Summer lives in a blissful-yet-short handful of weeks, offering warm sunshine, plenty of relaxation, and a reason to get outside and enjoy time with friends. Now is the time to throw an incredible “last hurrah” get-together. Make the most of sunny days before fall starts to paint the trees. If you’re looking for some picture-perfect end of summer party ideas, you’ve come to the right place. These products are just what your summer needs for a legendary send-off.

Setting the Mood

Two Tiki Tunes LED Speakers On a table at sunset

Cool Illumination and Hot Music

Music is an essential part of any summer party, so why not add light and easy-to-access tunes with this clever 2-in-1 tiki-inspired Bluetooth speaker? With a shape like an old-fashioned cocktail shaker, a Tikitunes rechargeable wireless speaker not only plays your favorite hits from a nearby Bluetooth-compatible phone, laptop, or tablet, it offers flickering flame-like lighting inside. With up to 6 hours of illumination and sound on every charge, you can dance the late summer night away.  

Two friends sit on a patio, enjoying wine and music as a bottle of wine chill in a Kooduu wine cooler speaker

Glowing Space-Age Sipping

Looking for something a little more laid back? Channel some round-the-firepit vibes (and your favorite playlists) with the Kooduu glowing wine cooler speaker. It’s part space-age outdoor accent, part cooler, and part soothing ambient lighting that turns your porch, patio, or deck into the most chill spot on the block. It’s even USB-rechargeable for wire-free setup. Simply slide a bottle of your favorite wine, beer, or other beverage into the top and enjoy icy sipping as you watch a summer sunset with friends.

Multi colored solar lanterns from Allsop Solar hang in a tree at dusk

Cheerful Solar-Powered Lighting

Need to jazz up the back porch or patio for your backyard party? Don’t worry about hunting for an outlet or extension cord. These solar-powered lantern string lights have you covered.  Allsop Solar Lighting soaks up the sun’s rays during the day and emits soft illumination by night, giving your party space a welcoming glow without the need for batteries or electricity. Use them around a table, along the edge of deck railing, or anywhere else that could use a bright, festive touch. 

Summer Party Fun and Games

A group plays Chippo Golf in a driveway

Call it the Back YARD Nine

Delight your guests with a little summer action not usually spotted outside the greens: a backyard golf game. Easy enough for anyone to give it a try, Chippo offers the thrill and challenge of chipping on a full-sized game with a skill-based holes-for-points system. Part cornhole, part mini-golf, it’s harder than it looks, but still beginner-friendly for curious onlookers. 

  • A man tosses a ring and tries to hook it on Tiki Toss' ring toss game
  • A group of friends play Tiki Toss outside

Put a Ring on It… If You Can

Get the ring around the hook. It seems easy, but this backyard party dexterity game is deceptively challenging — particularly if adult beverages have already made the rounds. Tiki Toss mounts a wooden surfboard-like backboard to a wall or porch post, with a string-suspended ring hung overhead. Take turns trying to hook the ring onto the attached hook, but keep bragging on hold until you’ve stepped up to the plate. It’s harder than it looks!

Two boys are seen swimming underwater, chasing a Watermelon ball

A Swimmer’s Challenge

Inflatable beach balls have been around almost as long as swimming pools, but neutrally buoyant pool toys take it to a whole new level. The Watermelon Ball looks just like its namesake and is filled with a mix of water and air. This means that it won’t pop to the surface if it’s pushed underwater. This opens up a whole new realm of underwater play for kids of all ages. They can play underwater kickball, dodge ball, and almost anything else the aquatic imagination can dream up. 

A Beachy Summer Sendoff

A woman lounges on the beach, sitting on a teal Lagu sand-repelling blanket

Sticky Sand and Fun Don’t Mix

A very popular end of summer party theme is the beach, particularly if yours is being held there. Whether it’s oceanside or lakeside, there’s one issue that seems to get just about everywhere: sand. Lagu’s sand repelling blanket is made from a comfortable polyester fabric that lets sand naturally fall away, rather than accumulating into annoying grit. When you’re ready to pack up and head back from the party, give it a shake and it’s clean and sand-free for the next time you need it. 

