9 Meal Prep Tools That Put the “Pep” Back In “Meal Prep”

Whether you’re constantly on the go, trying to conquer a fitness goal, or working on cutting back on eating out, we have two words for you to make it easier: meal prep. Meal prepping saves time, energy, and headspace—and having the right meal prep tools is key. No more figuring out what you’re going to eat each day. You already did that.

Here are some ingenious products that will motivate you to start your week with some meal preparation. It will make it easy and, dare we say it, even a little fun!

On-the-Go Solutions

A person is seen pulling a filet of frozen salmon stored in an Ecolifemate silicone food storage bag from the freezer

Freeze, Store, Reheat

Generic plastic baggies are unsustainable and expensive. That’s why we are big advocates of Ecolifemate’s reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags. They’re airtight and leakproof but stand upright for easy storage. You can make all the yummy soups and sauces you want with no risk of a mess to clean up. Great for the microwave, freezer, or oven, they’re the perfect way to keep your prepared foods fresh until you serve them.

Cubes of chicken stock are seen frozen in Souper Cubes silicone freezer trays

Soup-er Easy

With the cold weather coming in, soups are a soup-er easy way (ha-ha) to make sure you get all the food groups you need. They’re especially easy to reheat and store! Souper Cubes are a great way to tackle soup prep. They create single servings so you can be sure you’re getting the delicious nutrients to fight colds left and right. Simply make a big batch of broth or stew, ladle it into the these trays, and stick them in the freezer. You’ll thank yourself weeks later when you have a major soup craving and no energy to cook.

Lunch and snacks are seen packed neatly into 3 W&P porter lunch bowls

The Cheaper, Eco-Friendlier Option

The next time you think about ordering a $15 salad from a delivery app, think to yourself: is this something I can make at home? Chances are you can and for a fraction of the price. The To-Go Salad Bowls from W&P Designs are great salad transports and they’re reusable. A much more eco-friendly option that the throwaway plastic containers.

Meal Prep Like A Pro

A person is seen slicing a tray of cherry tomatoes all at once with Rapid Slicer

Quick, Rapid Slicing

Goodbye, agonizing time spent slicing cherry tomatoes, grapes, and strawberries one by one. Hello, Rapid Slicer Fast-Prep Kitchen Slicer. In mere seconds you can cut up dozens of salad accessories, making them smaller and easy to eat. Why work harder when you can work smarter?

A person is seen cutting kale off the stem with a Raw Rutes kale razor

Stemless in Seconds

With the Raw Rutes Kale Razor and Herb Stripping Tool, you can strip leaves off of kale and herbs like rosemary and dill, in seconds. Made of stainless steel, this tool will last a lifetime, which is great because that’s how long you’ll love it for. It’s awesome for making quick salads, collard greens, and sauces with fresh herbs.

A person is seen spiralizing thick ribbons of beets with a Spirelli spiralizer

Oodles of Zoodles

Zoodles. You’ve probably heard of them, and you’re probably wondering how to make them. Zoodles are zucchini noodles—a veggie alternative to traditional noodles. Not only do they cut out hundreds of calories from the traditional dish, but they also taste pretty darn good, too. Spirelli spiralizers are the quick, painless way to make heaping mounds of delicious zoodles in seconds. But don’t stop at just zucchini! They work with carrots, squash, cucumbers, beets and more.

A man is seen chopping fresh salsa using his Speedwing manual food chopper

Chop Prep Time in Half

The manual food chopper by Speedwing might just become your go-to prep tool. Mini but mighty, simply pull the chord to get a start on chopping, mincing, rinsing, or mixing your fruits, veggies, herbs and more. Looking to try out ricing new vegetables? Or wash your lettuce in seconds? Speedwing is your new best bud.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner quinoa dishes are seen next to a Lékué rice & quinoa cooker

Reheat like a Pro

Speaking of ricing, have you ever tried reheating rice or quinoa? Oftentimes it can it can dry it out and make it less than appealing. Luckily Lékué set out to solve that issue with its Rice & Quinoa Cooker. Cook rice and grains quickly and easily in your microwave. The design stops water from overflowing and can be used as a serving dish, too.

A person is seen scooping fresh avocado out of its skin using Avoloop

Yummy foods in one quick swoop

Almost everything can be re-designed to be more efficient, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing. The fruit, vegetable, and avocado peelers by Peel Ripe Loops are no different. Separate the skin or rind of avocados, kiwis, papayas, baked potatoes, melons, squash and more in an easy pulling motion. No more strenuous pushing and slicing, just a nice smooth swoop, and delicious fruit!

Meal prep is an upfront investment that pays dividends all week long. Reclaim your daily routine, sanity, and budget with some of these handy meal prep tools. Future you will thank you.

No matter how handy your meal prep tools are, half the battle is keeping your produce fresh. See how to keep your fruits & veggies fresh, longer.

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