16 Awesome Boss’s Day Gifts For A Great Manager

Do you have a special boss? A boss who has been a mentor and always has your back? Or, perhaps, you’re in line for a promotion and have been searching for a little way to capture your boss’s attention. Then make sure to remember him or her with a thoughtful present on National Boss’s Day on October 16, 2019.

Finding a boss’s day gifts can be tricky. Ideally, your present should be unique and thoughtful—not something that your boss will just toss into a drawer seconds after you leave their office. Need help finding that perfect gift? No worries. We’ve compiled some wonderful ideas for National Boss’s Day gifts. 

draw & erase on Wiprebook Pro's whiteboard notebook

Next Level Note-Taking

Toting a paper notebook to meetings is so old school. Plus, it’s a waste of paper. A better idea? The Reusable Whiteboard Notebook from Wipebook. It contains patented UV-filmed sheets on which your boss can write down important notes or just doodles during boring meetings. Then, when the notes or doodles are no longer needed, your boss can simply wipe them away. This eco-friendly wipe board comes with a no-smudge dry erase pen and contains ten leaves for a total of 20 pages. 

A 'B' monogrammed stationary pad from Black Ink with a list of new year's goals sits on a desk

Note-Worthy Stationery

Give a gift that works as hard as your boss does. The clever Calendar Notepad Stationery from Black Ink is perfect for jotting down notes or to-do lists. And because it’s crafted from high-quality, heavyweight paper, it can also be used as stationery. This 275-sheet pad is bound at the top and features an open format calendar that your boss can use to date their letters or to emphasize an important date mentioned in their writing. 

A wallet pen is seen next to a notebook and camera equipment

Give Your Boss a New Pen Pal

Pens are elusive creatures. When you need one, they always seem to be hiding at the bottom of a purse or backpack or under the seat of your car. The Wallet Pen, on the other hand, has been designed to fit neatly into a wallet without adding unnecessary bulk. It’s made of beautiful sterling silver, meaning it’s not just useful, but also elegant and stylish. This is a high-quality writing instrument that’s been handcrafted by an artisan and is guaranteed for life.  

A wooden thinking egg from Orijin Design Company sits on a desk

Help Your Boss Be Egg-stra Mindful 

Being a boss can be stressful. But this little mindfulness egg will help them to become more zen. Thoughtfully crafted from organic materials, this mindfulness tool will remind your boss to breathe and focus on the positive rather than the negative. And because this elegant egg has been ergonomically designed and balanced to fit comfortably in a person’s hand, it can also be used as an adult version of a fidget spinner. 

The Amelia monocle necklace from Moderne Monocle is seen sitting on a cookbook

A Necklace That’s Quite the Spectacle

Shh, the stunning pendant on this necklace has a little secret. It’s actually a stealth monocle that can help your boss read the small print in contracts or study the menu at her next lunch meeting. The Amelia monocle necklace’s designer was inspired to create this lovely necklace because she just wasn’t a fan of wearing reading glasses. The monocle on this necklace will work best if your boss has a reading glass prescription of +1.0 to +3.0. 

odor-diffusing reeds from Alio are seen on a shelf

Diffuse the Situation  

Let’s be honest. Some offices can be stuffy. While others can get downright stanky. Looking at you, coworker that decides to heat up leftover fish in the communal microwave. If that’s the situation in your workplace, your boss is sure to appreciate having Alio’s Odor Neutralizing Diffuser Reed Set on hand. The reeds in this diffuser set are infused with a neutralizer and a light fragrance to eliminate foul odors from the air. Even better, its oil-free design means you won’t have to deal with any messy spills. 

The Clara gold and white hand-poured candle from Hyggelight is seen burning on a table

A Candle That Will Grow on Your Boss

Do you work for a boss who embraces sustainable living? Then he or she will be impressed by the thought that has gone into the creation of this lovely, hand-poured soy candle from Hyggelight. It comes in a pretty, handmade pot that can be reused in a nifty little way once the candle has been used up. You see, the candle’s label is made of wildflower seed paper. Your boss will just need to add the seed paper, water, and soil to the pot and voila, he or she will soon have their very own mini wildflower garden. 

A watercolor drawing is seen on a Buddha Board

For An Artsy Boss in Need of a Mental Break

The Japanese have a special admiration for the cherry blossom. They love the delicate buds for their short but beautiful lives on this earth. Like the cherry blossom, the art your boss will create with water and a brush on the special surface of this Zen drawing board will also be here for a mere moment and gone the next. The purpose of this disappearing artwork is to remind its creator to practice mindfulness and always embrace the present.

