18 Practical Gift Ideas that Are Also Cool & Innovative

Long after the wrapping paper has been thrown out and other gifts have been stashed in the back of a closet or in a cabinet somewhere, practical presents will still be there. These gifts make the recipient’s life a little easier and, thus, tend to be used quite often. Do you need help searching for practical gift ideas that are also interesting? We’re here to help.

A person is seen opening a plastic clamshell package using a SlitIt plastic packer opener

Defeat the Plastic Packaging Monsters

Trying to free an item encased in a clamshell or blister pack can be extremely frustrating. The plastic is so ridiculously stiff that scissors have been known to weep when asked to cut through this type of packaging. Even worse, the cut pieces form sharp shards that can slice your hand. The Slitit is a “cutting edge” product (pun intended) designed specifically to pry open those awful clamshell and blister packs without bloodshed. It has a stainless-steel blade and a handle to protect a user’s hands from dangerous shards. 

Time Traveler charges your iPhone and apple watch all at once thanks to a wireless battery bank

Extra Juice for Your Apple Watch

Do you know someone who loves traveling or just being outdoors and has an Apple Watch? According to Apple, the Apple Watch Series 3, when connected to GPS and LTE, only has a battery life of approximately four hours. That is, of course, less than ideal if an Apple Watch owner is out hiking or roaming a new city and needs help getting back to their car or hotel. 

The perfect practical gift for this person? A pocket-sized portable charger that can charge an Apple Watch up to seven times. Because it has an induction charging pad, a built-in Lightning cable and a USB port, it can also charge three devices at once. Plus, it’s also the only charging device that can support Nightstand Mode. 

A person is seen divvying up their medication into individual packs using PillPack

A Personal Pill Packing System

It might be your mom, your dad, or perhaps your vitamin-crazy sister-in-law. But we all know at least one person who has to take multiple pills each day. And if they’re on the go a lot, you’ve probably seen them toting around a slew of pill containers. With the PillSuite, a personal pill packing system, you’ll provide them with a practical, yet very cool way to organize and carry their medication and vitamins. All the recipient has to do is arrange their pills into daily doses and then add them to the travel pill organizer. It will then dispense them in little individual packets.  

draw & erase on Wiprebook Pro's whiteboard notebook

An Endless Journal

Imagine if a whiteboard and a fine journal had a baby. It would look like the wonderful Wipebook. Its cover is crafted from handsome vegan leather so it echoes the look of a fine journal. The interior, though, is a playground for your mind. You can sketch, write, doodle to your heart’s delight on the book’s 20 hyper glossy film pages. Then, when you’re done, wipe the pages clean and re-use them for your next creative endeavor. We love that this eco-friendly journal can be reused over and over again. 

A man lays in bed reading his tablet comfortably with Tablift

Support for a Tablet Habit

Tablets may be small, but they can feel heavy when you’re trying to read them in bed or watch a show on the couch. That’s why this flexible tablet stand makes a wonderful gift for the person you know is always on their device. It has adjustable, bendable legs that can be tweaked to comfortably support your tablet in a variety of positions. It can even be set up for hands-free viewing of your device so you can stream shows while lying in bed. 

A person is seen pulling a filet of frozen salmon stored in an Ecolifemate silicone food storage bag from the freezer

Green & Easy-to-Clean Food Storage Bags

Do you have a family member or friend who is big into the green movement? Then these reusable silicone food storage bags are the perfect practical gift for him or for her. They’re airtight, leak-proof, and tough enough to withstand freezing and microwaving. These bags also have a flat bottom, which means they will stand up while you’re filling them. Cleanup is also a breeze as these bags can be tossed in the dishwasher. 

A person walks along a rock edge wearing black & gray barefoot sock shoes from SKINNERS

Almost Au Naturel Feet

Some people love going barefoot and letting their tootsies do their natural thing. Unfortunately, going totally barefoot can have its drawbacks. From hot asphalt to burs to gross stuff like spit, there are a ton of things that feet need to be protected from. And that’s exactly what these lightweight sock shoes provide. It’s a structured shoe-like sole that can last for hundreds of miles, depending on use. These sock shoes are also washable and crafted from a moisture-wicking, antibacterial yarn to keep foul feet odors at bay. 

A man carries 4 golf clubs by hand across a golf course with a blue SILO golf club carrier from RIVAL AND REVEL

Bag-free Golf Club Carrier 

Carrying a heavy golf bag around is no fun, especially when a golfer only needs a few clubs. So we’ve found a solution for that golfer in your life who enjoys getting in a quick nine on a par-3 or hitting the range for a little practice. This compact club carrier can hold up to six clubs and three tees. It also helps a golfer keep their clubs together so they won’t forget one on the green. 

A red Brainstream floating egg timer is seen in a pot of boiling water with eggs

Eggs-traordinary Egg  

Boiling the perfect egg is not easy. For one thing, you might like your eggs soft-boiled and your loved one prefers their’s hard-boiled. So what’s a cook to do? They can use this cool little floating egg timer. It’s stored in the refrigerator alongside the eggs. To use it, a cook just adds the timer and the eggs to a pan of water. Then, when the water comes to a boil, the floating egg timer will play a different song for when the eggs are soft-, medium- or hard-boiled. This is an egg-stra special gift that is sure to please the cooks in your life. 

