When a loved one passes on, those that cherish them are often at a loss for what to say to one another, or how to commemorate the best parts of that person’s life. Unique sympathy gifts should be both uplifting and tasteful – objects that help bring warm, loving memories to mind and encourage the recipient to remember the good times fondly. These unique sympathy gift ideas do just that.

A tree of life hand-blown glass ornament from Kitras Art Glass hangs in a window

A Joyful Shrine

The love, hope, and joy remembered from a lifetime with a loved one aren’t easy to capture in funeral gifts. But the Tree of Life from Kitras Art Glass is the beautiful exception. In the center of a glass globe, a translucent “tree” reaches up, spreading rainbow-hued “leaves” all over the top of the sphere. When hung in a sunny window, it fills the room with light and color. Much like the laughter and smiles of a cherished friend or family member. 

A woman holds open a gold angel wing locket from Yourself Expression

A Chime to Remember

When the voice of a loved one can is gone, their memory will live on through soothing sounds with Yourself Expressions Angel Wing Locket. Slide this simple, beautiful locket over your head and listen to the gentle chiming tones that ring with your movements. It reminds you that, although they can’t be there the way they once were, your loved one is always with you.

Several growing candles from Hyggelight sit lit on a wooden shelf

A Glow of Prayer

Warmth and beauty are tucked into a simple candle holder, unlocking peaceful scent and illumination with the touch of a match in the Hyggelight Ida Candle. Designed to be a candle then a useful vessel, this Scandinavian-inspired candle is ideal for a memorial. It offers warmth and steady, smoke-free burning that won’t interrupt deep thoughts and prayers.

A pewter praying angel bell from Guardian Bells hangs from a fluffy white dog's collar

Comfort for Furry Friends

In the wake of a loss, pets like dogs and cats feel an owner’s absence, too. But they can’t say their farewells at a memorial service. The Praying Angel Bell by Guardian Bells gives loved ones a way to bring cherished pets into the circle of comfort during the grieving process with a small pewter bell that fits perfectly on their collar. The bell rings with a subtle chime that sounds each time they move. Soft enough to comfort, but not loud enough to disrupt. 

A woman holds a guardian angel ornament from Cynthia Webb Designs' in her hands

Love in the Home

Unique sympathy gifts should be a gentle reminder of someone’s importance in life without bringing grief to mind. Cynthia Webb Designs’ Pewter Guardian Angel Ornament achieves this balance admirably. A lighthearted, stylized angel comes with a translucent ribbon hanger for placing somewhere special in the home. Above the door to commemorate their spirit. In the kitchen where they loved to cook. Or in the living room where they loved to visit.

Dragonfly, hummingbird, and owl pendant necklaces from Everyday Artifacts' are stacked on a table

Wearable Spiritual Reminders

Animals and natural symbols have long been used as a way to honor those that have passed on. Everyday Artifacts’ Pendant Collection brings together a variety of classic animal and nature-based symbols on sterling silver. And they’re topped with resin for an antique photograph-like appearance. The design contains symbols that bring a loved one to mind to become a powerful memorial and an everyday talisman. It’s a piece that’s easy to cherish.

A beautifully handcrafted Angel quilled card from Quilling Cards sits on a table next to a vase of fresh carnations

Condolences with Class

When you’d like to send condolences but need unique sympathy gifts that forge a connection, this Angel Quilling Card offers the perfect opportunity. Much like human connections forged through life experiences, each part of the card design is created with small, intricate designs. While “off the shelf” greeting cards can carry your memorial message, this handcrafted condolence artwork card tells the recipient just how much their loved one meant to you too.

A hand-painted flat candle from Flatyz with white orchid design sits lit on a wooden table

A Light of Hope

Candles have long been used to memorialize friends and family that have passed on. But large, round candles don’t always fit memorial corners and mantle shelves. The Flatyz White Orchid Candle offers a slender shape to make it a useful and unique sympathy gift for memorials. With a burn time between two and three hours, this hand-painted dual-wick candle illuminates a few minutes of deep thought and meditation of memory each day. 

A woman holds a cut glass gem terrarium from Luludi Living Art

A Garden to Cherish

Memorial corners are small places on desks, counters, or windowsills where special token of loved ones are displayed. Bring a breath of fresh, beautiful life to your memorial with this Cut Glass Gem Terrarium from Luludi Living Art. A dramatic angle cut, clear sides, and an easy-care living air plant offer a tranquil, refreshing addition to your loving shrine.

A woman holds a custom fortune pendant from Fortune & Frame

Words of Wisdom

A favorite quote, a funny nickname, a message of hope — words mean so much. That’s especially true when they remind you of someone special. The Custom Fortune Pendant from Fortune & Frame engraves those words on a simple, slender rectangle to wear every day. It allows you to keep them close to your heart. Simple and casual, the design is perfect for men and women. This stylish memorial is one of the most unique sympathy gifts one can wear. 

A vintage silver spoon hand-stamped with 'XOXO' from Monkeys Always Look sits in a pot of succulents

Vintage Garden Blessings

Sometimes it’s the smallest reminders that keep the memories of loved ones close to the heart. A special place in the garden or a favorite potted plant allows memories to thrive alongside a plant they cherished. Adding a Vintage Silver Spoon Marker from Monkeys Always Look gives plants a touch of whimsy and love drawn from pleasant memories. It will warmly remind you of your loved one each time you water their plants. 

A coastal-inspired wind bell from North Country Wind Bells with a cardinal on it hangs from a porch

A Chime of Love

Bells and the memories of loved ones have gone hand-in-hand throughout history. Church bells ring to acknowledge a loss, bells ring during prayer and celebration of life ceremonies. The happy, gentle chime of a bell is a wonderful way to memorialize someone who has passed over. For loved ones that enjoyed sailing or the sea, North Country Wind Bells’ Coastal-Inspired Bells mix beautiful design with lovely sound for those they’ve left behind.

A woman arranges fresh flowers in a ceramic frog vase from The Floral Society

A Beautiful Floral Memorial

After memorial services, condolence gifts help commemorate those who have passed on. This Ceramic Flower Frog Vase from The Floral Society allows friends and family to take home a small piece of the services — a few flowers plucked from larger funeral displays — to arrange on a table or mantle back home. Memorial arrangements are often too large and difficult to display outside of churches or funeral homes. But this offers a smaller, more manageable option for remembering a loved one’s services. 

A cozy knit grey cable throw from Bedford Collections sits on a couch

Comforting Warmth

Processing the loss of someone close is difficult, which is why it’s important to embrace the good memories and take time to recharge. The Bedford Collections’ Chunky Knit Throw is one of the best bereavement gifts. It’s soft texture and warm insulation offer rest and comfort during what can be a troubling time. An excellent gift for recipients of any age, it offers a neutral, welcoming feel that reminds recipients of their strength within. And it encourages troubled hearts to rest awhile.

No gift can ever completely comfort the loss of someone special. But they can bring their memory to mind with gentle sights, sounds, and scents to keep them a part of everyday life. Whether it’s a small trinket to remind you of hope and endurance or a few beautiful pieces for a memorial corner or shrine, these unique sympathy gifts help heal the hearts and minds of all they touch.

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