9 Screen-Free Gifts for Kids They’ve Never Seen

It can be tricky to find the right gift for a kid. Especially when you’re trying to find screen-free gifts for kids. Whether they believe it or not, your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or grandchild can have plenty of fun screen-free.

Two little girls are seen running around an apartment wearing lion and unicorn hooded animal capes from Wild & Soft

Become a Member of the Animal Kingdom

Do your kids run around pretending to be lions, tigers, and dinosaurs? Unless they have a Wild & Soft animal cape, they’ve been doing it all wrong. These plush costumes let kids dress as their favorite members of the animal kingdom in a comfortable, stylish fashion.

Two people are seen grabbing tiles to play Jabuka Games' rotating word tile game

A Word Game with a Twist

Maybe you think they’ve seen every word game out there. Well, Jabuka puts a new spin on it. And it’s the letters that do the spinning. In this fast-paced game, H’s can be Y’s. L’s are V’s. G’s are B’s. And M’s are W’s or E’s. You better move fast or your R will become someone else’s J. 

A child is seen piecing together a wooden model building kit from UGEARS

An Interactive Model Kit

For any future engineers out there, we have just the thing. UGEARS assembles laser-cut wooden pieces to create an interactive final product. With levels for all ages, they can create tiny submarines, mini helicopters, and even a full-blown locomotive. All aboard!


Get Caught in the Loop

There are some gifts for kids you see that you just need to try. Pindaloo is one of those toys. It looks simple—a u-shaped tube and a ball. But give it a try and you will find it is as challenging as it is addictive to play. There’s no feeling like getting caught in the loop.

A young girl is seen climbing out of a blue, yellow & red Airfort indoor air tent

An Inflatable Fort

Kids love forts and now they can have one on demand. Airfort hooks up to a standard box fan and inflates in seconds. It gives kids a screen-free space to call their own and you might even use it when you need a breather, too. 

Two women are seen playing with a Storytime Toys storybook house with a young boy

Fairytales Come to Life

Children’s stories are like rocket fuel for the imagination. And with Storytime Toys, your kid has a place to bring to life whatever comes to mind. Inspired by famous fairy tales, these interactive playsets allow kids to continue the story or even take the characters on a whole new adventure.

A little girl wearing heart sunglasses is seen sitting in a white Baghera classic pedal car

Their Very First Car

They’re going to start driving at some point, so you might as well start them early. Baghera’s vintage toy cars might lack a functioning engine but they more than make up for it with a sophisticated look. The stylish features make it the nicest first car any kid could ask for. 

Two kids are seen tossing an 
Ollyball inflatable indoor coloring ball in their living room

A Safer Way to Play Ball in the House

We know, we know—you don’t want them playing ball in the house. But if it’s Ollyball, you might be ok with it. This bouncy, floating ball was made for super fun and super safe indoor play. And when they’re not hitting it around, they can use it as a spherical coloring book. 

A young boy in a plaid shirt is seen playing with a blue Shashibo magnetic puzzle box

A Mesmerizing Puzzle

For the kid who loves puzzles and mind-bending brain teasers, there’s Shashibo. It’s like a cross between a Rubik’s cube and a kaleidoscope. The ever-evolving shapes will keep kids mesmerized for hours, but they can up the challenge by adding more cubes into the mix. It’s a STEM lesson they didn’t even know they were getting. 

From tinkerers to creatives to the super active, there’s a gift for the one-of-a-kind kid in your life. No matter their interests, you’re sure to find a screen-free gift for kids that will make their holiday season. Happy Holidays!

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