When blustery winds begin to bellow and heavy flurries start to fall, we all want to stay tucked warmly inside. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way—but fortunately, we have handy snow tools and gadgets that can get you through cold weather spells with a smile on your face. Let’s check out a few top options.


Paddle Snow Removal Tool

Make your mornings a little easier with the SnoShark® collapsible paddle snow removal tool. It’s great for pushing and pulling snow from the windshield, and if you don’t have a garage, this device will readily uncover snow drifts from the top of your vehicle, too. It folds up into a compact little bundle, making it easy to store in the backseat or trunk so it’s always ready when winter weather comes knocking.

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Snow Roof Rake

Of course, your car is hardly the only piece of property that’s going to endure heavy snows when the sky begins to let the flurries fly. The SnowPeeler Roof Rake makes the task of clearing snow from your home’s roof as simple as possible. Offering two lengths and a rectangular blade that cuts through fresh and hard-packed snow, this rake is effective on snow accumulations up to 36 inches.

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Reusable Ice Mat

There typically isn’t an easy way to make that ice turn back into the less dangerous version of itself, but the good people at Saltnets came up with a solution that’ll change the way you view those unfriendly ice patches forever. Thanks to the sodium, magnesium, and calcium chloride contained inside each reusable ice mat, ice disappears back into its water form, keeping harsh chemicals away from pets’ paws while ensuring salt crystals don’t get tracked into your home.

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5-in-1 Rescue Tool

We all know the utility knife can be useful in just about any occasion. Armed with multiple tools and uses, it can be whipped out in a variety of circumstances. This 5-in-1 rescue tool is reminiscent of that idea, giving you a heavy-duty emergency tool kit that does five tough jobs with a single device. It can do the jobs of a:

  • Shovel
  • Tire lift
  • Scraper
  • Leverage aid
  • Traction tool

If you’ve ever been stuck in the winter without one of these tools, you know how essential each item can be. With this tool, you’ll have everything you need in one place without losing out on extra storage space.

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Ice Grippers

Walking on ice and snow is a trepidatious excursion. With Nordic Grip Innovation Mini Grippers you can easily convert any pair of shoes into ice-and-snow-ready trekkers. Simply pull them over the toes of your shoes, and you’ll have cleats that catch into slippery surfaces. These little grippers come with a handy case so you can store them easily in your bag or by the door.

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Tire Traction Straps

The soles of your shoes aren’t the only surfaces that have to interact with snow and ice on a regular basis this time of year; your tires have a lot of dirty work to do, too. That’s why Trac-Grabbers tire traction straps were invented. No matter what type of vehicle you have, you can easily slip the straps under your tires to get unstuck from the stickiest of situations. Pushing, pulling, and digging yourself out is never any fun. With this tool the rubber meets the road in the most optimal of ways.

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Anti-Slip Shoe Traction Solution

If you’re looking for a little added grip in slippery conditions, soaking your soles in Traction Up’s anti-slip shoe traction solution. This solution is great for runners, walkers, or anybody who might find themselves in a situation where ice and snow could make the journey a bit perilous.

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