Iced coffee is seen in a glass with a blue koffiestraw next to a laptop

Save a Turtle with Reusable Straws

The number of cities and states banning the use of disposable straws is growing every day. So if you know someone who lives in one of these cities or is just very eco-conscious, this reusable silicone straw would make a wonderful gift. It is made from 100% BPA-free silicone and can be used with both hot and cold drinks. And unlike stainless steel straws, these are soft and gentle on your teeth. 

A person is seen scrubbing the grout in their shower with a Drill Brushes scrubbing brush attachment for power drills

Turn Your Drill into a Scrubber

Scrubbing anything is right up there with toilet cleaning on most people’s list of chores they’d rather not do. Scrubbing is typically hard on your back, shoulders, arms, and hands. That’s why this drill brush makes such a wonderful practical gift. The user simply needs to attach one of these specially designed brushes to a cordless drill to create a powerful scrubbing tool. You’ll spend less time cleaning so there’s more time for the things you actually like to do. 

A woman is seen wearing a red patterned scarf, pinned by a gold Magnebutton

Fasten Scarves and Cardigans with Magnetic Buttons

If you’ve been searching for practical gift ideas for the fashionistas in your life, look no further. These strong magnets look like beautiful buttons, but they’re actually useful little closures that help keep even thick scarves in place. They can secure a cardigan that doesn’t have buttons or zippers and they can also be used for decoration on a hat. The best part? Because this accessory uses magnets, you won’t have to poke holes in your delicate fabrics, such as silk. 

A pink Handbag Handcuff is seen clipped to a car headrest holding up a purse

Protection for a Purse  

A purse snatching can be devastating. In one fell swoop, a woman’s ID, credit cards, money, keys, and phone could get spirited away by a thief. To prevent this from happening to the women in your life, get them a handbag handcuff. This clever accessory has two carabiners and a middle pouch for storing extra cash or credit cards. The purse owner just needs to hook one carabiner to her handbag and the other side to an anchor like a chair or car headrest. 

A pair of glasses is seen clipped to a man's shirt pocket with a ReadeREST eyeglasses holder

Eyes on You—Keep Your Glasses Close 

“Where are my glasses?” If you know someone who is constantly asking that question and/or wastes a lot of time searching for their eyeglasses, turn to this unique clip-on eyeglass holder. This nifty creation keeps all types of glasses safe and secure. It uses magnets to attach a small clip to the front of a shirt so no pockets are necessary. It can also be used to keep the recipient’s headphones in place. 

Two TripleLite 180-degree flashlights lay lit on the ground

Light Up Your Life with a Triple Flashlight

Most flashlights only provide you with a wimpy little spot of light. But if you’re walking around at night or in a dark location, that tiny bit of illumination is typically inadequate. And that is why the inventor of the TripleLite decided to create a flashlight that could illuminate a 180-degree arc. That way, the user can see everything in their immediate path without having to sweep the flashlight back and forth. This cool little practical present is drop resistant up to three feet and uses LED lights. 

A black ChargeHub 7 USB charging station sits on a desk

Stay in Charge

Do you know someone who is power-hungry? No, not like take-over-the-world power-hungry. We’re talking about the person who always seems to have multiple electronic devices to charge. They are going to love this USB charging station that powers up to seven devices at once. This charger is also great for traveling. If you have ever struggled to find enough outlets to charge up all your devices in a hotel room, you’ll understand why this charging station is a must for the road warriors you know. 

A person is seen relaxing on a couch, using a Couchlet couch phone charger to charge their phone

No More Power Struggles: Charging Made Easier

In a perfect world, there would be an outlet every six inches on the wall, on the floor, and on couches. In such a world, we could easily charge our devices while still using them. But, unfortunately, that world doesn’t exist so we have the next best thing—a couch phone charger. This charger is designed to wedge between the cushions on a couch or between the bed and the box spring and charge two devices at once. With this cool charger, you can avoid having to twist in odd positions to use your device while it’s connected to a faraway outlet. 

A cup sits in a black CouchCoaster weighted drink holder on a beige couch

A Cup Holder for the Couch

Couches are soft and comfortable. And they are absolutely the best place to set up shop for binge watching the shows that everyone has been talking about. There’s just one thing they lack—cup holders. And that is why these weighted drink holders make such an awesome gift. This practical, yet fun drink holder is crafted from flexible silicone and is weighted for extra stability.  It also has a removable drink adapter for smaller-sized containers. 

Not only are these practical gift ideas ones that your recipient will use, but they’re also cool and interesting products. Not to mention, they’re all designed to make life a little easier for the recipient.

Practical gift ideas are always a great choice, so if you’re still stuck, here are an additional 9 Handy Tools Every DIYer Should Have!

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