14 Trendy Gifts for Teenage Girls

If you’re a parent, it can be hard to keep up with the latest teen trends. The best gift ideas are those that are unique to the personality and hobbies of your teen. If you’re having trouble brainstorming, consider these cool gifts for teenage girls.

A teen is seen lounging in front of a fireplace wearing brightly patterned PUDUS slipper socks

Stylish Slipper Socks

Why choose between slippers and socks when you can have both in one comfy package? Slipper Socks by PUDUS with plush faux shearing provide cloud-like comfort. The non-slip silicone rubber grips let the wearer maneuver safely on hard surfaces. Available in nine fashionable color schemes, these slipper socks are sure to delight any teenage girl.

A gold Zodiac constellation necklace from Outdoor Metalworks lays on a black backdrop

A Zodiac Necklace

When a generic necklace won’t cut it, this Zodiac Constellation Necklace by Outdoor Metalworks will impress. Made from stainless steel plated with 14k gold, this necklace features a laser-cut zodiac sign. Choose from any of the 12 zodiac signs and give the gift of personalized jewelry for her birthday. Each necklace purchased also benefits The Trust for Public Land.

A silver bead friendship necklace and a gold pearl friendship necklace from Becoming jewelry lay on a gray backdrop

A Friendship Necklace

A unique and stylish friendship necklace by Becoming Jewelry lets your recipient know how much you care. The simple and elegant design is available as metal beads or pearls with a gold or silver finish. Each necklace is handmade with care to make a lasting impact and a modern fashion statement.

A blonde girl is seen with her hair pulled into a side ponytail using Pulleez crystal sliding hair ties

Sliding Hair-Tie Crystals

A refreshing take on hair ties, these Sliding Hair-Tie Crystals by Pulleez feature an innovative sliding system that tightens smoothly around ponytails without twisting or snagging hair. The dangling crystals add a touch of style. Each hair-tie crystal is available in one of five color schemes: Black Diamond, Gold/Smoked Topaz, Indicolite, Silver/Clear Crystal, and Rose.

A woman is seen cleaning her makeup brushes with a hot pink cleaning glove from Sigma Spa

A Brush-Cleaning Glove

Makeup brushes are tools of the trade for teenage girls. This brush-cleaning glove by Sigma Spa is carefully crafted to deep-clean eye and face brushes, extending their life. Just add a small amount of cleaning solution and water, then sweep the brush across the different textures on the glove to clean, rinse, and reshape. It’s easy to use and can even be therapeutic.

Tortoiseshell initial keychains from John Windare hooked to a wristlet and keys

A Keychain with Her Initials

Simple and classy, these Tortoiseshell Initial Keychain by John Wind clip easily to key-rings and bags. The initial is made of resin and offers a vintage feel, while the gold-plated backing provides universal appeal. It’s a personalized gift that’s sure to please.

Four bottles of hype* plant-based, cruelty free nail polish lay next to swatches of their colors

Eco-Friendly Nail Polish

Made with corn, yucca, and potatoes, this plant-based nail polish by *hype is non-toxic and free of irritating chemicals found in mainstream nail polishes. The natural formula retains high gloss and comes as a set of six colors with a spectrum of options. Vegan, cruelty-free, and long-lasting, it’s a nail polish that even the pickiest teenage girl can appreciate.

Three Face the Day sheet masks from Timeless Beauty Bar lay on a table

On-the-Go Face Masks

These carefully packaged portable face masks by Timeless Beauty Bar provide a refreshing on-the-go facial treatment. Each mask is made from 100% cotton and infused with revitalizing ingredients like cucumber, oat extract, and hyaluronic acid. It’s a welcome addition to any teenage girl’s skincare arsenal.

A navy stitched leather passport cover by Chasing Threads lays next to a needle & thread

A Stylish Passport Cover

Teenage girls love to travel in style and this stitched leather passport cover by Chasing Threads exudes charm. Girls can mark their journeys with colorful threads to create lasting memories of their adventures. Available in brown, pink, and navy, this cover is a cool gift for girls who like to sew and see the world.

Lime green headphones from Wraps are seen wrapped around a person's wrist as they read a book

Wristband Headphones

No more tangled wires. These Classic Wristband Headphones by Wraps do the duties of gadgets and accessories alike. The braided fabric wire wraps comfortably around the wrist and snaps securely in place. Available in blue, green, pink, and black, these headphones take the hassle out of wired listening.

A woman brushes on makeup in front of of Spotlight HD's bright daylight LED makeup mirror

A Lighted Makeup Mirror

The Bright Daylight LED Makeup Mirror by Spotlite HD will help her look her best. The energy-efficient LED lights mimic daylight to give the most accurate colors and contrast. It includes magnetic magnifiers and can be rotated 360 degrees to ensure no spot is overlooked. Lightweight and rechargeable, this makeup mirror stands out from the crowd to help her do the same.

A Smart Girls Jewelry charm necklace features charms for soccer and a calculator with a teal bead

A Personalized Charm Necklace

This charm necklace by Smart Girls Jewelry is one of the best customizable gifts for teenage girls. Each necklace is handcrafted in one of seven designs highlighting a specific interest including math, music, science, running, and more. It comes with a set of hobby-specific charms and a dazzling bead. You can also choose gift box packaging to make this charm necklace the perfect birthday or Christmas gift.

A wallet, sunglasses & phone are seen sticking out of a neoprene wristlet covered in butterflies from Slick lizard Design

A Fashionable Mobile Wristlet

What better gift for a teenage girl that has it all than a way to carry it all? This neoprene mobile wristlet by Slick Lizard Design features spacious zippered pockets to hold her phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses and other accessories. The detachable wrist strap adds convenience and security.

A teal Gekkostick flexible phone holder sits perched on a rock poised to take a photo

A Phone Holder & Shutter Remote

This flexible phone mount and remote shutter by GekkoStick makes it easier than ever to snap Instagram-worthy photos. The flexible silicone mount can balance a phone on a tree branch, rock, fence, and many other uneven surfaces. No more asking a friend to take a picture. The Bluetooth shutter remote lets her take pictures from up to 30 feet away. Portable and durable, this gadget is one of the most practical gifts for teenage girls.

The ideal gifts for teenage girls highlight her passions and interests in a practical or meaningful way. Take time to shop around and you’re sure to pick a thoughtful gift that the special teen girl in your life will love.

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