10 Unique Gifts for Golfers Who Have Everything

Most of us have a golf lover in our life who revels in the scent of a freshly mowed fairway, the whip of their club through the air, and the distant thud their ball makes as it lands on the green. They’re golfers through and through. 

However, most golfers already have everything they need, and if you’re not a golfer yourself, it can be a challenge to know exactly what they’ll like. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with 10 special golf-inspired gifts — perfect for anyone in your life who loves to hit the links.

A group of friends plays Chippo Golf in their driveway

Chippo Golf – Outdoor Golf Game

Chippo Golf is the brainchild of an avid golf fan named Brendan McAuley. If you’ve ever played cornhole in the backyard, think of Chippo Golf as a combination of cornhole and golf. 

The outdoor set includes two durable, yet lightweight plastic boards covered in artificial turf and each featuring three netted holes. It also comes with two chipping mats and six high-density foam balls. Follow the game directions in the kit, or play at your own pace to improve your chipping game.

A person sprays Caddy-Clean golf club cleaner on their golf club

Caddy-Clean – All-in-One Golf Club Cleaner

For the golfer who shirks cleaning their own clubs (or tends to just use an old rag or t-shirt for cleaning), this is one of the best golf accessories you’ll find. 

The Caddy-Clean All-in-One Golf Club Cleaner combines everything you need to quickly and efficiently clean any club: A spray bottle, scrub pad, towel, groove cleaners made of brass, and more. The cleaner fits easily in one hand, making it super portable for carrying and using out on the course.

A putting green from Floating Golf Greens floats in an inground pool with a bucket of golf balls ready on the patio

Floating Golf Greens – Floating Golf Turf Game 

Putting is again the name of the game with this cool golf accessory. Make any backyard pond or pool into the perfect place to practice your putts. 

The game features a floating, turf-covered putting mat mound; a plastic putt cup that’s 4 inches deep, a checkered flag, and a dozen golf balls that float. Send your Floating Golf Greens Golf Turf Game out into the middle of your pool or pond, and practice your putting game with friends, family, or even on your own.

A white golf ball is marked with a green clover sitting on turf next to Tin Cup's alpha players golf ball marker

Tin Cup – Alpha Players Golf Ball Marker 

Why have a boring ball? Why deal with the confusion of not knowing which is yours on the green? The Tin Cup Alpha Players Golf Ball Marker is a simple, efficient ball-marking tool that allows you to personalize your ball in a classy way. 

Avid golfers need only take a few moments to place each ball in the tin cup, and using the pen provided, fill in the stencil with their initial. Store the tin cup in the included leather pouch for easy access with each batch of balls you buy.

A woman grips her golf club with a white & black Copper Tech copper-infused golf glove

Copper Tech – Women’s Copper Infused Golf Glove 

Gifts for golfers who are women can be hard to come by as many golf-inspired gifts are geared toward men. The Copper Tech Copper Infused Golf Glove, however, is made just for women to improve their comfort and circulation while on the course. 

The glove features extra compression and copper infused material for optimal grip, tension, joint pain reduction, and overall comfort.

3 glow in the dark golf balls from Lite4Nite sit on a table next to a flashlight

Lite4Nite – Rechargeable Illuminated Golf Balls 

Lite4Nite Rechargeable Illuminated Golf Balls allow golfers to play later into the evening or earlier in the dawn of day with ease. 

Each golf ball performs as well as a standard ball. The key difference is the UV-activated pigment inside the ball’s material. Get about 15 minutes of glowing activated play after each charge in the accompanying UV light charger (each charge takes just a few seconds).

With these unique golf balls, golf-lovers never need quit a game early again.

A woman in an office works on her golf swing with Orange Whip's golf trainer

Orange Whip – Golf Trainer 

Pro golfer and caddy Jim Hackenberg created the Orange Whip Golf Trainer to help improve the swing of avid golfers. 

This trainer does not require the use of a ball (instead, there is an attached orange ball at the end of the club). This may at first seem counterintuitive. However, with proper use and regular practice, the Orange Whip will teach you the proper takeaway and follow-through for your stroke, ultimately resulting in a better understanding of your own unique and optimal swing motion.

Office Putting Practice

Ditch the coffee mug for target practice and opt for PuttOUT. The nylon surface replicates medium-to-fast greens. And it’s printed with alignment guides, distance markers, and target points to help you hone your short game.

A man works on his golf swing with Palmbird's golf putter grip training aid

Palmbird – Golf Putter Grip & Training Aid 

Golfers of any skill level will improve their game with the American-made Palmbird Golf Putter Grip & Training Aid

This golf aid was developed by golfer Phillip Jaffe and promotes proper wrist positioning and better grip, easily fitting into the palm of any golfer’s hand. In addition to improving your positioning and grip, the putter feels lighter in the hand, which provides counterbalancing for a better stroke every time.

A man uses his mobile phone to track his swing on the course thanks to Arccos golf GPS stat tracking driver

Arccos – Golf GPS Stat Tracking Driver 

For the golfer in your life who loves keeping stats, the Arccos Golf GPS Stat Tracking Driver is a must-have. 

Unlike a typical golf swing tracker, this driver sensor will efficiently measure every stroke, calculating distance achieved, direction, fairway and putt counts, and club usage per shot. All of this data is then transmitted immediately to the user’s smartphone in a simple and efficient format, thus allowing golfers to track, analyze, and improve their game with ease.

A man carries 4 golf clubs by hand across a golf course with a blue SILO golf club carrier from RIVAL AND REVEL

RIVAL AND REVEL – SILO Golf Club Carrier

Not all golf days call for a full bag of clubs. Golfers who prefer only a few of their clubs on the course (or those who are heading to the range) will love this efficient club carrier. 

Designed by golfers, the Rival and Revel SILO Golf Club Carrier is lightweight, durable, and compact. It can hold up to six clubs and three tees at a time, making club transportation easy and efficient. Between rounds, you can even stand your clubs up instead of holding them.

The Very Best Gifts for Golfers

Remember — to find those perfect gifts for golfers, there’s no rule that says you have to understand the game yourself. So, whether golf is your idea of a good time or not, simply use these ideas to get you started on your golf-inspired gift. In no time, you’ll have the perfect present for that special golf-loving enthusiast you adore.

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    I saw a Ford Escape with a back window wiper blade shaped like a club. Do you have anything like that?

    1. Mike Lovett

      Hi Kathy, unfortunately, we do not…yet!

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