9 Thoughtful Gifts for Mom She’s Never Seen

When you’re looking for thoughtful gifts for Mom, you want something from the heart. It could be something personalized, something practical, or something she’ll enjoy every day. Here are 10 we think will amaze her this holiday season.

Skiers are seen skiing down a snowy mountain in a CoolSnowGlobes idyllic scene

Modern Snow Globe

Moms love holiday nick-knacks and nothing is better than a modern take on a seasonal classic. These Modern Snow Globes feature a hand-painted scene that’s magnified by the glass case, bringing details into focus. Mom will want to make this the focal point of any holiday display she is creating in the house during the holidays.

Finnish pancakes topped with fresh berries are seen baked in a cast iron egg pan from Nest Homeware

Cast Iron Egg Pan

Mom definitely has a favorite cooking pan or cookie sheet, and you can add to that collection with this Cast Iron Egg Pan. It’s perfect for burger patties, brownies, quick saute’s and more. It’s durable, versatile, and weighs in at just one pound. This will become mom’s “go-to” pan in no time!

A coastal-inspired wind bell from North Country Wind Bells with a cardinal on it hangs from a porch

Buoy Bells

Everyone loves noises and smells that remind them of the ocean, especially if they don’t live near one. Buoy Bells recreate the distinctive chime from buoy bell locations along each coast, making it feel like you’re right on the water. Made in Maine from recycled steel, they are built to last at least 20 years, so it’s a gift Mom will be guaranteed to have for a long time.

A green & white speckled Edith growing candle from Hyggelight is seen burning on a table

The Growing Candle

Candles make a great gift, but they just don’t last. The Growing Candle takes the Danish tradition of hygge and combines it with sustainable living in this hand-poured soy candle. It can then be re-purposed into a mini garden when it’s done. The label is made from non-GMO wildflower seed paper, which can be replanted for a mini garden. So this gift will keep on giving!

A large plant in seen sitting in a white & green Lechuza self-watering planter

A Self-Watering Planter

Plants can make any home a happier one. With the Lechuza self-watering planter, mom will be able to enjoy plants anywhere in the home or office and keep them thriving. It’s as easy as putting in two plants and filling the water reservoir. She won’t have to do anything other than watch the plants grow for 12 weeks!

A woman is seen outdoors wearing a red knitted wool beanie from Shupaca

Knit Alpaca Wool Beanie Hat

If you want to stick with a simple, practical but useful gift then the Shupaca Beanie Hat will help keep mom’s head warm all winter long. This lightweight beanie is made with sustainably-sourced alpaca wool that keeps you insulated while staying cool.

A woman is seen walking outside wearing a gray cashmere wrap from Quinn

Cashmere Wrap

If you really want to impress mom, a luxurious cashmere wrap is an elegant way to top off any look. Wraps from Quinn are made with cashmere sourced from Mongolia, a region renowned for its ultra-soft cashmere. Lightweight and versatile, she can wear them as a shawl, scarf, or even a mini-blanket.

A person wearing blue socks is seen getting a thermal shiatsu foot massage with Pretika

Thermal Shiatsu Foot Massager

Keeping with the luxury theme and knowing that moms are always on the go, another great option is the Pretika Foot Massager. She just needs to sit down with her feet on the pads, turn up the heat and it will boost circulation and ease fatigue. She can also cool things down to help soothe swelling. It’s all manageable without getting up with a unique toe-touch control button.

2 tins and 3 jars of baking spices from Curio Spice Co seen on a kitchen counter

Baking Spices Gift Set

Nearly all moms love to bake, especially around the holidays. Curio Spice Co.’s signature spice blends combine interesting flavor combinations and pair up with tried-and-true baking staples like cinnamon and nutmeg. Recipe cards are included to allow getting started immediately, and all the spices are directly sourced from growers and farms to ensure freshness and purity.

As you can see, choosing any one (or multiple) of these thoughtful gifts for Mom will ensure that she opens something truly special this holiday season.

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