Waste Not: 11 Indisposable Reusable Products

If you’re looking to cut down on the single-use products in your life, we have great news. Not only do we have dozens of reusable products, but they touch nearly every facet of everyday life. From the daily routine at home to the daily grind at the office.

A woman pushes a shopping cart with blue reusable BagPods holding her groceries

Walk Down the Aisle with Reusable Bags

Every trip to the grocery store used to yield at least five paper or plastic bags. But while they are technically reusable, chances are they were piling up in some corner of your pantry. BagPodz reusable grocery bags replaces that ragtag collection with sturdy bags that can accompany you to the grocery store, the beach, and everywhere in between.

4 iced drinks sit on a counter with multicolored reusable glass straws from Strawesome

The Last Straw

There’s been plenty of news stories and even a Grommet blog about the extinction of the plastic straw. One of the best replacements for that dying breed is the reusable straws from Strawesome. These glass straws are hand-blown, made for a lifetime, and they look great, too. Keep them around the house or grab the carrying case and bring one with you everywhere you go. This is truly the last straw…you’ll ever use. 

A woman is seen washing her face with a reusable makeup removing cloth from FaceOff

A Fresh, Eco-Friendly Face

Replace an entire month’s worth of disposable face wipes with FaceOff. The makeup removing cloth washes away the dirt, makeup, and oil from the day and it’s fine, microfiber weave gently exfoliates. When you’re done, wash it with soapy water to reuse or just toss it in the washing machine. Each cloth is good for about four months. 

3 reusable Swedish dishcloths from Wet-It! are seen on a counter

So Long Paper Towels

You don’t have to buy paper towels for a year. No, that doesn’t mean resigning yourself to a messy lifestyle, you just need the Swedish dishcloths from Wet-It! The superabsorbent cloths do a better cleaning job than paper towels and each lasts about 6 months with normal use. With a 3-pack, your house is living paper towel-free lifestyle well into 2020. To clean, you can throw them in the dishwasher, boil them, or throw them in the washing machine. As far as reusable products go, this one is an all-star.

shots of fresh espresso are seen next to a stainless steel Nespresso capsule from WayCap

An Espresso Pod for Life

If you have an espresso machine at home, you know those little pods pile up. The stainless steel, refillable Nespresso capsule from WayCap replaces them all. You can use whichever coffee you’d like and four interchangeable filters let you customize the grind. Now you can have your espresso on your terms and Mother Nature’s!

draw & erase on Wiprebook Pro's whiteboard notebook

An Endless Notebook

You’ve got limitless ideas and the reusable whiteboard notebook from Wipebook Pro has limitless pages to jot them down. Sketch, map, and write whatever comes to mind. The hyper gloss film discourages smudging and encourages countless drafts. It gives off the appearance of a vegan leather notebook, but inside is an eco-friendly solution. It’s a great reusable product for any creative.

A woman is seen getting out of the shower wearing a black TIARA shower cap

A Feel-Good Hair Day

If you want to preserve a hairstyle or just keep your hair from getting wet, don’t resort to cheap plastic shower caps. The terry-lined TIARA Shower Caps are designed to protect your ‘do over and over. The best part? Comfort comes first. Its generous size accommodates all lengths and styles of hair without leaving a mark on your forehead or neck. And it can be tossed in the washing machine when it needs a cleaning. 

A box of Woolzies natural fabric softener wool dryer balls sit next to folded gray towels

A Laundry Solution as Gentle as a Lamb

You can dry your clothes in less time with less static and all you need is a little help from the wool dryer balls from Woolzies. Made in Nepal from New Zealand wool, these reusable drying warriors are hypoallergenic and leave your clothes feeling super soft. Each lasts 100s of trips through the dryer and contains no chemicals or artificial fragrances. 

A woman uses meori's red reusable storage boxes to load groceries into her car

A Storage Box for Anything

If you need a reusable bag solution with even more heft, there’s the foldable storage box from meori. Capable of carrying 65 pounds, they come with a padded carrying strap so as to not compromise comfort. Use one to carry groceries, sports equipment, tools, and just about everything else. It’s sleek design even allows for it to work as a storage solution at home. 

Several food items sit on a counter wrapped in green and white beeeswax food wraps from  Z Wraps

A Wrap That’s the Bee’s Knees

They’re sustainable, sophisticated, fun, and reusable. They’re the reusable beeswax wraps from Z Wraps. Protecting your food and the environment, these lovely cotton fabrics are layered with organic beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. Wash them with cool water and mild soap, you can use them 100 times. 

Boxes of Lunette's reusable silicone menstrual cups are displayed

Progressive Feminine Products

Replacing years worth of disposable feminine products is the silicone menstrual cup from Lunette. Modeled after the menstrual cups that have been around since the 1930’s, Lunette cups are made with soft, flexible medical-grade silicone. Therefore, they allow you to do everything you normally would. They can even be worn for up to 12 hours before they need to be emptied. 

With these reusable products, you can waste less and be more environmentally-friendly. From reusable household items to sustainable products, they’re products that save money. And you’ll probably find these products perform better than their disposable counterparts.

Looking for more reusable products? Shop our entire Sustainable Living collection.

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