How To Button Up Your Summer-to-Fall Transition: Fall Wardrobe Essentials

When the temperature dips and the wonderful smell of autumn leaves fills the air, it’s time to pull out the undisputed herald of summer’s end: your cold-weather clothing stash. Going through your fall wardrobe essentials, you’re likely to find a few pieces that could use coordinating accents, a few that need a little accessorizing help, and a few that are ready to go the distance all winter long. 

Start at the Top

A must-have for any cold-weather outfit is a hat made to withstand the elements and keep you looking your best. Try one of these innovative options for the perfect blend of fit, form, and style.

A woman is seen in a park wearing a pink scalloped neck warmer from Peruvian Trading Company

Crocheted Chic with Dual Purpose

Stay warm indoors and out with the Scalloped Neck Warmer Hat from Peruvian Trading Company. The unique dragon scale-like crocheting pattern adds gorgeous texture to soft yarn. It’s bundled up in a piece that can be cinched to sit on top of your head or opened to rest at your neck like a scarf. Sweet pom-poms on the cinch cord add a playful touch of whimsy, making it an excellent addition to your fall wardrobe-essentials.

A man is seen outside in fall wearing a grey and green pixelated sportsmen's alpine hat from Skida Sport

Autumn Style for Active Men

The Sportsmen’s Alpine Hat from Skida Sport isn’t your average fleece chapeau. It’s sleek, modern, and made to keep up with an active cold-weather lifestyle. Wicking and dual-layer design technology make it the perfect choice for running downtown to tie up a few loose errands or heading up a favorite hiking trail to get your daily cardio in before lunchtime. When you want to keep your style light and modern, this is the perfect finishing touch.

A woman is seen in a park during fall wearing a knitted ponytail hat from Peekaboo Ponytail

A Pony-Friendly Look for Fall

There are few hairstyles more versatile than the classic slicked-back ponytail. But the static frizz of winter hats can make them a nightmare. Peekaboo Ponytail Hats offer you the best of both worlds. It’s a classic knitted hat to keep your head warm with a built-in hole to thread your ponytail through with ease. It’s so comfortable, you may never want to take it off. With its pleasant medium weight, you don’t really need to.

A woman wearing a teal raincoat is seen taking off her black hood from Hood To Go after a rain shower in early fall

Shrug Off Unpredictable Showers

Cold weather brings unpredictable weather—including unpleasantly cold rain. Leave the heavy accessories and umbrella back at home and travel light—and waterproof—with the Hood to Go. Designed to be worn under your favorite jacket, it protects your head and neck without adding bulk. Just slide it on, don your coat, and you’re ready to stay dry. It also makes a great gift for a city-working friend that doesn’t want to lug around a raincoat.

Protect Your Neck

No collection of fall wardrobe essentials would be complete without a sensational array of scarves. Ideally, one to match every outfit and weather forecast. Fight back against the chill while looking downright cool. These transition pieces will carry you from mild fall afternoons to the coldest winter mornings.

A woman is seen in a yard wearing a cream colored lined Alpaca hooded scarf from Wild Mantle

A Scarf and Hat in One

The Lined Alpaca Hooded Scarf from Wild Mantle keeps you cozy while adding a larger-than-life dreamy quality to your look. The oversized hood isn’t tight or binding. And large statement buttons finish this unique knitted garment with an artistic flourish. Wear the hood up or down to change your look and ward off the shivers when the wind kicks up. The voluminous fit means you’ll never have to worry about your hairstyle falling flat. 

A woman is seen walking in a park in autumn wearing a burnt orange multi-wrap shawl from Demdaco

Versatility Never Looked So Good

There’s no fashion law stating that a scarf can’t be clothing too. Look to Demdaco’s City Wrap Multi-Way Shawl for stylish proof. A single garment that can be worn as a traditional shawl, a minimalistic cape, a warm poncho, or even belted as a tunic. This isn’t a once-worn garment by a long stretch, you’ll enjoy it all season long. Fantastic all by itself or layered with other fall wardrobe essentials, it’s the key to creating a head-turning look.

