Ours Vs. Theirs | Ecoegg: A Year of Clean Laundry for Just $12

The laundry revolution begins with . . . eggs? Believe it—these two little eggs are longer-lasting, earth- and people-friendlier alternatives to the usual detergents and dryer sheets, and they pack in major savings while they’re at it.

Meet Ecoegg: The Money-Saving, Long-Lasting Laundry Game-Changer

There’s a lot to like about Ecoegg (like all the reasons we just listed), but let us hard-boil it down for you: Ecoegg comes ready to tackle a typical family’s dirty laundry piles for up to three years. Three. Years. That works out to around $12 a year. Is your mind blown yet? Here’s how these clever eggs clean up the competition.

Just how economical are Ecoeggs? Let’s do the math.

Let’s say you average five loads of dirty clothes per week. With the Ecoegg mineral laundry egg set for 720 washes, you’ve got what you need to do laundry for up to three years—and for around $12 a year. That’s about $.05 per load—way less than going the typical detergent pod route, which can average about $.25 per load.

Are Ecoeggs as eco-friendly as they are economic?

Short answer: You betcha. Longer answer: You’ll hit 720 washes before needing to top-off the laundry pellets. Next door at the clothes dryer, Ecoegg’s dryer eggs cut down drying time and do the fabric softening job without, you know, actual fabric softener. The essential oil-infused fragrance stick inside will last for about 40 cycles.  

Are Ecoeggs more gentle on skin than typical detergents?

Sensitive skin is what spurred Ecoegg’s creation. Both eggs are non-toxic, chemical- and phosphate-free, and hypoallergenic. That’s because co-founder Dawn White’s skin was often irritated by typical detergents, and she wanted to create a safer—but still effective—way to clean clothes. (Thanks, Dawn!)

Is it too good to be true? Read the reviews.

Ecoegg has quickly converted many folks into major fans. Here are a few happy laundry-doers who tried, and loved, the incredible cleaning egg.



4/12/2019 by Ro

Doubtful at first, but having used it now a couple of times, I am very pleased with the outcome: laundry is clean and no overpowering fragrance with the laundry egg and the dryer egg as well.

Great product!

3/24/2019 by Janette

I have been looking for this for a while. I was so excited when I found it. I love it. Have not been one bit disappointed. Works great, clothes smell good and are clean. Thanks for a wonderful product!


3/20/2019 by Julie

One week in, there’s been nothing negative. Washed my husband’s very dirty work clothes with no problem!!


That all sounds great, but how does Ecoegg work?

It’s a little bit like magic, actually. The stain-lifting sorcery comes from ceramic and mineral-based pellets inside the Ecoegg that break down dirt and stains and whisk it all away. An egg in the dryer abracadabras those clean clothes into soft, fresh-smelling ones. So, like we said, magic.

Ecoeggs low-fuss convenience and gentle-on-skin goodness don’t make us look forward to laundry day—because nothing ever could—but even still, it’s an altogether better way to clean up your clothes-washing routine. Check it out in action.

Replace your detergent and save on your laundry.

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  1. Our golf wear specifically states no fabric softer. Would this egg laundry item meet that requirement?

    1. It sure would, Susan!

      1. Can you get the Egg without the fargrance stick?

      2. Hi Bridget, unfortunately not. But you can opt not to put it in the egg during use.

  2. Is it safe for fire retardant clothes? They can’t be washed dryer sheets, etc

    1. Hi Cris, you shouldn’t have a problem with the washing egg. But I’d follow the protocol you use now in terms of drying them.

  3. Love my Ecoegg for the washer. Next will be one for the dryer!

    1. Love to hear it, Mary!

  4. Can the fragrance sticks be removed for those of us that are allergic to perfume and strong odors. I use all free and clear products. Please let me know.

    1. Shouldn’t be a problem, Joyce!

  5. I always hang my clothes to dry, so I would only need the washing egg. Is it effective on its own? And does it get out things like blood?

    1. Hi Nancy, you might still need a stain remover for tough stains like that, but don’t worry, we have a solution for that as well: https://www.thegrommet.com/chateau-spill-red-wine-stain-remover

  6. Cannot find the price!! How much are these eggs????

    1. Hi Nella, full pricing can be found here: https://www.thegrommet.com/ecoegg-mineral-laundry-egg

  7. What about clothes with poop or puke or pee? Raising babies over here. 🙋‍♀️

    1. Great question! You might want to pair it with a stain remover. Ecoegg works with any clothing pre-treatment.

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