Freshly Steeped: An Assortment of 13 Unique Gifts for Tea Lovers

The humble leaf of the camellia Sinensis plant brews up a potent beverage. It is so loved throughout the world, its consumption is second only to water. Beautiful gifts for tea lovers celebrate this hardworking, historical addition to the beverage hall of fame. All while honoring its contributions both to culture and to a particularly satisfying meal or three each day. 

To Prep and Pour

The right quality of water, the finest tea bags, and the perfect temperature are essential to brewing a cup of tea. The only way to know for sure, of course, is to enjoy copious amounts of tea and judge for oneself. These tea gifts offer a unique take on the usual pre-sipping accoutrements, adding a dash of elegance and innovation into each cuppa:

A rapid boil tea kettle from Turbo Pot is seen steaming on a stove top

Tea in a Matter of Minutes

If your gift recipient has a gas or open-flame style stove, they’ll adore Turbo Pot’s Rapid Boil kettle. From the top, the familiar shape incorporates a whistle on the spout that alerts to tea readiness. On the bottom, however, intriguing “fins” absorb and conduct heat more quickly. It boils water anywhere from 30-50% faster over a conventional flat-bottomed kettle.

Tea bags are nearly organized on a counter with YouCopia's TeaStand tea bag organizer

Organization to a Tea

If you’ve ever marveled at the efficiency of countertop tea bag dispensers, YouCopia’s Tea Bag Organizer brings that innovation to your home. The slender display features 12 easy-to-remove clear plastic “pockets” to hold different varieties of bagged tea. That’s up to 12 bags in each pocket, and 120 in all.

Water is seen being poured over tea leaves in a Welly Bottle tea-infusing bamboo water bottle

Take Your Tea To Go

Loose leaf tea is a particular favorite among tea drinkers, but it’s typically messy and difficult to steep on the go. The Welly Bamboo Infusing Tea Bottle allows sippers to infuse their favorite teas, herbal blends, and tisanes on the go. It keeps the contents hot with vacuum-insulated stainless steel construction. Then when they’re ready to drink, they simply need to remove and rinse the perfectly-sized infuser basket and enjoy.

A man is seen walking and drinking from his THERO temperature-controlled travel mug

Tea at the Just-Right Temp

Trying to balance the temperature of hot tea can make any tea lover feel like Goldilocks—too hot, too cold. The double-walled, stainless steel Temperature Controlled Travel Mug from Thero holds tea or other hot beverages at a perfect 120-degree temperature for up to five hours. That’s good for fueling most of a shift at work, a couple of long classes, or one heck of a morning’s worth of errands. 

To Steep and Smile

Ahh, the good stuff. Teas can be as complex as wine, developing flavor notes based on everything from their preparation process to the soil and climate where they’re grown. Tea lovers often have a favorite type of tea. But they also have a cheerful tendency to hoard vast varieties to offer friends during a visit. 

5 pressed Tea Drops sit next to a gift box of teas

A Disappearing Act

No bag, steeping spoon, or special pot needed. The gourmet pressed Tea Drops simply need a cup and a pour of hot water. Once covered with water, they quickly dissolve into a warm, satisfying, and flavorful cup of traditional or herbal tea. Ideal for travel, they make perfect inclusions in thoughtful tea gift sets.

A clear tea pot filled with blowing tea flowers from The flower Pot Tea Company sits next to a canister of teas

Tea Time Entertainment

Many tea lovers enjoy their favorite beverage for the contemplative, almost meditative ceremony of it. The preparation of the tea, the wait for the steep, the lovely first sip. One of the most beautiful gifts for tea lovers, the Flower Pot Tea Company Blooming Tea Set treats the senses with a beautiful “blooming” tea flower assortment. It will leave you in zen-like admiration at teatime.

Bottles of 10th Avenue Tea's portable matcha powders sit next to a cup of hot chai matcha

A Matcha Made in Heaven

In traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, premium green tea powder (matcha) is used to methodically and carefully brew each cup for presentation. With 10th Avenue Tea Portable Matcha Powders, your gift recipient can now enjoy those lovingly-crafted cups of tea anywhere. Simply shake to taste in hot or cold water and enjoy a modern tea ceremony in each sip.

A fresh matcha tea set from P & T sits next to a cup of brewed matcha

Make Your Tea & Drink It Too

If your recipient prefers to take it slow, the P & T Matcha Tea Set is sure to delight. This traditional matcha preparation set features everything they’ll need to make a cup of their own. It comes complete with premium matcha powder, a traditional bamboo whisk, tool, bowl, and a steeper for using the set with other loose leaf teas. They’ll love to follow in the footsteps of tea’s Eastern history with this finely-crafted set.

A hot cup of freshly brewed CogniTea sits on a desk

Tea > Coffee

Gifts for tea lovers can give them a rejuvenating cup, but they couldn’t necessarily help them focus until now. CogniTea Mental Acuity Tea is made from a select assortment of tea varieties and herbal inclusions designed to stimulate alpha brain waves. The ideal present for a student or a friend in a demanding job, each cup will help them rally and focus on the task at hand.

A Cup of Goodwill

Gifts for tea lovers should reflect not only their love of this versatile, steep-ready leaf, but also the culture of coziness, thoughtful contemplation, and appreciation that comes with it. These attractive gifts honor their favorite beverage so that they’ll always make them remember your generosity.

Tea & cookies sit in a beautifully decorated mug & coaster set from Kamsah

A Tea Set That Will Make Waves

A touch of whimsy for tea time catches “waves” in this cheeky twist to the traditional mug-and-saucer. Kamsah’s wave-shaped mug and coaster set features the perfect divot for the included matching mug, making it easy to add a few shortbread cookies to a cup. Bold blue-on-white Tunisian designs add a global flair that looks gorgeous on display.

A large cup of breakfast tea sits in The Flavour Design Studio's Buddha bowl next to 3 chocolate biscotti

Get a Better Grip

Ask any tea lover their favorite part of a cup of tea (beyond the actual tea) and you’re likely to get the same answer: cradling a warm cup in chilly hands. Now, this cozy ritual is that much easier. The Flavour Design Studio Buddha Bowl features a thumb hole and a rounded bottom made to warm the hands as the holder sips away. It’s lovely for tea but equally useful for favorite soups, too. 

A beautiful quilled card featuring a tea pot and cup of tea from Quilling Card is seen

A Tea Party VIP

When creating gifts for tea lovers, you don’t need to tuck in a generic greeting card when there are gorgeous options like the Handcrafted “Tea Party” Quilling Card available. This hand-quilled card features a charming floral teapot and teacup set on the front, depicted by carefully-rolled pieces of colorful paper for a 3-D effect. It’s so lovely, they’ll want to pop it into a frame once they read the warm sentiments inside.

If you’re searching for gifts for tea lovers, look no further than this assortment. For holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, or thank-yous, these playful presents give a nod to all things tea. And they let your recipient know just how much they really mean to you.

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