Sophisticated Sips: 10 Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers

Need some wine gift ideas for the vino lovers in your life? We’ve got you covered with the perfect gifts for wine lovers. Any of these 10 finds will take a wine-enjoying experience to the next level and all will be appreciated by the connoisseur in your life. 

A woman is seen pouring white wine out of a red wine travel pouch from Wine2Go

Foldable Wine Bottles

Life’s too short to leave wine behind. This wine travel bag from Wine2Go lets you take a bottles-worth of red, white, or pink with you anywhere. It’s foldable, flexible, and can hold a full bottle of wine.

A bottle of white wine is seen on a table next to repour's smart wine saver stopper

A Wine Saver Stopper

With an open bottle of wine comes the pressure to finish it or waste it. Give the gift of more wine time with this oxygen-fighting, freshness-preserving solution. Repour’s one-time-use smart stopper effectively blocks out air, preserving wine and keeping it tasting fresh for weeks after opening.

6 bottles of red and wihte wine are seen organized in a Rackpack wooden wine carrier rack

Convertible Wine Boxes

If you’re giving a bottle of wine, tack on a wine carrier that doubles as a wine rack. With the look and feel of a wooden birdhouse, the Rackpack is a wine box and storage rack in one. Once the wine is gone, the gift keeps on giving. 

A woman pours rose from a Vinglace stainless steel wine chiller into wine glasses

A Stainless Steel Wine Chiller

Pop a chilled bottle—like rosé, champagne, or even sparkling water—into a Vinglace stainless steel wine chiller to keep it at a perfectly cool temperature for hours. No trips to the fridge or cooler needed, thanks to double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel that also eliminates drippy condensation.

A woman is seen holding a container of WineBlock all-natural teeth balm next to 2 glasses of red wine

Wine Stain Prevention Balm

Save your friend from the embarrassment of “wine teeth” when drinking red wine. Apply WineBlock’s all-natural balm to teeth and lips before each glass. A blend of ingredients like coconut oil and rosemary leaf extract moisturize your smile, while tannin- and acid-blocking agents prevent stains from developing.

A bottle of Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover sits on a tablecloth stained with red wine

Red Wine Stain Remover

Any wine lover knows that a spill is inevitable. Give the gift of peace of mind with the Hate Stains Co. red wine stain remover that works like magic on spills of your favorite vintage. It’s an all-natural way to clean up a wine-mishap and something every wine drinker will want in their toolbox.

Red wine decants in stemless no-spill aerating wine glasses from Aura Glass

The No-Spill Aerating Wine Glass

Stop the spills before they happen with Aura Glass. This spill-proof wine glass looks as good as it is enjoyable to sip from. It spins on a stainless steel ball and aerates wine without spilling a drop. 

Decorative blue & white lamp shades from di Potter transform ordinary wine glasses into votive holders

Wine Glass Shades

These vellum wine glass lamp shades transform ordinary wine glasses into votive holders. With this gift, anyone can set the mood and light a room. The perfectly unique gift that will always remind them of you.

Red wine is seen poured into two glasses next to a wine saver carafe from Savino

An Elegant Wine Saver Carafe

A wine carafe is a must-have, but not all of them are sleek or space-saving. This easy-to-use and beautiful glass wine preserving carafe from Savino is designed to keep your wine tasting fresh up to a week after opening, making it perfect for enjoying fresh wine at home.

A glass of red wine sits on a table next to The Wand wine filter

The Wand™ Wine Filter

Anyone who has had red wine has likely experienced some adverse side effects, like red cheeks or a headache. This one-use wine filter lets you enjoy wine without those problems. Just swirl it in your glass of wine to remove reaction-triggering histamines and sulfites.

This collection of wine gift ideas proves you can improve upon a glass of wine. Cheers to these innovations that make each pour extra special and extra enjoyable. 

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