9 Handy Tools Every DIYer Should Have

Many folks are turning to DIY projects not just to beautify their Pinterest boards but to try their hand at something new—and because they genuinely enjoy the work. After all, what’s more rewarding than looking back on a project and knowing that you did it?

Here are nine handy tools (plus a little extra fun) every DIYer should have to better tackle tasks around the house.

Micaton – 18 Piece Magnet Driver™ Set

Using a power drill is fun, and now it can be even easier. With Micaton’s magnetized driver set, you only need one hand. The heads fit onto power drills or manual tools and hold the nail for you. They’re even color-coded according to size for easy grab-and-go use, and this set includes a nail holder, too. 

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FlexPro – Hand Sanding Tool

Sand and smooth all those tough-to-reach nooks and corners with this ergonomic hand sander. Three different grits of color-coded sandpaper tackle different surfaces—from wood to metal to fiberglass to plastic and paint. The reverse side has a hook and loop fastener that sticks securely to the handle. This tool is great for smoothing down those pretty branches you always wanted to turn into a chair or bench but just never had the time for.

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Handle Rite – Ergonomic Loop Handle Pliers

Get a grip with ergonomic loop-handle needle nose pliers. The scissors-like construction makes for an easier-to-grip design that helps you retain control over the task at hand. You can also opt for side cutter, lineman, and slip joint pliers that have all gotten the same makeover. The loop handles give you better leverage and control of the pliers, especially if your hands are slippery, if you have dexterity issues, or you’re working with gloves on.

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TriggerFire – Kickback-Free Staple Gun

Staple guns are always a necessity when taking on a DIY project. And now, with the TriggerFire design, you have extra control and a flush finish without any kickback. It has a trigger mode so you can squeeze the handle, position, then pull the trigger instead of having to hold and shoot at the same time. It’s ideal for accessing hard-to-reach areas with accuracy, especially when building new fences for your garden to keep those pesky deer out.

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Matey Measure- Tape Measuring Tool

This tape measuring tool helps you get an accurate reading in curves, corners, and hard-to-see spots. It’s as easy to use as it is accurate—just clamp it onto a tape measure to take the guesswork out of your task.

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Surebonder – Dual Temp Hot Glue Gun

Tackle DIY tasks and craft projects with a dual temp glue gun packed with safety features. There’s a kickstand to keep a hot gun off surfaces, an insulated nozzle to help protect against burns, and an auto shut-off, too. This upgrade to the classic glue gun has your back. 

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Nimble – Finger Safety Cutter

Cut open envelopes, clips coupons, and do other jobs scissors typically do with just your finger. Pop the cutter on and know this nifty device will give you precision cuts every time.

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SO Design – Alt Precision Screwdriver Pen

A fine writing implement and versatile tool set in one sleek design. Eight steel alloy bits let you tackle the task at hand, and four can store inside the refillable pen.

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Uniche – Stepless Ratchet Tool

Because it’s stepless, this ratchet can start from any angle. Use the removable tool head as a finger ratchet, or pop on the extender for more accessibility—and all of the interchangeable tool bits store conveniently in the handle. The lightweight, compact design is perfect for the numerous jobs that are too big for a traditional ratchet.

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Piper – Kids’ Educational DIY Computer Kit

Get the kids in on the DIY fun, too. This Raspberry Pi kit for kids teaches early STEM skills like coding and programming through its own edition of Minecraft. After budding builders assemble their own computer, they take on increasingly complex challenges that are not only educational but fun. 

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UGEARS – Wooden Model Building Kits

Finally, there is UGEARS. These model kits make building a fun and engaging hands-on experience. They’re geared toward older kids and adults ready to try something a little more involved. Each model is pieced together from flat, laser-cut plywood parts that don’t need tools or glue to be assembled. The finished product has parts that move, too, to put these models in motion and captivate their audience.

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Whether you like to DIY for your own satisfaction, the environment, or for the fun of tackling a challenge, these tools are ready to lend a hand.

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