When it comes to the holiday season, the biggest ticket items are often the easiest to buy. After all, they usually end up on a wish list that guides you through the shopping process. Stocking stuffers for teens, however, can get a little tricky. If you’re looking for help filling those socks this year, we’ve come up with some great ideas to get you started.

A red iMaxAlarm LED personal security alarm is seen clipped to an olive backpack

Safety on a Keychain

One can never be too safe these days. With iMax Alarm’s personal security LED alarm, your teenager will have a distress signal at his or her fingertips. If something unsavory happens, this alarm will sound a powerful noise that’s similar to a car alarm so it will get the attention of people who are nearby. It’s super compact, easily fitting on a keychain or lanyard that hangs around the neck.

Several jars of Pinch Me therapy dough sit next to a stress relief book

Stress Relief in a Jar

When SATs, entrance exams, and other teenage stress start working your teenager’s nerves, therapy dough comes to the rescue. It’s formulated with essential oils to provide a sensory experience that helps alleviate stress. And the soft, supple texture puts your teen’s mind at ease.

A woman is seen lounging by the fire wearing pink brushed thermal lounge socks from Heat Holders

Snuggly Socks

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers for teens, these brushed thermal lounge socks should do the trick nicely. They trap heat so your teen doesn’t have to deal with freezing feet walking around the house in the winter months. Plus, they’re made with an acrylic yarn that wicks moisture away so feet stay dry.

A woman is seen getting out of the shower wearing a black TIARA shower cap

A Keep-Your-Hair-Done Shower Cap

If your daughter wakes up with a good hair day, nobody wants to mess that up with an excursion into the shower. Fortunately, with this terry-lined shower cap, she can keep her ‘do looking spectacular while simultaneously sudsing up everywhere else. It’s gentle on the skin, ensuring no pinches or forehead marks are left behind. On the flip side, this reversible cap helps deep conditioner do its job when worn with the terrycloth on the outside.

A person is seen working out wearing black & yellow Bombas ankle socks

Fun Socks for Daytime Wear

We’ve covered the kind of socks that are built to lounge around the house in the evenings. So let’s talk about these Bombas Socks that make daytime shoe-wearing a lot more fun. These ankle socks are built for athletic performance, engineered for comfort, and come in a colorful array of brilliant hues. 

4 que collapsible silicone water bottles sit on a table

Water Anywhere 

It’s important to stay hydrated, but it’s not always easy, especially for teens who tend to be on the go all the time. Luckily, que has the solution with a collapsible silicone water bottle that can go almost anywhere. When it’s not in use, it becomes half its normal size when it’s collapsed down, making it easy to lug around. When it’s in use, it’s a standard-size water bottle that’s made of food-grade silicone and is plastic- and BPA-free.

3 Mac chargers are seen adorned with different patterned Meo sticker decals

A Little Personality on Their Plugs

If you’re shopping for stocking stuffers for teen boys or girls, consider these MacBook and iPhone charger stickers. They let your kiddo add some funk and pizazz to the devices they likely lug everywhere. Plus, nobody will ever be able to say your kid’s charger is theirs when it’s covered with a sticker that speaks to your child’s personal style.

6 mini bath bombs from Level Naturals are seen on a table with awash cloth and leaves

A Carton of Relaxation

A half-dozen mini bath bombs invite all the stress relief that a good, relaxing bath can offer. Once dropped into the tub, they fizzle and melt, leaving behind a mix of essential oils and good-for-your-soul scents.

A person is seen plugging an AtomXS emergency phone charger into their phone

Just-in-Case Battery Charger

Teens have a tendency to run their phone batteries down to nothing on a daily basis. What happens if there’s an emergency when the battery’s dead? AtomXS has thought of this and brings a solution: an emergency phone charger keychain. It will give your kid’s phone some juice in those just-in-case situations.

A multi-colored angel locket from Yourself Expression

Subtle Sounds of Love in a Locket

Jewelry tends to be a big winner when it comes to stocking stuffers for teens. But you don’t want to get just any jewelry, you want something that’s unique and special. That’s why these angel lockets are a great option for teen girls who will be inspired by a piece of beautiful jewelry that offers something extraordinary. Rather than holding a picture, each locket contains a small chime ball that makes subtle chime sounds when it’s moved around. It reminds your teen that you’re always with them.

Doughnut socks from Sukeno Socks

Knitted Doughnut Socks

We’ve already established that socks are a big winner when you’re looking for stocking stuffer ideas. These knitted doughnut socks are no exception. Each pair comes rolled perfectly into a doughnut shape, reflecting the colorful sprinkles and frosting of everyone’s favorite breakfast sweet treat. Once they’re unrolled, they turn into fun socks your teen will love to wear again and again.

A dinosaur is seen poking out of a hot cup of coffee held by a man thanks to Creature Cups

Hidden Creatures in a Cup

If your kiddo loves hot chocolate, coffee, or other liquids that require a mug, these ceramic hidden creature mugs are a fun way to mix up mundane mornings. They’re fun cups that reveal creatures as the drink is consumed.

A person is seen taking a photo of a girl in the woods using a Black Eye clip-on smartphone lens

A Tool for Amateur Photographers

This clip-on smartphone lens from Black Eye will surely be a big hit for any teen that loves to take photos. It can be used with the front or rear camera and offers interesting special effects like macro, fisheye, wide-angle, and pro-portrait settings. 

A necklace, earrings and a ring are seen tucked safely in a aqua Lion Latch jewelry keyring holder

On-the-Go Jewelry Holder

This keychain jewelry holder is a great idea for any teen who takes her jewelry off often. If she has after-school activities that require no jewelry, such as swimming, soccer, and other sports, she can easily slide her jewelry off, put it in this container, and attach it to her keys so nothing gets lost. It’s a great way to stay organized without worrying about delicate pieces of precious jewelry going missing in the locker room.

Whether you’re just looking for that one special thing to finish off your shopping, or you need help with all of your stocking stuffers for teenagers, we have you covered.

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