Handy Helpers: 8 Must-Have Gifts for Handyman

Being a handyman or, at the very least, handy around the house, means quickly and efficiently tackling whatever job comes up. It could be something as simple as fixing a loose board on a deck or as time-consuming as painting a room from top to bottom. These eight gifts for handyman will help them save time and effort while getting the job done in a better and easier way.

Save time and thumbs

A man safely nails a nail into a wooden plank with SafetyNailer's magnetic nail holder

Ever tried to hammer a nail and hammered your thumb instead? The Magnetic Nail Holder from Safety Nailer helps ensure it’s a mistake you never make again. The holder grips the nail, keeps it straight, and gives you the confidence to swing away knowing that even if a mishit occurs you’ll be protected. It also can be stored directly on a hammer for easy access.

Reach previously out-of-reach places

A woman nails a nail high into a wall with Xtend+Climb's extendable ladder

An Xtend + Climb ladder makes what was once bulky and awkward now easy to move and set up. Extending rung-by-rung to the necessary height, then quickly retracting with the push of a button, this ladder makes all “tall jobs” easier. It also replaces multiple ladders with one to save time, space, and money.

Fix your favorite tool, on the job

A sledgehammer is repaired with Forg's thermoplastic tape

Forj Thermoplastic Tape helps patch up a tool with a broken handle so you can finish the job today versus tomorrow. The self-bonding tape becomes moldable with heat, allowing for broken handles to be fixed quickly. It hardens in minutes and has a tensile strength of over 1,000 pounds, so tools stay as strong as they were before the snap.

Avoid the ties that bind

Red tie -down straps secure boxes tightly with Quickloader's retractable ratchet tie down straps

Ratchet straps are a great way to secure loads, but they can often bind and be difficult to use. Quickloader Retractable Ratchet Tie Down Straps self-adjust to keep tension where it needs to be without getting tangled or jammed, making loading and unloading easier and safer.

Let technology do the math for you

A man measures a plank of wood using eTape's digital tape measure

A good handyman will measure twice and cut once. The eTape16 Digital Tape Measure provides one dead-on accurate measure and remembers it for you. It quickly displays the length as you measure and can even convert measurements to multiple formats while saving your results, meaning you can go back and double check anytime.

Let there be light in tight spaces

A man fixes a pipe under the sink, using Liggoo's convertible LED work lamp to light up the cabinet

While holding a flashlight in your mouth to get some light and free up both hands can technically work, Liggoo Convertible Work Light is a much better solution. This magnetic LED light can hook, clip, or clamp onto almost anything, bringing light into even the toughest spots. It also has adjustable brightness and can last up to six hours on a single charge.

Don’t “trust the cut”—just tape before you paint

A person uses TadPole tape cutter to perfect cut red duct tape, blue painter's tape & masking tape

Taping along trim boards and ceilings is the first step of any well done paint job, and the Tadpole Tape Cutter cuts any tape straight and neatly. Its fits directly onto a tape roll and slices off pieces of tape evenly to ensure you’ve got the perfect overlap without gaps before the first coat of paint goes on.

Flush that staple, every time

A man staples wire fencing to a garden using TriggerFire's kickback-free staple gun

Classic staple guns fall short because they’re hard to manage and can’t produce a “flush” end result. The TriggerFire Kickback-Free Staple Gun provides extra control and a flush finish without any kickback. Firing a staple to secure everything from wires to wood is easier with a trigger mode that allows for squeezing, positioning, then pulling the trigger, rather than having to hold and aim at the same time.  

A handyman’s to-do list might seem never-ending, but with the right tools in their box, any job can be easier and quicker to check off. And with this round-up of smartened-up helper gifts for the handyman, they’ll be well on their way to a job well done.

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