Two women are seen walking outdoors in autumn wearing Shupaca alpaca infinity scarves, fingerless gloves & hats

Rich Color and Warmth

There are few cold-weather accessories more enduring than the classic infinity scarf. Stay bundled up while staying perennially stylish with Shupaca’s Alpaca Infinity Scarf. Rich woven layers of color add a hint of autumn brightness to dark and neutral ensembles. And the cloud-soft finish sends chilly winds packing while you enjoy an outdoor stroll. An ideal traveling companion, this lovely scarf wears well on a plane or tucked into a carry-on for a cozy arrival. 

A woman is seen wearing a red patterned scarf, pinned by a gold Magnebutton

Change Your Outfit in a Snap

If you’ve ever struggled to get a scarf to lay correctly or wished that revealing blouse was a little less open, there’s a quick, easy, and fashionable solution: the MagnebuttonThis clever little accessory will quickly become a favorite from the first time you snap it into place. Ultra-strong magnets hold delicate clothing folds where you’d like them to fall. And they keep a scarf or shawl from bunching up or coming undone. No holes, no sewing, and no fuss. Just your favorite fall outfit, made better. 

Step Into Fall Style

A woman's legs are seen lounging by the fire, with blue PUDUS slipper socks on her feet

Barefoot Feel Without the Chill

When you want the freedom of slipping off your shoes without having to deal with the cold floor, PUDUS Slipper Socks let you enjoy the best of both worlds. Designed with special non-skid texture on the bottom for sure footing, the insides feature a lush faux-shearling layer of pillow-soft insulation to keep your toes toasty warm. When you’re wearing a pair, cold, rainy days become the perfect opportunity to stay in and finish that new book.

A man is seen sitting wearing grey SUBU indoor/outdoor slippers

An Indoor/Outdoor Solution

If you’ve ever glanced at the weather and weighed whether you really need to get the mail today, you’re in luck. SUBU’s Indoor Outdoor Slippers make it an easy choice. With soft cushioning, durable outsoles, and a parka-like design, they’re made for those dash-outside chores like letting the dog out. The Teflon™ coating also keeps dirt and oil at bay, so you won’t wince at a little rain or mud. 

A man is seen lounging wearing a pair of bison down socks from United By Blue

American-Woven and Built to Last

It’s not often that a premium product has an equally awe-inspiring backstory. But the Ultimate American Sock by United by Blue is as intriguing as it is comfortable. This thick woven sock is actually made with an unusual, high-end material—bison down—as well as merino wool for coziness that’s simply off the charts. Made in the USA right down to the packaging, each pair also supports eco-friendly efforts to keep our waterways clean.

A man is seen slipping a sheepskin insulated cork insole from Honeysoles into his shoes before putting them on

Upgrade Your Shoes

If you’ve ever shifted and wiggled your feet all day in an effort to get your autumnal shoes or boots to feel more comfortable, end the struggle with a pair of these fall wardrobe-essentials. Honey Soles Insulated Cork Shoe Insoles slide easily into your favorite pair of footwear to offer the wooly softness of sheepskin, the support of recycled rubber foam, and the resiliency of cork undersoles. Each step through crunchy leaves will feel that much better when you’re walking on these beauties.

A woman is seen wearing burgundy pumps with a pair of Keysocks knee-high no-show socks under her jeans

Socks? What Socks?

There’s no need to trade warmth and comfort for fashionable slacks when the Knee High No Show Socks from Keysocks are in your drawer. Made to close the gap between comfortably warm feet, open-top women’s shoes, and trouser cuffs, they cleverly cover the back of the heel, ankle, and toes.  Sliding on a pair gives you that chic “sockless” appearance—ideal for rounding out your favorite autumn business casual outfits or even formal wear. 

With a few minor adjustments and additions to your closet, you’ll be well-equipped to face chilly temperature and the transition out of short sleeves into cozy sweater sleeves. Once you’ve pulled together your favorite fall wardrobe essentials, accessorize with a warm mug of your favorite fall sipping drink and enjoy the beautiful tapestry of nature. 

Now that you have your guide to Fall clothing, you’re ready for all of the amazing food! Click here to Fall in Love with Fall Foods!

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