A red and white open beach tent from Lovin' Summer is seen set up on a beach

Day-to-Night Beachy Shelter

Love the sun, but need a comfortable place to duck away for a bit? If you’re manifesting your end of summer party ideas in the late afternoon, grab a little convenient shade with this open beach tent from Lovin’ Summer. The airy design sets up easily with a little help from a friend, offering light, breezy shade that’s perfect for lazy summer afternoons. Add a few beach chairs and you’ve got a hang-out spot that will be the envy of the party. 

Raise a Toast as You Host

A woman pours rose from a Vinglace stainless steel wine chiller into wine glasses

Crisp, Cold Wine & Bubbly

No one likes to take a sip from a wine they think is icy cold, only to find out it’s unpalatably lukewarm. Beat the summer heat one chardonnay at a time with the unique stainless steel wine chiller from Vinglacé. It slides around a standard-sized bottle of your favorite wine or champagne, using metal-to-glass thermal conductivity to keep the beverage inside perfectly cold, even on a warm summer night. Whatever your end of summer party ideas may be, it will make sure your drinks are refreshing. 

A glass of rose wine is protected from bugs with a purple Drink Tops insect shield

Buzz Off, Vino Bugs

Black flies in Chardonnay may make good inspiration for song lyrics, but they’re a recipe for summer party disappointment at a backyard get-together. Tell bugs to bug off with wine glass insect shields from Drink Tops™. Much like a coaster underneath the foot of a glass, these lightweight disks allow a wine to breathe and develop in flavor without the “help” of nearby insects and flying bugs. Sip in peace and keep those flying menaces from menacing your backyard garden party. 

A person pours a drink out of a teal n'ICE Cooler Pump2Pour insulated jug

Pump, Tap, Cheer

Flat beer is generally considered far less fun than properly carbonated beer. That’s why the nICE Cooler hand-pump beverage dispenser is such a fan favorite. This fully-insulated jug is available in both a gallon and half-gallon capacity for all of your beverage-dispensing needs. Think of it as a party growler with all the bells and whistles, and a design destined to be one of the most popular “guests” at your party. 

Tasty Bites for Summer Nights

A charcoal grill is seen being lit with BBQ Dragon's charcoal grill fan

Make Fire Faster

Waiting for the grill to heat up means that hungry partygoers have to forego delicious grilled meats, vegetables, and seafood that much longer. Turn that 20+ minutes of waiting into near-instant gratification with the BBQ Dragon fire-stoking BBQ grill fan. The BBQ dragon is a rechargeable grill-mounted fan that improves air circulation to get your cooking fire off to a roaring start in minutes. The stakes are high for pleasing your party crowd, so make sure the other steaks — the ones on the grill — are hot.

A blistered pepperoni pizza sits on a table with all the ingredients laid out next to the Uuni 3 wood fired pizza oven

Backyard Fare with Continental Flair

Brick pizza ovens turn out sensational food, but aren’t always a great fit for a backyard. Uuni is a multi-fuel outdoor oven with available attachments for wood, gas, and pellets to keep your food prep options open. So whether you’re looking to bake up some amazing pizzas in the backyard or want to wow the crowd with an amazing flatbread or two, the kitchen is right outside your back door with this well-crafted outdoor oven.

A bowl of ice cream sits next to Midnight Scoop's ergonomic ice cream scooper

Sweet Desserts Made Easier

Hack, scrape, dig. Scooping cold ice cream can be a real pain in the wrist, even on the warmest summer nights. Treat your favorite pint or gallon to the silky-smooth weighted ergonomic ice cream scoop of Midnight Scoop. Not only are the edges perfectly curved to slice through the most stubbornly frozen ice cream, but the smooth handle is also weighted for perfect balance. Cones, banana splits, liquored-up milkshakes: it’s all a summer breeze with this cool tool. 

Your end of summer party ideas deserve to be brought to life in style, and these products are the perfect way to make it happen. That means whether you’re throwing together a little impromptu gathering on the patio or a big beach bonfire, you have guests looking to you for an experience they’ll love. So grab your favorite sunblock, cue up your streaming music of choice, and fire up the grill. It’s time to get this end of summer party started right!

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