9 Amazing Gifts for Him He’s Never Seen

You’re looking for a gift for him. Maybe he is a craftsman, a techie, a sports fan, or maybe just a guy who thinks he has everything. We’re calling that bluff. We’ve scoured our entire catalog to find 9 amazing gifts he’s never seen.

Rogue Industries – Front Pocket Wallet

He may think every wallet is the same, but the front pocket wallet from Rogue Industries is designed for his front pocket. It helps avoid back problems and reduces the chances of a theft. It’s a gift he’ll be thankful for every day.

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JumpSmart – 3-in-1 Portable Jump Starter

There are few sounds as stressful as that of a dead car battery. He doesn’t need to stress, he just needs the portable jump starter from JumpSmart. It can be recharged 1,000 times and can charge his phone once everything is working just fine.

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Innovation Factory – The Trucker’s Friend 

his new roadside companion is a Trucker’s Friend. This multi-tool combines the functions of an ax, claw hammer, crowbar, and about a dozen more. It’s a great addition to a camper or fisherman’s arsenal or just to have for peace of mind on the road.

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Helix – Spinning Whiskey Glass

For the whiskey aficionado, there’s Helix. The spinning whiskey and spirits glass looks great and it helps aerate whiskey to open up flavors and aromas that might otherwise go unnoticed. Oh, and it’s just fun to play with. We’ll drink to that.

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eTape16 – Digital Tape Measure

If you know a guy who’s always looking for a DIY project, put eTape16 in his toolbox. This digital tape measure displays precise measurements, converts them, calculates midpoints, and saves them all. Who couldn’t love the gift of less math?

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Trtl – Neck Support Travel Pillow

The globetrotter in your life may think he has seen every travel pillow out there, but he hasn’t seen Trtl. It’s constructed to provide a comfortable, ergonomic sleeping position even if you’re in the middle seat. No more resting on the window, your arm, or the stranger next to you.

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Chippo Golf – Outdoor Golf Game

Chippo Golf lets avid golfers practice chipping in the backyard. It’s part golf and part corn hole, and your golfer’s new favorite new game.

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GrowlerWerks – Pressurized Growler Keg

For the craft beer lover on your list, help him bring the brewery home. GrowlerWerks is no ordinary Growler. An integrated CO2 system keeps beer carbonated for up to two weeks and it even has a tap to act as a mini pressurized keg. It’s made by beer fans for beer fans.

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StadiumViews – 3D Stadium Wall Art

For the sports fan, the 3D wall art from StadiumViews captures every detail of their favorite college or pro stadium. Each replica is made in the USA and comes ready to hang. So he can celebrate his beloved home turf on his home turf.

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Guys can be difficult to wow with a gift. But not only will he love one of these gifts, but he’ll show it, too.

If you’re looking for more? Check out our entire collection of gifts for him.

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