A miniature gold smiling monk figurine from Suburban Monk sits on a desk surrounded by crystals

A Cheerful New Deskmate

At one time or another during the workday, we can all use a little something to make us smile. And that is exactly what this blissfully happy monk has been designed to do. From his happy, beatific smile to his two big thumbs-up, this monk encourages all friends to stop worrying and find joy in the moment. “Syd” comes in a number of different colors, each with a specific meaning. For example, orange is for optimism and red is for radiance. 

A handcrafted quilled card featuring a fish and fishing rod from Quilling Card

Celebrate With a Special Card

Sometimes, the best Boss’s Day gifts are words of appreciation. To really elevate your words, choose a handcrafted quilled card that depicts a scene that would speak to your boss. For instance, if your boss loves fishing, then they’re sure to appreciate the intricate Gone Fishing card. Handmade by artisans in Vietnam, these quilled cards actually look like mini works of art. 

A person is seen working at their desk with a GeekHeat personal heater keeping them warm

A Personal Office Climate

It’s just about impossible to select an office temperature setting that will please everyone. Someone is always too hot while the person in the very next cubicle is shivering under a blanket. If your boss often complains that they’re freezing then a mini space heater is the perfect gift for National Boss’s Day. The Personal Ceramic Heater from GeekHeat is just the right size to tuck under a desk and it has a fan that will turn on automatically if the unit gets too hot or it tips over. 

A woman is seen easily pulling her keys out of her purse with a Finder's Key Purse key hook

A Key Solution

Is your boss constantly rifling through her purse at the end of the day in search of her keys? Then we have a solution for her that is not just useful, but also decorative. The key purse hanger from Finders Key Purse. On one end of this clever little product is a clasp to hold keys. On the other end is a hook that is designed to hang from the side of the purse. With this item in place, your boss will never have to look for her keys in her purse again. The hanger can also be used with a belt or in a pocket. 

Several good luck bells from Guardian Bells sit on a desk

Keep Evil Spirits Away

Boss’s Day gifts don’t have to be big to be special. Take these beautiful pewter good luck bells from Guardian Bells. These small bells were designed by an Arizonan jeweler to bring their owner good luck and ward off evil spirits. The following are just some of the handsome designs you can choose from to grace your boss’s new bell: Buddha, a Star of David, a Celtic cross, St. Francis, butterfly, north star, and breast cancer awareness. 

Tea & cookies sit in a beautifully decorated mug & coaster set from Kamsah

For the Boss Prone to Snack Attacks

The unique design of this one-of-a-kind ceramic mug and coaster set from Kamsah is sure to be a conversation starter. It’s crafted by artisans from Nabeul, Tunisia, which has been the capital of Tunisian ceramics since the beginning of the 20th century. It’s the perfect size for tea and cookies or coffee and a muffin. The side dish can also be used as a handy resting spot for a tea bag. And while this set is beautiful, its also practical as it’s dishwasher-, microwave-, and freezer-safe.  

5 pressed Tea Drops sit next to a gift box of teas

For the Boss Who Prefers Tea Time to Tee Time

For tea gourmets, a hot cup of loose leaf tea is just what they need to make it through a tough day at work. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to steep loose leaf tea in an office setting. And that is why we introduce Tea Drops pressed tea leaves. Each drop consists of finely ground tea leaves, a little sugar, and aromatic spices. The mixture is then compressed into pretty shapes. To enjoy a delicious cup of tea, your boss will just need to add one of the drops to a cup of boiling water and stir. 

A Feya soy candle sits on a table next to a bouquet of fresh flowers

A Candle Gift that Keeps on Giving

When you give your boss this all-natural Feya Candle Co. candle made of 100% pure soy wax, you’re not just giving them a gift. Because for each candle that it sells, Feya Candles donates a meal to someone in need of food in the world.  These candles come in a variety of scents, including but not limited to such delicious scents as, creme brulee and black oak currant. We also love that these Boss’s Day gifts are already packaged for gifting. 

If your boss is special, they deserve more than a gift card that you picked up from the grocery store for National Boss’s Day. Take the time to peruse these awesome and unique Boss’s Day gifts. We’re sure you’ll find something that is just perfect for your boss.  

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