How To Grill Steak: The Ultimate Grilling Guide

Summer is a great time for barbecues, parties, and trying something new. For the novice, this guide for how to grill steak is a great place to learn to grill. For the veteran, there’s always room to perfect your skills at your next cookout.

Prep Work is Key

Whether it’s steak, patties, or chicken, the secret is in the prep work. That’s what ensures your meat is flavorful, tender, and delicious.

A man is seen trimming the fat from a brisket with QuickTrim

Trim Away the Excess Fat

No one likes a fatty piece of meat on their plate. Cut the fat like a pro with the Qwick Trim brisket and meat trimmer. It slices through fat and sliver skin quickly and easily. With its high-quality stainless steel blade and sturdy handle, this handy tool makes any number of cuts including, but not limited to, strip loin, porterhouse, and rib-eye.

A variety of grilling spice blends from Curio Spice Co. are seen on a kitchen table

Choose Bold Flavors

Fire up the grill with some new flavors. The Grilling Spice Gift Set by Curio Spice Co. was curated to help take grilled proteins and veggies in a tasty new direction. It includes three of Curio Spice Co.’s signature (and unique) spice blends along with applewood smoked sea salt and recipe cards for inspiration. Make your steak your own unique and delicious flavor that will make your guests keep coming back for more.

Cloves and other chunked seasonings are seen on a counter next to CrushGrind's spice grinder

Get the Ratios Just Right

With CrushGrind’s spice grinder, crushing dried spices to better infuse your cooking or add flavor touch-ups as your meat is cooking has never been quicker or easier. Grind sea salt, black pepper, or any other staple spices, CrushGrind is up for the job, and is guaranteed to last for 25 years.

A man is seen marinating a steak in a Stasher half gallon silicone bag

Marinate Like A Pro

The reusable Half Gallon Silicone Bags by Stasher not only cut down on waste by replacing throwaway plastic baggies but provide the perfect way to marinate meat while keeping it sealed and fresh. Temperature resistant and dishwasher safe, simply fill a bag with your meat of choice and favorite oils, herbs and spices. Seal it, shake it and let it marinate for as long as you need until it’s time to start the grill.

Grill That Steak Like A Pro

A charcoal grill is seen being lit with BBQ Dragon's charcoal grill fan

A BBQ Breathing Dragon

Not comfortable around flames? Fear not. The BBQ Dragon Charcoal Grill Fan keeps you in mind by getting the fire going quickly and safely. Portable, adjustable, and rechargeable, the hands-free fan clips onto the grill and helps speed up the fire-making process so you can get to the tastier results quicker.

A person uses the 3-in-1 BBQ tool from BBQ Croc to pick up a corn cobb from a grill filled with other meats and veggies

One Tool to Do It All

The BBQ Croc 3-in-1 BBQ tool is the last BBQ tool you’ll need to buy. It triples as a spatula, tongs, and scraper to help you effortlessly flip food, rotate your steak for that perfect criss-cross pattern, and clean your grill after an amazing meal.

A man uses MEATER's wireless smart meat thermometer to check the temperature of his grilled steak on his phone

Gauge the Perfect Temperature

The Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer by MEATER is the only way to ensure you get the perfect temperature every time. Whether you like your meat well-done or rarer than a Super Bowl without the Patriots (sorry, were a New England company), this thermometer and app are designed to make sure meat is cooked exactly right.

Grilling is a work of art. Every experience will be different. Everyone will have their own approach to it. The only proven way to truly learn how to grill steak and other foods is by practicing. Hopefully, with these products, you’re not only well equipped but excited to get out there and start grilling!

Now that you’ve mastered how to grill steak, try it for a party. We’ve got you covered with our Ultimate Guide for Cooking for a Crowd!

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