How To Hang Pictures Like A Pro: 5 Handy Tools To Get The Job Done

Picking out (or—even better—receiving) inspired accessories for your home is a blast. Installing them? That can be more of a challenge. From precise measuring to pain-free hammering, these tools will have you hanging pictures like a pro in no time. When it comes to showcasing prints, photos, and other wall art, sprucing up your space doesn’t have to be a struggle.

A man safely nails a nail into a wooden plank with SafetyNailer's magnetic nail holder

Handy Hammering

Figuring out where to insert a nail is half the battle. The more painful part: actually hammering. Fortunately, the Magnetic Nail Holder by Safety Nailer makes the dreaded process painless. Made of durable, impact-resistant ABS plastic, the device grips a nail or screw with strong neodymium magnets holding it in place.

Multiple grooves fit nails of all sizes, without buckling or wobbling. The large target protects your hand and makes it a cinch to start hammering with precision and without injury. Reuse again and again as you create a picture-perfect gallery wall or tackle other household DIY projects.

eTape16 digital tape measure, measure 2x4s with your smartphone

Measuring Tape that Measures Up

Proper picture hanging requires exacting measuring. Use the Digital Tape Measure by eTape16 to bring ease and precision to every decorating project. The blade lock ensures that tape stays put once pulled out or stays retracted to protect children’s fingers. The digital readout measures up to 0.06″ accuracy, retains measurements as you go (no more fumbling with paper and pen), calculates midpoints, and even converts inches to feet or centimeters. It’s a toolbox essential that’s sure to measure up to any accessorizing or home improvement project.

A woman is seen using Hangman Products' push & hang picture tool to easily put nails into a wall

Push Picture-Hanging to the Next Level

Drop the hammer from the picture-hanging equation in favor of the Push & Hang Picture Hanging Tool by Hangman Products. Adjust the tool to the width you need for the back of your picture frame by following the arrows that point to the frame’s hanging hardware. That way you’ll know exactly where nails are needed. Then insert nails into the bottom of each nail plunger and place against the wall. The bubble level makes sure you’re precisely positioned. Finally, push your palms firmly on both handles. The nails will plunge into the wall exactly where intended. Easy picture hanging at its easiest.

A man is seen using Hang-O-Matic's handheld ruler & level to measure the distance between two nails on a wall

Make Your Mark with a Ruler that Rules

Take wondering out of wall-hanging. Hang-O-Matic’s Handheld Ruler & Level makes hanging pictures easier and cleaner. Made in the USA, the lightweight tape measure’s built-in sliding anchors measure the distance between two holes or hangers on the back of any picture frame, shelf, or wall decor. A sliding bubble level ensures precise positioning, while the built-in wall marker imprints dimples in your wall to indicate exactly where one or two nails should go. It measures up to six feet so it’s ideal for hanging pictures big and small. 

A woman nails a nail high into a wall with Xtend+Climb's extendable ladder

Reach for the Skylights

Get your pictures up, up, up—without taking up storage space—with Retractable Telescoping Ladders by Xtend & Climb. Made of aerospace-engineered, industrial-grade aluminum alloy, the portable ladder stores compactly, then easily extends—rung by rung—to give you access to every vertical inch. An integrated carrying handle enables one-armed carrying so you can tote a hammer, nails, or art at the same time. 

Whether you’re proudly displaying posters, prints, plates, or plaques, perfect placement is critical to any art-covered wall. Make sure every measurement is sound, every nail is level, and every finger is protected with these handy items.

Now that you know how to hang pictures, want more ways to deck your halls and walls? Check out our guide to lake house decor to add style to summer spaces, too.

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