10 Products to Make Your DIY Pedicure Look Professional

Ah, summer. Time for beach days, vacations, and enjoying the sunshine. Not a time to be worried about the state of your toes or spending your fun money making sure they look picture perfect all summer long. That’s why we’ve developed this DIY pedicure guide that will give you salon-quality results, at a fraction of the price.

Step One: No More Icky Skin

A woman is seen scrubbing her heels with My Solemate's 2-in-1 foot scrubber

Calluses Begone

It’s no secret we’re more likely to walk, jog, and hike more in the summertime, but with great adventure comes tough callouses. That’s why the My Solemate 2-in-1 Foot Scrubber by Love, Lori will be your best friend solemate. This scrubber stone packs a combo punch for smooth, soft feet. With equal parts pumice stone and moisturizing soap—packed with shea butter, aloe, and vitamin E—it’s a relaxing, effective way to rub away calluses and dryness while making sure your feet stay smooth and clean all summer long.

A woman is seen washing her feet with the FootMate System

Get the Tough to Reach Places

The FootMate System is a safe, stable way to cleanse and massage your feet without risking a fall. Soft inner bristles gently massage your skin while the stiffer outer bristles buff away rough, dry patches. The system’s Rejuvenating Gel is packed with tea tree oil and Vitamin E, which cleanses and conditions your skin to give you fresher and softer feet.

exfoliating foot mask booties from Baby Foot are seen on a bathroom counter

Replenish Your Skin

Once you try Baby Foot exfoliating masks, you’ll never go back. The treatment removes dry and dead skin from feet layer by layer with little effort from you. All you need to do is pull on the booties and kick back for an hour. Then rinse off, and go about your life. Fair warning: in a few days, that dead skin will start to peel off bit by bit. It’s a little weird but a lot satisfying. The gel in the booties is packed with natural fruit acids and extracts that target dry skin and break down the desmosomes that hold the layers together. The process will be completed within two weeks and you’ll be left with softer and smoother skin.

Step Two: Easy Nail Care

A 4 piece beauty tool kit with toenail clippers from Seki Edge is seen in a zippered pouch

Keep Your Nails Clean-Cut

Whether clipping, shaping, or fine-tuning, this Beauty Tool Kit by Seki Edge does it all with superior ability and more durability than your typical beauty kit. Crafted in the mountains of Japan, these tools represent a centuries-old heritage of excellence passed down from samurai sword makers which you will see reflected in the quality of the finished product.

6 bottles of *hype 7-Free nail polish are seen laying on a table

Sustainable Nail Polish is Always a Great Choice

Choosing a color for your toes can be hard, but choosing a sustainable, plant-based vegan nail polish is easy. Maker Andrea Cid was treating herself to weekly manicures when she noticed traditional polish wasn’t treating her nails so well. So she began making a non-toxic alternative. Her *hype polishes are not only Made in the USA, but they are 7-free, meaning they don’t have the top seven most common nail polish chemicals in them. Instead, their formula has a plant base that is made with corn, yucca, and potatoes. It’s cruelty-free, vegan, glossy, and long-lasting, too.

A woman is seen sitting on a chair using Stedi Pedi's home pedicure kit to paint her toes

Get Yourself a Stable Pedicure Work Station

Get the best home pedicure with an all-in-one nail care station designed to make the job easier. The Stedi Pedi Home Pedicure Kit provides a stable platform for you to work on while you’re on the couch, in a chair, or even in bed. There’s storage for nail tools and even a helpful LED task light. The Plus option also includes a nail dryer and a lit magnifier to help you get salon-worthy results.

Step Three: Apply the Finishing Touches

A woman is seen rubbing Emu joy's Banish My Callus foot cream on her heels

Seal in Moisture and Prevent Calluses

The ‘Banish My Callus’ emu oil cream from Emu Joy combines the deeply moisturizing goodness of pure emu oil with other natural ingredients to help reduce calluses on your feet and hands. Because it’s packed with fatty acids, it absorbs well into the skin. It can help ingredients like aloe, comfrey, lanolin, calendula, and chamomile better absorb, too, making it a more natural way to get rid of your calluses and keep your feet hydrated.

A woman is seen wearing yellow Yu-Be heel moisturizing socks

An On-the-Go Moisturizer

The Heel and Elbow Moisturizing Sock by Yu-Be is a great way to finish up a DIY pedicure or manicure. Simply slide on the socks and let them work their magic as they moisturize cracked heels and dry elbows and hydrate your body wherever you are.

When it’s sandal weather, you always want your feet looking their best. With these DIY pedicure and manicure products, you’ll get quick, easy, and less-expensive salon-grade results.

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