

Ask any angler: the knot-tying struggle is real. The innovative Tauten LineWelder System eliminates this chore altogether. Simply run a line through the welder to create a bond. It’s that easy—no more tiny knots.

Hard baits sit organized in a silicone organizer case from Gruv Fishing

Gruv Fishing – Silicone Hard Bait Organizer

Thanks to a Gruv Fishing, tackle storage has never been easier. Hard bait and lures stay neatly organized inside a durable case lined with grippy anchor slots that hold them in place. The Launch Pad does the same tidying-up job in an out-of-the-box way by adhering to the side of a boat, kayak, or cooler to give you easy, organized access.

A blue IceMule classic cooler sits on a beach with a couple in the distance

IceMule – Classic Cooler

It’s just not a fishing trip without a cooler full of ice-cold drinks. The IceMule Classic Cooler is lightweight, portable, float-able, and it keeps drinks cold all day—and all night—long. Load up this soft-sided cooler, slip it on like a back pack, and keep things chilly for up to 24 hours. (That’s not a typo: this cooler really keeps ice frozen for 24 hours.)

A person with work gloves uses Handle Rite's ergonomic loop handle pliers to bend metal wire

Handle Rite – Ergonomic Loop Handle Pliers

Gift the Handle Rite Ergonomic Loop Handle Pliers to the avid angler in your life, and be prepared to be thanked profusely. Why? Because making teeny-tiny snips with wet, slimy hands is no fun. These pliers have ergonomic loop handles designed by fishing guide Bob Roberts that make for easier grasping. The loops also mean these pliers won’t roll over the side of the boat.

A blue camping chair gets an upgrade thanks to Chaheati's travel heated seat cover

Chaheati – Travel Heated Seat Cover

There’s nothing quite like waking up at the crack of dawn and heading out to the lake for some early morning fishing, but sometimes that fresh morning air is downright frosty. That’s where the Chaheati Travel Heated Seat Cover comes in handy. This innovative cover turns any seat into a toasty warm one.

A blue car has its trunk open to reveal tools sitting on a full coverage cargo liner from CarGo Apron

CarGo Apron – Full Coverage Cargo Liner

Every fishing trip inevitably involves water and at least a little bit of goo, muck, and, if it’s a really good day, some gore. The CarGo Apron Full Coverage Cargo Liner offers tough, waterproof protection for trunks and cargo areas. It’s easy to install and remove, thanks to a suspension hanging system.

A phone sits in a blue marble insulated phone case from ClimateCase on the beach, protected from heat

ClimateCase – Insulated Phone Case

From chilly mornings to steamy-hot afternoons, it’s important to protect your phone from extreme temperatures when you’re out fishing. The ClimateCase Insulated Phone Case is made with neoprene and gel packs that offer eight layers of insulation to keep a phone at an optimal operating temperature.

3 Orange and white ceramic koi sculptures from Fish in the Garden swim in a flower bed

Fish in the Garden – Small Garden Koi

What’s the next best thing to catching fish? Admiring a trio of ceramic koi that, at first glance, appear to be swimming through the garden. Crafted by artist Tyson Weiss, Fish in the Garden’s Garden Koi stoneware sculptures bring color and fluid-movement to any outdoor scene.

A man with tattoos sports a maroon tshirt and blue jeans with a fish skin printed Wingo Belt

Wingo Belts – Fish Skin Print Webbed Belt

Catch eyes and celebrate nature with Wingo Belts Fish Skin Print Webbed Belt. Made in the U.S. by local artists, these attention-grabbing belts come in popular game fish patterns like brook trout and bonefish, and each has its own built-in bottle opener, too.

Sunglasses sit on a desk with a Clayton & Crume leather sunglass strap monogrammed with the initials DHW

Clayton & Crume – Sunglass Strap

The handcrafted leather sunglass strap from Clayton & Crume is Made in Kentucky from supple, full-grain Hoween leather, and it’s guaranteed to last a lifetime. Add a hand-stamped monogram to a create truly personalized gift that helps keep sunglasses firmly in place.

A yellow Boozie Bucket insulated cooler sits on a dock with a fishing rod and bug spray

Boozie Bucket Insulated Bucket Cooler

Fishing and beer go together like fish and chips, but what if there’s just no room for a traditional cooler? Enter the Boozie Bucket Insulated Bucket Cooler, an ingenious device that turns a five-gallon bucket into a cooler. Not only does the Boozie keep cans and bottles cool all day, it can also function as a seat and a bait bucket. It’s water-resistant and offers extra storage pockets to hold fishing gear, too.

Liggoo's convertible LED work light is configured into a headlamp

Liggoo – Convertible LED Work Light

Clip the Liggoo Convertible LED Work Light to a headband, hang it from a hook, pop it onto a torch handle, or clip it to a strap. It’s portable, rechargeable, and comes with a range of accessories so it can be used when and where a little extra light is needed.

A man opens his waterproof silicone anchoring fly box from Tacky Fly Fishing to choose a fly

Tacky Fly Fishing – Waterproof Silicone Anchoring Fly Box

Keep flies tidy and secure in a waterproof fly box that’s made to block water and moisture from rusting hooks and damaging flies—and it’s breathable to let any trapped moisture escape. A slitted silicone anchoring system securely holds up to 100 flies that are easy to spot through a clear lid.

A man holds a can of beer tucked nicely into a tan leather can sleeve adorned with an anchor from Oowee

Oowee – Leather Can Sleeve

Drinking from a can has never felt quite so classy. Made from recycled, domestically tanned leather, this leather can sleeve kicks can drinkin’ up a notch. Choose from a range of iconic embossed images that will stand the test of time. Best of all, the Oowee shop in Asheville partners with the Autism Society of North Carolina to provide employment for those in need of work.

Finding great gifts for fishermen isn’t so hard when you know where to look. These unique gift ideas for fishing lovers are sure to please any angler on your gift list.

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