17 Creative Gifts for Artists in Your Life

The artist in your life constantly inspires you. The one who infuses every moment of every day with sheer passion. If you’re determined to support this person’s creative pursuits, you’ll definitely want to check out these gifts for artists.

An ergonomic black & white striped art scalpel from ErgoKiwi is seen next to paper and a cutting board

Scalpels For Limiting Strain

Sometimes, the activities we love most cause us the most discomfort. For dedicated artists, however, such sensations can be minimized while using the ErgoKiwi art scalpel. It’s designed to provide a comfortable grip so artists can complete a variety of projects without the usual hand strain.

A woman is seen using a Kelly Creates workbook to practice calligraphy

A Path to Calligraphy Success

This DIY workbook by Kelly Creates makes it easy to master the art of calligraphy. The guide provides a thorough overview of calligraphy fundamentals beginning with basic strokes and followed by uppercase and lowercase letters. This kit will deliver hours of enjoyment along with the satisfaction of mastering a new craft.

A person with work gloves uses Handle Rite's ergonomic loop handle pliers to bend metal wire

Ergonomic Pliers

Needle nose pliers have long served an essential role in many households. But they can also be surprisingly useful for artistic individuals. Unfortunately, many are highly uncomfortable to use. This is certainly not the case with these ergonomic pliers from Handle Rite. They draw on the power of loop handles to provide exceptional leverage and control. 

A Surebonder dual-temp hot glue gun is seen being used to glue blue flowers to a photo frame

A Safer Hot Glue Gun

The right hot glue gun can be a dream come true for an artistic person. It’s a tool that tackles a variety of projects. Many art lovers, rightfully so, worry about safety. Surebonder’s dual-temperature hot glue gun can appease such concerns with its auto-shutoff feature and other safety implements. 

A TriggerFire kickback-free staple gun is seen being used to upholster furniture

Ditch Staple Gun Kickback

Staple guns are extremely helpful, but many models prompt considerable kickback. This can be extremely unsettling even for regular users who have come to expect it. With TriggerFire’s staple gun, artists can enjoy all of the functionality and none of the kickbacks. Creative people love that they can use it for a variety of projects. But it’s also helpful for home repair and other practical projects.

A Lettermate envelope addressing stencil is seen being used to address red and green Christmas cards

The Beauty of Stenciled Envelopes

In an age of email and social media, there’s something truly satisfying about receiving a traditional letter through snail mail. Artistic individuals can make this experience even more special with the envelope addressing stencil from The Lettermate. This stencil ensures that writing remains aligned, while also allowing users to make the most of their natural creativity.

draw & erase on Wiprebook Pro's whiteboard notebook

Jot Down Smudge-Proof Ideas

Another great option for recording ideas is Wipebook. This dry erase notebook removes smudges from the equation providing a surface that’s always ready to capture amazing concepts. Hypergloss filmed pages ensure anything written or drawn in this unique notebook can easily be erased when desired. Faux leather and brass grant the Wipebook a sophisticated look, too.

A watercolor drawing is seen on a Buddha Board

A Moment of Zen

Artists are often prone to doodling. This practice may have prompted discipline during school days, but for many, it’s vital to learning and growing. With the right art gifts, doodling can transition from the notebook margins to the center of the page. The Buddha Board provides a wonderful space for capturing beautiful designs at a moment’s notice. A brief session at this board will have artistic types feeling completely at ease.

A blue and white abstract painting is seen hanging above a bed, made using LOVE IS ART's intimate painting kit

Take Date Night to the Next Level

While art is sometimes thought of as a personal pursuit, it can transform relationships with loved ones. This concept forms the basis of an intimate paint kit from LOVEIS ART. This unique kit allows couples to work together to create one-of-a-kind works of abstract art. This special activity could make for the ultimate date night.

A girl is seen using CreoPop's 3D printing pen to create a blue and yellow star

Bring Drawings to Life

Turn drawing into a 3D experience with this unique pen from CreoPop. This 3D printing pen starts out like any traditional writing utensil. But a UV light cures the ink almost immediately to allow for almost instant printing. Change out colors in the midst of any creation to provide a wider variety of artistic possibilities. This is one of several artist gifts that just might produce a gift in return.

A person quills paper with Quilling cards' quilling kit

The Intricate Beauty of Quilling

In a digital world, many artists yearn for traditional arts and crafts. They allow them to place more thought and effort into personal sentiments. For this reason, they appreciate unique art gifts such as this paper quilling kit. It provides essential tools and detailed instructions for creating advanced quilling designs. 

A woman is seen sitting and knitting using a Darn Good Yarn wooden yarn bowl

Corral Yarn in Style

Knitting and crocheting are deeply relaxing activities, but they can also be extremely artistic. Without the proper tools, however, knitters and crocheters may find themselves dealing with the distractions of jumbled balls of yarn. But not with Darn Good Yarn’s beautiful rosewood bowl. Handmade in India, this bowl is a work of art in its own right. 

A woman is seen sitting on a couch knitting a yellow and white garment with straight knitting needles from My Two Ladies

Take Knitting Projects to the Next Level

Yarn bowls are useful, but they are by no means the only tools vital to success in knitting. Proper needles are also essential. This straight knitting needle system from My Two Ladies keeps yarn near the forefront of the needle. It’s a valuable tool for those new to knitting or those previously too frustrated to maintain this artistic hobby. These rosewood needles are beautiful and useful.

Three handmade floral glass pendants from Annie Howes sit on a piece of paper

Create Glass Pendants

Art lovers will enjoy working with a new medium while creating stunning jewelry. This pendant-making kit from Annie Howes provides all the essentials needed to produce a stunning pendant. Each kit includes glass tiles, craft adhesive, stunning paper circles, and detailed instructions to put it all together. Equipped with this kit, the art lover will enjoy hours of entertainment and a lovely jewelry collection.

A floral arrangement-making kit from The Floral Society is seen on a wooden table

Bring Blooms to Life

If the art lover in your life also adores flowers, you can rest assured that this gift will be appreciated. This Floral Society workshop kit offers an array of high-quality materials. All of them make the intricate art of floral arranging a bit easier to master. Online lessons from a professional florist come with it to ensure the kit’s tools are used correctly.

A man is seen scrubbing paint off his hands with a bar of SURLY soap

Soap for Quicker Cleanups

Art can be messy. Unfortunately, residue often lasts as long as completed works of art. SURLY Soap solves this problem with a helpful scrubber designed to double down on paint and grease. A finger rail is included to ensure that every grimy spot is tackled. Give the gift of cleanliness with a tool that your favorite artist will use on a daily basis.

A person is seem cutting wrapping paper with a Nimble finger safety cutter

Prevent Paper Cuts One Project at a Time

Artistic people shouldn’t have to suffer pain while cooking up beautiful creations. With the Nimble finger safety cutter, nicks can be a thing of the past. This safety tool is valuable for artists. But it’s also great for those who regularly open envelopes, cut coupons, or take part in other activities that leave them prone to painful paper cuts.

The best gifts for artists show that you care and that you take your favorite artist’s passion seriously. You’ll never regret giving the gift of creative expression.

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